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Infectious disease study takes new tack

15 years ago from UPI

GENOA, Italy, May 5 (UPI) -- Italian scientists have discovered a new perspective in the study of infectious disease that reveals how an organism can cause an illness.

Apples, Apple Juice Shown to Prevent Early Atherosclerosis

15 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Long-term consumption of antioxidant-rich apples and apple juice may prevent atherosclerosis, according to researchers from France.

Exercise plus psychological counseling may benefit depressed heart failure patients

15 years ago from Physorg

Aerobic exercise combined with cognitive behavioral therapy may improve physical function, reduce depressive symptoms and enhance quality of life in depressed heart failure patients, researchers reported at the American Heart...

New 'OPAL Therapy' Presents Simple, Cost-effective Method Of Treating HIV Infection

15 years ago from Science Daily

Australian researchers have unveiled a new immunotherapy technique to help prevent the progression from HIV infection to AIDS. Th simple cost-effective technique has been effective in primates.

Evidence that stun guns may stimulate the heart

15 years ago from Biology News Net

On the eve of the British Columbia inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski, a review of scientific data in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) finds that in some cases,...

Bees disease -- 1 step closer to finding a cure

15 years ago from Biology News Net

Scientists in Germany have discovered a new mechanism of infection for the most fatal bee disease. American Foulbrood (AFB) is the only infectious disease which can kill entire colonies of...

Competitive eating: Are winners born or made?

15 years ago from LA Times - Health

As the sport grows in popularity, researchers are studying the physiology. Doctors worry that extreme eaters may be endangering their health. ...

High-fat, low-carb diet shown to curb epileptic seizures

15 years ago from LA Times - Science

The diet mimics the effects of starvation and induces chemicals in the brain that appear to reduce seizures. In its first clinical trial, researchers find it helps children. ...

High Blood Pressure Still Sneaking Past Doctors, Stanford Study Shows

15 years ago from Science Daily

Despite the well-known dangers of high blood pressure, major shortfalls still exist in the screening, treatment and control of the disease even when patients are getting a doctor's care, according...

Doctors to reassess antibiotics for 'chronic Lyme' disease

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Patients who believe they suffer long-term problems from Lyme disease are claiming victory over a national doctors group. The Infectious Diseases Society of America has agreed to...

UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News

15 years ago from UPI

Temporary cooling trend may offset warming... EPA to cut lead emissions... Hand, foot, mouth disease kills 21 kids... EPA official allegedly fired over cleanup... Health/Science news from UPI.

Nortel loss widens

15 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Nortel Networks reported a wider first-quarter loss on Friday and reported revenue that was ahead of analysts' projections.

Younger women unaware of heart attack symptoms, study finds

15 years ago from CBC: Health

Women under 55 often fail to get timely treatment for heart attacks because they simply aren't aware of the symptoms, new research suggests.

Medical marijuana user who was denied liver transplant dies

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- A man who was denied a liver transplant largely because he used marijuana with medical approval to ease the symptoms of hepatitis C has died.

Scientists share $500,000 prize for biomedical research

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The nation's richest prize in medicine and biomedical research was awarded Friday to two researchers for work that has improved disease treatments and may lead to new...

The Drug Resurrector

15 years ago from PopSci

With Big Pharma spending upward of $1 billion to bring a single drug to pharmacy shelves, it’s little wonder that unprofitable afflictions like malaria and African sleeping sickness go largely...

Booster seats now mandatory in N.B.

15 years ago from CBC: Health

A new law that makes booster seats in vehicles mandatory for small children came into effect in New Brunswick on Thursday.

UBC medical staff wrote PM to support supervised injection site

15 years ago from CBC: Health

Doctors at the University of British Columbia's Department of Medicine last year unanimously urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to keep Vancouver's supervised injection site open, a letter leaked to the...

FDA says wider use of Cephalon drug carries risks of misuse

15 years ago from AP Health

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Government regulators on Friday said encouraging wider use of a powerful painkiller made by Cephalon Inc. raises the risk of potentially fatal misuse of the drug....

Attitudes towards children with disabilities need improvement, parents say

15 years ago from CBC: Health

Our communities have come a spectacularly long way over the years when it comes to including kids with disabilities, but barriers persist, say people who deal with such issues daily.

Alzheimer's Disease Risks Gender Specific: Women With Depression, Men With Stroke

15 years ago from Science Daily

The risks of developing Alzheimer's disease differ between the sexes, with stroke in men, and depression in women, critical factors, suggests research published ahead of print in the Journal of...

Clinical signs a 'reliable measure' of HIV treatment progress

15 years ago from SciDev

Clinical examination can provide as reliable a guide to patient progress in HIV treatment as laboratory testing, a study finds.

Blood pressure killing the world's workers while banks and drug firms stand idle

15 years ago from Physorg

In a today`s issue of The Lancet, international health experts call for urgent action from international development banks and pharmaceutical companies to stem the epidemic of blood pressure-related diseases affecting...

Analysis of alcoholics' brains suggests treatment target

15 years ago from Physorg

An analysis of brain tissue samples from chronic alcoholics reveals changes that occur at the molecular level in alcohol abuse - and suggests a potential treatment target, according to...

Link between vaccine, autism is disputed

15 years ago from LA Times - Science

Public health officials say a report that fueled the speculation has been widely discredited. But some parents are not convinced. ...

Medical journal calls for review of Taser safety

15 years ago from CBC: Health

An editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal is calling for more study of the health risks posed by stun guns.

Causes Of Disease Can Be Revealed By Metabolic Fingerprinting

15 years ago from Science Daily

Your metabolic 'fingerprint' can reveal much about the possible causes of major diseases, according to the first 'metabolome-wide' association study ever carried out. The study provides new insights into the...

Congress Passes Bill to Bar Bias Based on Genes

15 years ago from NY Times Health

The bill speaks to the hope that genetic research may vastly improve health care and to the fear of a dystopia in which people’s DNA could be turned against them.