Friday th 10th of April 2020

Carbon rolls out 3-D printing for COVID-19 - 19:50

Global sanitizer capacity ramps up again - 19:50

Nova slows projects due to COVID-19 - 19:50

Cool coffee chemistry - 19:50

Trump's science adviser leads NSF temporarily - 19:50

US EPA should tell people about ethylene oxide risks promptly, internal watchdog says - 19:50

Cummins, U of Minnesota adapt DuPont filter tech to N95 masks - 19:50

Plastic bag bans rolled back for COVID-19 - 19:50

Why the best material for a homemade coronavirus face mask is hard to identify - 19:50

Clinical trial for ruxolitinib planned in fight against COVID-19 - 19:50

Graphene and black phosphorus get tough - 19:50

Low-cost perovskite detects X-rays sensitively - 19:50

Soil smell is bacterial lure - 19:50

Rgenta Therapeutics launches with $20 million to develop small molecules that target RNA - 19:50

Get ready for a potential chemistry job crisis - 15:30

How susceptible is your cat or dog to the novel coronavirus? - 15:30

Merdad Parsey on buiding a case for remdesivir amid the coronavirus pandemic - 14:50

Speedy method for 3-D printed electronics - 11:11

Podcast: The chemist who helped save Apollo 13 - 11:11

Thursday th 9th of April 2020

New bonds predicted in actinide complexes - 20:10

Virus weakens markets for renewable energy - 18:30

Industry requests safety review of cyclic siloxane - 16:50

Coronavirus puts science to the test - 16:30

US EPA advances rollbacks while coronavirus pandemic rages - 13:30

Wednesday th 8th of April 2020

India partially lifts drug export ban on hydroxychloroquine and acetaminophen - 16:30

How a SARS patient's antibody binds to the COVID-19 virus - 16:30

European Research Council president resigns amid dispute over coronavirus response - 15:01

Engineered enzyme pulls apart PET efficiently - 13:41

Making magnetic nanoparticles in a gamut of colors - 09:41

Roche partners with Arrakis on small molecules that target RNA - 09:41

Tuesday th 7th of April 2020

Why the best material for a homemade coronavirus face mask is hard to identify - 19:40

Searching for a coronavirus cure in the blood - 19:01

How the coronavirus will transform science - 18:40

Clinical trial for ruxolitinib planned in fight against COVID-19 - 16:20

Plastic bag bans rolled back for COVID-19 - 15:40

Chemistry in Pictures: Milky Way malady - 14:00

Monday th 6th of April 2020

Grad students tell of the coronavirus's impact - 00:20

Chemistry faculty cope with coronavirus shutdowns - 00:20

Exploring chemical space: Can AI take us where no human has gone before? - 00:20

Sunday th 5th of April 2020

With COVID-19 mostly behind it, China's chemical industry struggles to rev up - 13:20

3-D printing complex structures with conducting polymers - 13:20

Acridine radical acts as a powerful photoreductant - 13:20

Combining heat with light boosts methanol synthesis from CO2 - 13:20

Mimicking nonstick spiders - 13:20

Chemistry spotted on more belt buckles and model trains, and fashion-forward work boots - 13:20

Meet Sheng Ding, who is tackling COVID-19 as director of China's Global Health Drug Discovery Institute - 13:20

Friday th 3rd of April 2020

Chemical industry welcomes leniency from US EPA during coronavirus response - 20:20

Eastman donates polyester for medical face shields - 20:20

Mitsubishi and Ube widen electrolyte ties - 20:20

US stimulus bill includes funding for coronavirus research - 20:20