Monday th 29th of May 2023

China plans to land astronauts on moon before 2030, another step in what looks like a new space race - 04:03

Drought-struck Barcelona quenches thirst with costly desalination - 04:03

Kanchha Sherpa: The last of the first on Everest - 04:03

As rising oceans threaten NYC, study documents another risk: The city is sinking - 03:42

Sunday th 28th of May 2023

Warming Arctic could put chill on squirrel 'date nights' - 09:03

Dangerous slowing of Antarctic ocean circulation sooner than expected - 09:03

Travelers will refuse an upgrade to sit near a loved one—new research into when people want to share experiences - 09:03

New source of fire records gives a bigger picture of the risks - 08:32

Planet-friendly farming takes root in drought-hit Tunisia - 04:33

German brewery has high hops for powdered beer - 04:33

Then and now: 70 years of Everest - 04:32

Stephen Hawking's last collaborator on physicist's final theory - 04:02

From self-driving cars to military surveillance: Quantum computing can help secure the future of AI systems - 03:32

Saturday th 27th of May 2023

Egypt unveils recently discovered ancient workshops, tombs in Saqqara necropolis - 13:32

Biodegradable plastic in clothing doesn't break down nearly as quickly as hoped—new research - 08:52

From mangroves to fjords, coastal ecosystems can take up or emit greenhouse gases. But globally, they're a vital sink - 08:52

How to fool a mouse: 'Chemical camouflage' can hide crops and cut losses by over 60% - 08:23

Antarctic alarm bells: Observations reveal deep ocean currents are slowing earlier than predicted - 04:33

Meet the scientist (sort of) spending a year on Mars - 01:03

Absolute vs. relative efficiency: How efficient are blue LEDs, actually? - 01:03

Friday th 26th of May 2023

Experiments see first evidence of a rare Higgs boson decay - 14:03

What's in a name? Sometimes, the climate - 14:03

Nanorobotic system presents new options for targeting fungal infections - 14:03

Examining networks in the dog brain provides further insights into mammalian evolution - 14:03

Recognizing unpaid environmental duties - 14:03

Predicting policy choices via network structure - 14:03

Active Brownian particles have four distinct states of motion, researchers find - 14:03

How the war in Sudan could exacerbate impacts of the climate crisis in the Horn of Africa - 14:03

Embracing chatGPT in the financial technology classroom - 14:03

Defense lawyers face challenges accessing and reviewing digital evidence, study shows - 13:33

Tracking the accelerated melting of glaciers in Greenland - 13:33

Study reveals changes of lake area in permafrost regions of arctic and Tibetan Plateau from 1987 to 2017 - 13:33

GPS tracking reveals how a female baboon stopped using urban space after giving birth - 13:33

Carbon-based catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction: Mechanistic understanding and porous structure - 13:03

Researchers present an unsupervised learning-based optical fiber imaging system - 13:03

Interdisciplinary study provides a detailed map of urban heat islands - 13:03

Death cap mushroom's invasion success may be linked to newly documented variability of toxin genes - 13:03

Protein-based nano-computer evolves in its ability to influence cell behavior - 13:03

How environmental disturbances can affect predator-prey interactions in the wild - 12:34

'We abuse plastic, it's so cheap': UN Environment chief - 12:34

Barren habitat for sows leaves imprint on piglets' brains - 12:34

Killer whales damage boats in Spanish, Portuguese waters in puzzling new behavior - 12:34

Examining the role of the Catholic church in shaping ideal societies - 12:34

Exploring 'compellingness' in mechanism design - 12:34

All-optical, near-infrared imaging via ultra-thin structured films - 12:34

Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute location switch - 12:34

Warm and dry climate over China in 2022 with extreme heatwaves and droughts - 12:34

More efforts are needed to protect orchids in karst forests - 12:07

Astrophysicists catalog all known planet-hosting, three-star systems - 12:07

Excavated white-tailed deer bones could inform a more sustainable future - 12:07