Display our news on your site / blog

You can easily display the latest science news from our site on your site by adding our Eureka! Widget. When (e) Science News is updated, the most recent news will automatically be displayed on your site. To get started, follow the steps below to customize your Widget and then copy and paste the appropriate code to your site.

Step 1: Choose a news package

Step 2: Paste the code

Copy and paste the following script code into the HTML source of the site where you want our News Widget to be displayed.

Step 3 (optional): Customize the look & feel of the News widget

The HTML will be organized as follow - you can use CSS with the class names to customize the display
<div class="rss_box">

<p class="rss_title">RSS feed title</p>

<ul class="rss_items">

<li class="rss_item"><a href="link to first story">Title of first story</a></li>

<li class="rss_item"><a href="link to second story">Title of second story</a></li>


<li class="rss_item"><a href="link to last story">Title of last story</a></li>

<p class="rss_title">courtesy of e! Science News</p>

Example (Popular News)