Science Blog

Monday th 26th of May 2008

'Intrabody' can mop up mutant protein in Huntington's disease model - 11:56

Scientists image a single HIV particle being born - 11:56

Sunday th 25th of May 2008

Americans believe wounded Iraq war veterans are not receiving high quality medical care - 11:28

Saturday th 24th of May 2008

Failed HIV Drug Gets Second Chance with Addition of Gold Nanoparticles - 09:28

Friday th 23rd of May 2008

Glowing Films Reveal Trace Explosives - 16:14

Is Indiana Jones chasing a fake? - 13:35

Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass - 12:07

Early universe to spill beans on secrets of fundamental physics? - 10:35

'Miracle' leaves that may help protect against liver damage - 08:21

Thursday th 22nd of May 2008

Pacific coast turning more acidic - 22:29

Licorice extract provides new treatment option for canker sores - 22:29

Satellite Catches a Star Going 'Kaboom!' - 22:29

Third red spot erupts on Jupiter - 22:29

Ocean sharks face big extinction threat - 12:56

High-school girls who consider themselves attractive are more likely to be targets for bullying - 12:14

Method to duplicate primitive stem cells found - 10:21

No link between antidepressants and birth defects - 10:21

Smoking is addictive, but quitting is contagious - 09:14

Oregano oil works as well as synthetic insecticides to tackle common beetle - 07:42

Wednesday th 21st of May 2008

Review of APOCALYPSE: Earthquakes, Archaeology, and the Wrath of God - 23:07

Simple, cheap filter removes 90% of CO2 from smokestack gases - 14:07

Phoenix Mission Ready For Mars Landing Sunday - 14:07

Weird shrimp have super vision - 12:14

Brain's 'trust machinery' identified - 11:49

How can we measure the emotional states of animals? - 11:49

Experts create new definition for PE (not the kind at gym class) - 11:28

Virtual biopsy can tell whether colon polyp is benign - 11:07

Iraq war service: A risk factor for bronchiolitis? - 11:07

Ocean acidification - another undesired side effect of fossil fuel-burning - 10:21

RNA Toxicity Contributes to Neurodegenerative Disease - 09:56

Living Heart Chamber 'Organoids' Developed - 09:14

Analysis shows association between birth defects and preterm birth - 08:07

Tuesday th 20th of May 2008

Sleep deprivation affects ability to make sense of what we see - 18:07

Hubble Space Telescope Survey Finds Missing Matter, Probes Intergalactic Web - 16:35

Teen blood donors have higher risk of donation-related complications - 16:14

Can early cat ownership protect children at-risk for asthma? - 14:07

Carbon nanotubes that look like asbestos, behave like asbestos - 13:21

Glass of wine a day good for your liver - 11:07

Research tool can detect autism at 9 months of age - 10:21

Incense is psychoactive: Scientists identify the biology behind the ceremony - 09:56

New process could cause titanium price to tumble - 09:35

Pharaoh’s Unusual Feminine Appearance Suggests Two Gene Defects - 09:35

Farm moms may help children beat allergies - 09:14

Monday th 19th of May 2008

3-D Model of Chili Pepper Heat Receptor Generated - 17:07

New Mid-Infrared Lasers Show Doubled Efficiency - 16:21

Abnormal 'editing' of gene messages may be a cause of lupus - 15:14

Superconductors get a boost from pressure - 14:28

21st birthday binge drinking extremely common - 13:21

Risky language - 12:35

When I'm Sixty (four) - Age Brings Peace and Calm - 11:49