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High levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found on equipment in communal gyms

1 week ago from Science Daily

Scientists have found that 43% of Staphylococcus bacteria found on exercise equipment in university gyms were ampicillin-resistant, with 73% of those isolates being resistant to multiple additional drugs.

Proposed framework for integrating chatbots into health care

1 week ago from Science Daily

While chatbots are becoming more widespread in health care, it's important to implement them thoughtfully and constantly evaluate them in a variety of ways, authors argue.

New York Knicks finalizing five-year deal with head coach Tom Thibodeau

1 week ago from UPI

The New York Knicks are hiring Tom Thibodeau to be the franchise's next head coach.

Phage therapy shows potential for treating prosthetic joint infections

1 week ago from Science Daily

Bacteriophages, or phages, may play a significant role in treating complex bacterial infections in prosthetic joints, according to new research. The findings suggest phage therapy could provide a potential treatment...

Astros' Justin Verlander refutes report regarding injury: 'I'll be able to return soon'

2 weeks ago from UPI

Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander has disputed a report that he's done for the remainder of the 2020 season with an elbow injury.

Simple urine test could significantly improve detection of adrenal cancer

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Using a simple urine test alongside routine imaging for patients with adrenal masses could speed up adrenal cancer diagnosis, improving patient's prognosis and reducing the need for invasive diagnostic procedures,...

U.S., Brazil, Mexico, India lead surge of coronavirus; death toll passes 650,000

2 weeks ago from UPI

Since the first death from coronavirus was reported more than 6 months ago in mainland China, the toll has grown past 650,000 deaths and 16.3 million cases but dominated now...

Tracking antibody profiles for influenza exposures across the lifespan

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Immune responses to influenza exposures increase early in life, then decline in middle age, according to a new study.

U.S., Brazil, Mexico, India lead surge of coronavirus; death toll nears 650,000

2 weeks ago from UPI

Since the first death from coronavirus was reported more than 6 months ago in mainland China, the death toll has grown to nearly 650,000 deaths and 16 million cases but...

Colleges plan for virus testing, but strategies vary widely

2 weeks ago from Physorg

For students heading to Colby College in Maine this fall, coronavirus testing is expected to be a routine part of campus life. All students will be required to provide a...

Q&A: How will LAUSD coaches prepare for return to school?

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

Trent Cornelius, director of athletics for LAUSD, offers guidance as coaches, student-athletes and parents deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Column: They're fed up with the 'tyranny' of face masks. But Portland? That's about 'law and order'

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

Federal agents in Portland are violating protesters' civil rights. Whether that's "tyranny" or "law and order" is a matter of depressing partisan debate.

Editorial: No, the U.S. isn't 'winning' at coronavirus testing. But we could be

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

We need a new investment in testing, and contact tracing as well, to end the close-open cycle that would otherwise be sure to continue until we have a reliable vaccine.

Gene in fat plays key role in insulin resistance

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Deleting a key gene in mice in just their fat made tissues throughout these animals insulin resistant, in addition to other effects, a new study shows. The findings could shed...

Two immunotherapies merged into single, more effective treatment

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Researchers have combined two immunotherapy strategies into a single therapy and found, in studies in human cells and in mice, that the two together are more effective than either alone...

Study finds global trends in women's breast cancer show cause for concern

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Breast cancer rates among women globally are on the rise, but new research is uncovering trends related to age and where you live that could help target prevention measures to...

Salmonella outbreak sickens 212 people in 23 states

2 weeks ago from UPI

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an outbreak of salmonella that has sickened 212 people in 23 states.

Researchers capture cell-level details of curved cornea

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Researchers have, for the first time, acquired optical coherence tomography (OCT) images of the curved layers of a person's cornea with cell-level detail and a large viewing area. The new...

1 dead, 2 injured in San Antonio plane crash

2 weeks ago from UPI

One person died and two were hospitalized with injuries after a plane crashed in a residential neighborhood in San Antonio on Saturday.

COVID-19: Florida reports 12,199 new infections, New York's numbers dip

2 weeks ago from UPI

Florida has surpassed New York in confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to Centers for Disease Control data, while New York reports a reduction in hospitalizations and the number of new...

Parasitic infection linked to bagged salad spreads to 641

2 weeks ago from UPI

The Food and Drug Administration said 641 people have now been sickened in 11 states in an outbreak linked to a bagged salad mix recalled more than a month ago.

Vanessa Morgan pregnant with first child

2 weeks ago from UPI

"Riverdale" actress Vanessa Morgan has announced on Instagram that she is pregnant with her first child.

6 months after Canada's 1st COVID-19 case, hospitals 'better prepared' to help sickest patients

2 weeks ago from CBC: Health

Six months after Ontario officials announced the first COVID-19 case in Canada, critical care teams caring for the sickest patients feel better equipped to save more lives.

AMC announces dates for 'Walking Dead' franchise debuts, returns

2 weeks ago from UPI

AMC said "The Walking Dead: World Beyond," the third installment in its "Walking Dead" TV franchise, is set to premiere Oct. 4.

South Korea sees largest daily increase of coronavirus since April

2 weeks ago from UPI

South Korea on Saturday reported its largest daily increase of COVID-19 cases since April --113.

Full bladders, closed bathrooms. Strategies for peeing while out during coronavirus

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

Travelers are finding many public restrooms closed these days, due to the pandemic. Here's what you need to know about finding a place to go when you're on the go.

Letters to the Editor: O.C. mask deniers are a loud minority. Stop giving them attention

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Health

An Orange County Assemblywoman says the vast majority of people in her community wear masks when necessary.

Smoking, heart disease increase midlife mental decline risk

2 weeks ago from UPI

Your thinking skills may be at risk of declining in midlife if you smoke or have high blood pressure or diabetes, a new study suggests.