Wednesday th 7th of June 2023

New study estimates global warming potential of hydrogen - 09:58

Whale shark observed bottom-feeding for first time - 09:33

A documented case of a crocodile virgin birth - 09:33

The gap between male and female author-inventors: Who counts as an inventor? - 09:33

Developing new nanoparticle treatments for brain tumors - 09:33

Experiment halted in Norway after whale drowns - 09:03

Bangladesh shuts schools, cuts power in longest heatwave in decades - 09:03

Synthetic species created without biochemistry operate according to Darwinian evolutionary principles - 09:03

Targeted small molecule alleviates arthritis symptoms in mice - 09:03

Coronavirus only needs to bind to a single receptor, shows study - 09:03

'Hot Jupiters' may not be orbiting alone - 09:03

To groom or not to groom? 'Triage' in the ant kingdom - 08:43

Despite eco-friendly farming efforts in UK, populations of invertebrates continue to drop - 08:43

Creating eco-friendly materials by combining cellulose nanofibers and pineapple leaf fibers in epoxy composites - 08:43

Observations explore the evolution of quasi-periodic oscillations in two X-ray binaries - 08:43

Scientists unlock new horizons for cryogenic microscopy - 08:43

Three U.S. biologists win Spanish Asturias award for scientific and technical research - 08:43

Coral disease tripled in the last 25 years: Three-quarters will likely be diseased by next century - 06:43

First five years crucial for refugee success, study suggests - 06:43

A growth-mindset intervention boosts interest in math and science among liberal arts students - 04:23

Researchers discover chemical evidence for pair-instability supernova from a very massive first star - 04:22

Does evening 'recovery' affect a person's mood at work the next day? - 03:03

Number of deaths in armed conflicts doubled between 2021 and 2022, says new report - 00:13

Tuesday th 6th of June 2023

Research shows why our taste in music can't be siloed into catch-all genres - 23:23

Experts uncover the water and emissions footprint of snowmaking: Can we rely on it in an era of climate change? - 23:23

Development of communication in chimpanzees echoes that of human infants - 18:03

Study explains the evolutionary origins and advantages of masturbation - 18:02

Researchers dig deep to unveil causes of decline for North America's smallest falcon - 16:32

How much cobalt can be mined in the US? Study examines domestic mining site in Idaho - 16:32

Research shows real-world value of strategy courses for MBA students - 16:32

'Heat highways' could keep electronics cool - 16:32

Preliminary evidence of anticoagulant rodenticide exposure in American kestrels in the Western US - 16:32

NASA's new detectors could improve views of gamma-ray events - 16:32

Using social media cherry blossom images and AI to track climate patterns - 16:32

Just keep swimming: SoCal study shows sharks, humans can share ocean peacefully - 16:32

Arctic could be ice-free a decade earlier than thought - 16:32

Rsearcher finds factors linked with chronic school absenteeism - 16:32

Order in chaos: Atmosphere's Antarctic oscillation has natural cycle, discover researchers - 16:03

Nebraska scientists closing in on long-lasting swine flu vaccine - 16:03

Roadblocks and speed limits: Geoscientists study Alaska's Denali fault - 16:03

How well toxic elements leach out of coal ash depends on the ash's nanoscale composition, shows study - 16:03

Researchers advance DNA nanostructure stability - 16:03

Researchers develop online hate speech 'shockwave' formula - 16:03

Elastocaloric cooling system opens door to climate-friendly AC - 16:03

Unraveling the historic journey of the mung bean: A tale of evolution, migration and climate adaptation - 16:03

Why are dog breeds with innate diseases popular? - 16:03

Not your average space explosion: Very long baseline array finds classical novae are anything but simple - 15:33

Illinois environmentalists push for state action to protect wetlands after Supreme Court ruling rolls back federal rules - 15:33

Researchers visualize communication of G protein-coupled receptors, paving way for new drug discovery - 15:03

Revolutionizing optical control with topological edge states - 15:03