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President Donald Trump tells Republicans to go for 'much higher numbers' on stimulus bill

8 hours ago from UPI

President Donald Trump on Wednesday encouraged Republicans to meet Democrats' demands for a costlier and more expansive COVID-19 stimulus bill amid stalled negotiations between the two sides.

Air Force delays fitness testing until January

9 hours ago from UPI

The Air Force said Wednesday it plans to resume fitness testing for service members in January after putting the assessments on pause in March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The unintended consequence of becoming empathetic

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Many people want to become more empathetic. But, these changes in personality may also lead to changes in political ideologies.

Study suggests robots could help with mental health in senior homes

10 hours ago from UPI

A study jointly funded by the European Union and Japanese government suggests robots programmed with the ability to carry on conversations can positively impact the mental health of seniors in...

Brain circuitry underlying dissociative experiences

11 hours ago from Science Daily

Scientists identified key brain circuitry that plays a role in the mysterious experience called dissociation, in which people can feel disconnected from their own body and from reality.

NIH public-private partnership to advance early interventions for schizophrenia

11 hours ago from Science Blog

The National Institutes of Health is launching a new public-private partnership to meet the urgent need for early therapeutic interventions for people at risk of developing schizophrenia. Part of the Accelerating...

Vaping, marijuana use in 2019 rose in college-age adults

11 hours ago from Science Blog

Vaping marijuana and vaping nicotine rose sharply in the past three years among college-age (19-22 years old) adults, according to 2019 survey results from the Monitoring the Future (MTF) study....

Engineers imitate human hands to make better sensors

11 hours ago from Science Blog

An international research team has developed “electronic skin” sensors capable of mimicking the dynamic process of human motion. This work could help severely injured people, such as soldiers, regain the...

Students work to narrow the gap between scientists and society

11 hours ago from Harvard Science

Erratum: Angela DePace, associate professor of systems biology at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Scientific Citizenship Initiative, was incorrectly identified in the Sept. 16 Daily Gazette newsletter. We regret the error....

Joseph Henrich explores WEIRD societies

11 hours ago from Harvard Science

Joseph Henrich thinks many people reading this are probably WEIRD. He means no offense, only that they were raised in a society that is Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. About a decade...

Reprogramming brain cells enables flexible decision-making

12 hours ago from Science Daily

Humans, like other animals, have the ability to constantly adapt to new situations. Researchers have utilized a mouse model to reveal which neurons in the brain are in command in...

I visited four reopened art galleries. The experience was not what I expected.

12 hours ago from LA Times - Health

Seeing art in person is so critically different from looking at it online. But what happens when the gallery-going experience comes with plexiglass shields and viewing-time limits?

People's life goals relate to their personality type

12 hours ago from Science Daily

A new study suggests that for the most part, people formulate goals consistent with their personality traits.

Honk if you loved the dance: In Fullerton, Ballet Folklórico's first drive-in

13 hours ago from LA Times - Health

Ballet Folklórico de Los Ángeles performed its first drive-in performance, mixing Mexican heritage and American identity in a show for pandemic times.

Diet and prior training show no impact on cognitive decline in aging pet dogs

13 hours ago from Physorg

A new study of older pet dogs found that problem solving, sociability, boldness and dependency decline with age, and reported no associations between an enriched diet, lifelong training experiences, and...

Comfort women activists defend movement after leader's indictment

13 hours ago from UPI

South Korean and Japanese comfort women activists showed a united front Wednesday during a weekly gathering following the indictment of Yoon Mee-hyang, the former head of the Korean Council for...

Study tackles long-term opioid use among retired NFL players

14 hours ago from UPI

Many former National Football League (NFL) players who took opioid painkillers early in their retirement still used them nine years later, a new study finds.

Ontario to lower limits on social gatherings as province reports 315 new COVID-19 cases

14 hours ago from CBC: Health

Premier Doug Ford's office confirmed Ontario will lower the limits on social gatherings in a bid to stem a recent increase in COVID-19 cases. The province reported 315 new cases on...

Watch: Malaysian man's missing phone turns up loaded with monkey selfies

15 hours ago from UPI

A Malaysia resident whose phone temporarily went missing said the device turned up in his yard loaded with new photos -- including some selfies snapped by a monkey.

Watch: Lily Collins brings the drama in Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' trailer

15 hours ago from UPI

"Emily in Paris," a new series from "Sex and the City" creator Darren Star, will premiere Oct. 2 on Netflix.

Excellent pencils for school, work, and beyond

15 hours ago from PopSci

Always have the right utensil ready to go. (Lewis Keegan via Unsplash /)When your kid’s halloween giveaway pencil doesn’t cut it and the cheapo colored pencil is too frustratingly faint for your mandala...

Savannah Chrisley, fiance Nick Kerdiles split up

15 hours ago from UPI

"Chrisley Knows Best" star Savannah Chrisley confirmed she and Nic Kerdiles have ended their engagement.

ACS policy expansion enables name changes on previous publications

15 hours ago from C&EN

Inclusive policy was developed with input from trans scientists

‘The Origins of You’ explores how kids develop into their adult selves

15 hours ago from

The Origins of YouJay Belsky, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt and Richie PoultonHarvard Univ., $35 Everyone has an opinion about what makes people, especially the troublemakers, who they are. Bad parents, bad genes,...

The best thing for back pain is actually more movement

16 hours ago from PopSci

Stretching and strengthening your back can prevent pain later. (Kike Vega/Unsplash/)Even with gyms reopening at limited capacity, it’s still safer to exercise at home or outdoors. So, we’re dubbing this September Muscle Month...

Why San Francisco felt like the set of a sci-fi flick

16 hours ago from Physorg

On Sept. 9, many West Coast residents looked out their windows and witnessed a post-apocalyptic landscape: silhouetted cars, buildings and people bathed in an overpowering orange light that looked like...

Social mobility in England is a 'postcode lottery'

16 hours ago from Physorg

A major new study by the UCL Center for Education Policy and Equalizing Opportunities (CEPEO) with the Institute of Fiscal Studies, has revealed social mobility is "postcode lottery" for young...

Watch: Paris Hilton wants 'to be a voice' for boarding school abuse survivors

16 hours ago from UPI

Paris Hilton explained why she went public about the abuse she reportedly suffered at Provo Canyon School as a teenager.