Thursday th 23rd of January 2020

Study reveals two writers penned landmark inscriptions in eighth-century BCE Samaria - 06:50

First space-baked cookies took two hours in experimental oven - 03:50

Seven dead in Spain as winter storms lash coast - 03:50

Blood and politics in India - 03:22

Team significantly expands the global diversity of large and giant viruses - 03:22

Keeping lead out of drinking water when switching disinfectants - 03:22

OSIRIS-REx completes closest flyover of sample site nightingale - 03:22

Wednesday th 22nd of January 2020

Anthropologists confirm existence of specialized sheep-hunting camp in prehistoric Lebanon - 16:10

New evidence shows the first building blocks of life on Earth may have been messier than previously thought - 16:10

Deep diving scientists discover bubbling CO2 hotspot - 16:10

What's in Puget sound? New technique casts a wide net for concerning chemicals - 16:10

Despite less ozone pollution, not all plants benefit - 16:10

Surprise discovery shakes up our understanding of gene expression - 16:10

Team develops an electrochemical method for extracting uranium, and potentially other metal ions, from solution - 16:10

Scientists identify gene that puts brakes on tissue growth - 14:10

Autoimmunity may explain why an important immune system is absent in many bacteria - 14:10

Study provides insight into 'rapport-building' during victim interviews - 14:10

Americans perceive likelihood of nuclear weapons risk as 50/50 tossup - 14:10

Fungal diversity and its relationship to the future of forests - 14:10

A new 'molecular nano-patterning' technique reveals that some molecular motors coordinate differently - 14:10

First mushrooms appeared earlier than previously thought - 14:10

Carcasses important for plants and insects in the Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve - 14:10

Late Neolithic Italy was home to complex networks of metal exchange - 14:10

Domesticated wheat has complex parentage - 14:10

Performance and age only partially explain gender pay gap for New Zealand researchers - 14:10

Tiny price gaps cost investors billions - 14:10

Sea level rise could reshape the United States, trigger migration inland - 14:10

New survey results reveal the experts and public's attitude towards gene-edited crops - 13:40

Acousto-optic modulation of photonic bound state in the continuum - 13:40

Scientists take the first step towards extending the Standard Model in physics - 13:40

Quo vadis Antarctic bottom water? - 13:40

Sustainability claims about rubber don't stick - 13:40

Signals from inside the Earth: Borexino experiment releases new data on geoneutrinos - 13:40

Residues in fingerprints hold clues to their age - 13:40

Preventing, healing tooth decay with a bioactive peptide - 13:40

Mapping the path of climate change - 13:40

The color of your clothing can impact wildlife - 13:40

How dams and climate change are choking Asia's great lake - 13:40

Genetic identification of human remains from the Spanish Civil War and the dictatorship - 13:40

Earthquake catalog shows complex rupturing during 2019 Ridgecrest sequence - 13:40

Canberra astronomer becomes first Australian to win major US science award in 133 years - 13:40

Engineers develop recipe to dramatically strengthen body armor - 13:40

First ancient DNA from West/Central Africa illuminates deep human past - 13:00

Study shines light on spread of Candida auris - 13:00

Astronomers find a way to form 'fast and furious' planets around tiny stars - 11:30

Rising global temperatures turn northern permafrost region into significant carbon source - 11:02

New models reveal inner complexity of Saturn moon - 11:02

Coating helps electronics stay cool by sweating - 11:02

Brewing a better espresso, with a shot of math - 11:02

Researchers slash pre-drug screening time from years to days - 10:40