LA Times - Science

Monday th 2nd of June 2008

Discovery launches -- and relief is on the way - 11:21

Of greenhouse gases and greenbacks - 10:56

Sunday th 1st of June 2008

Lorenzo Odone, 30; inspiration for movie 'Lorenzo's Oil' - 02:21

Aliens get a new switchboard: a SETI radio telescope in Northern California - 00:07

Saturday th 31st of May 2008

Computer appears to read minds - 13:35

Friday th 30th of May 2008

Caltech's Maarten Schmidt, on the universe and more - 21:42

2 common bacteria may play a role in SIDS - 13:28

White House report backs climate change warnings - 11:14

Berkeley event to honor missing scientist Jim Gray - 11:14

Four Japanese gang figures got liver transplants at UCLA - 11:14

Thursday th 29th of May 2008

Stonehenge was a royal family's burial site, researchers say - 16:07

Sapphire Energy turns algae into 'green crude' for fuel - 10:56

Woman in iron lung dies during power outage - 10:56

Ernst Stuhlinger, 94; German-born rocket scientist was crucial to U.S. space program - 02:21

Wednesday th 28th of May 2008

Preterm births -- most via C-sections -- on the rise in U.S. - 19:56

Tuesday th 27th of May 2008

Lead exposure in children linked to violent crime - 19:14

Phoenix lander's work on Mars is stalled by radio glitch - 17:21

Child obesity rate in U.S. hits plateau, researchers say - 16:56

Santa Barbara industrialist funds major awards to spark scientific research - 02:14

Monday th 26th of May 2008

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft gets ready to dig on Mars - 17:14

Push for stricter plastic surgery rules swells in wake of death of Kanye West's mother - 15:21

China quake survivors show signs of post-traumatic stress - 15:21

For human dissection needs, the body count is low - 15:21

Sunday th 25th of May 2008

Phoenix spacecraft lands safely on Mars - 23:07

NASA spacecraft lands near Mars' north pole - 19:42

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft scheduled to land on Mars - 02:07

Saturday th 24th of May 2008

New fuel for religion-science debate - 02:21

John McCain's skin cancers were deadliest kind - 02:21

Friday th 23rd of May 2008

Presidential candidate John McCain appears cancer-free, healthy - 18:07

First dinosaur footprints discovered on Arabian peninsula - 17:42

British sailor to circle Africa, Phoenician-style - 15:07

Biologists take big step toward solving mystery of odd crustacean - 12:49

More than just numbers at stake for Los Angeles County-USC hospital - 12:07

As County-USC Medical Center nears opening, disputes and problems persist - 12:07

FDA, Medicare to form early-warning drug network - 12:07

Thursday th 22nd of May 2008

Hospitals in L.A., Orange counties are fined for putting patients at risk - 11:28

Up to 24,000 deaths a year in California are linked to air pollution - 11:28

FAA bans anti-smoking drug Chantix for pilots, air controllers - 11:28

Bodily functions at the Discovery Science Center? It helps to be a kid - 02:28

James Stewart: Celebrating his 100th birthday - 02:28

Study touts new drug for use in angioplasty - 02:28

Wednesday th 21st of May 2008

Older L.A. County adults suffer from inadequate dental care - 14:49

Couple make a rare find: a supernova ready to flame out - 14:28

Willis E. Lamb Jr., 94; Nobel laureate developed quantum electrodynamics - 14:07

Tuesday th 20th of May 2008

Sen. Kennedy's tumor prognosis is weakened by age - 16:14

Nanotechnology cancer risk found - 14:49

Scientists hunt for bodies on Barker Ranch where Charles Manson hid - 09:35

Monday th 19th of May 2008

Prescriptions supplanting illegal substances as drugs of choice - 11:49

Harvey Karman, 84; invented device for safer, easier abortions - 11:28

Medical marijuana and organ transplants don't mix - 11:28