Friday th 15th of March 2019

Merck seeks shareholder vote against merger of Versum and Entegris - 07:40

Weather woes trip up output at chemical firms - 07:40

Anheuser-Busch buys rice from crops grown with Indigo’s microbes - 07:40

WuXi delists its small-molecule subsidiary STA - 07:40

Yara launches smartphone nitrogen sensor - 07:40

DuPont partners with venture capital expert U First Capital - 07:40

Nouryon building microsphere plant - 07:40

Tight regulation of Chemours’s GenX chemical proposed in EU - 07:40

BeiGene pays Ambrx for nonstandard amino acids - 07:20

Business Roundup - 07:20

Deerfield will fund research at Harvard - 07:20

Merck & Co. licenses pain technology from King’s College London - 07:20

Thursday th 14th of March 2019

Global sewage survey maps antimicrobial resistance - 18:20

Start-ups pursue precision antibiotics - 18:20

L’Oréal to partner with start-up uBiome - 18:20

Video: Scientists unlock the secrets of a natural petri dish rainbow effect - 15:00

A química brasileira Joana D’Arc Félix de Sousa em sua trajetória da pobreza até o pós-doutorado em Harvard e de inventora a professora - 14:40

Chemistry in Pictures: Almost weightless - 14:00

La química brasileña Joana D’Arc Félix de Sousa nos cuenta su trayectoria: nacida en la pobreza, se convirtió en inventora y ‘postdoc’ en Harvard y profesora en su ciudad natal - 13:36

Chemists stabilize single-atom catalyst in liquid - 11:10

Bitcoin poses major electronic-waste problem - 10:10

Urgent action needed to curb global chemical pollution, UN says - 08:49

Wednesday th 13th of March 2019

Bacteria synthesize terminal-alkyne-containing amino acid from lysine in three steps - 16:10

Amphotericin B improves cystic fibrosis symptoms in cultured cells and pigs - 13:31

Fujifilm will acquire a Biogen plant - 12:50

Science slashed in Trump’s 2020 budget proposal - 12:10

Breen fine-tunes DuPont R&D strategy ahead of DowDuPont split - 09:30

Subaru blames silicones for switch glitch - 09:11

Catalisador de metal duplo constroi anéis de 5 carbonos - 07:50

双金属催化剂构成5元碳环 - 07:30

Un catalizador bimetálico construye anillos de 5 átomos de carbono - 07:10

Tuesday th 12th of March 2019

Chemjobber on heretics in the lab - 18:30

Chemistry in Pictures: Dancing droplets - 13:10

Microbes could help contain coal-ash ponds - 10:10

Monday th 11th of March 2019

Acoustic robot races through chemical reactions - 12:30

La química brasileña Joana D’Arc Félix de Sousa nos cuenta su trayectoria: nacida en la pobreza, se convirtió en inventora y ‘post-doc’ en Harvard y profesora en su ciudad natal - 11:30

Sunday th 10th of March 2019

Envisioning the ACS Council of the future - 13:50

Composing apple pi and an ode to pi - 13:50

Your guide to the 2019 ACS Spring National Meeting in Orlando - 13:50

Fingerprints are more than just patterns; they’re chemical identities - 13:50

Drug hunters explore allostery’s advantages - 13:50

Brazilian chemist Joana D’Arc Félix de Sousa on her path from poverty to Harvard postdoc and inventor to teacher - 08:30

Saturday th 9th of March 2019

The fight over the longest carbon-carbon bond is redefining what a bond is - 09:30

BP to work with Virent and Johnson Matthey for biobased p-xylene - 08:10

Base-editor-focused Beam brings in more cash - 08:10

Biogen to buy the retinal gene-therapy maker Nightstar - 08:10

ExxonMobil plans a polypropylene plant in Louisiana - 08:10

How we make our journalism - 08:10

Gut bugs inflame arthritis - 08:10

New method for field detection of fentanyl - 08:10