Wednesday th 7th of June 2023

Lingering effects of Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans - 13:34

Oceans warmer last month than any May on record - 13:33

Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, begins erupting after 3-month pause - 13:33

Smog from Canada wildfires blankets New York - 13:33

Warm is the new norm for the Great Barrier Reef—and a likely El Niño raises red flags - 13:33

The hunt for elusive axion particles: Experiments suggest better methods for exploring the dark sector - 13:03

Knowledge coproduction: Working together to solve a complex conservation problem - 13:03

Giant tree-kangaroos once lived in unexpected places all over Australia, according to major new analysis - 13:03

Space colonies: How artificial photosynthesis may be key to sustained life beyond Earth - 13:03

'We'll never be done': The growing challenge to remove thousands of car tires from ocean floor - 13:03

Limited resources leave school leaders with few options to manage poor behaviour - 13:03

Declining pay is leaving more schools without a male classroom teacher, study warns - 13:03

What made the brightest cosmic explosion of all time so exceptional? - 13:03

Detection dog can sniff out highly endangered great crested newts - 13:03

Extractive and industrial development projects threaten the future of Indigenous Peoples: Study - 13:03

Newly discovered dinosaur, 'Iani,' was face of a changing planet - 13:03

Childhood cognitive ability has complex links with later financial well-being - 13:03

New research indicates political preferences influence online lending decisions - 13:03

Physicists develop powerful alternative to dynamic density functional theory - 13:03

Medieval music wasn't only supposed to be beautiful to listen to, suggests study - 13:03

Core of the Nessie Nebula primed to form new stars, say astronomers - 13:03

Activated partial metal sites in high entropy oxides for enhanced catalytic performance - 12:33

Physicists discover an exotic material made of bosons - 12:33

Life before air conditioning: Curly hair kept early humans cool, says study - 12:33

Ancient genomes suggest farming in Africa was ignited by oversea-migrants from Iberia 7,400 years ago - 12:33

Climate change and conflict are fueling Nigeria's food insecurity crisis, says researcher - 12:33

Learning to read is a journey: A study identifies where South African kids go off track - 12:33

How understanding plant body clocks could help transform how food is grown - 12:33

Ukraine war: The psychological and political impact of the drone attacks in Russia - 12:33

Five reasons kids still need to learn handwriting - 12:33

Study confirms bumblebees experience better vision through movement - 12:03

Calculation shows why heavy quarks get caught up in the flow - 12:03

New spectroscopy method reveals accelerated relaxation dynamics in compressed cerium-based metallic glass - 11:43

New research reveals the suffering of people whose dogs died after eating 1080 poison baits - 11:43

Think morals are declining? So has everyone, ever, study says - 11:23

CERN experiment may help physicists work out the content of neutrino beams - 11:23

Physicists uncover 'parallel circuits' of spin currents in antiferromagnets - 11:23

New model enhances wave forecasting in ice-covered waters - 10:53

eDNA could help protect insect pollinators of avocado flowers - 10:53

Pre-basophils: Cell differentiation study tells a basophil origin story - 10:53

Worldwide survey of experts reveals pathways to global sustainability - 10:53

Study identifies potential protein target for a vaccine against spotted fever - 10:53

Granulated gels: The best of both worlds for bioprinted cells - 10:53

Collective behavior study examines how birds of a feather flock together - 10:53

Scientists use sound waves to test how well synthetic antibodies bind to their antigen targets - 10:23

Remains of an extinct world of organisms discovered - 10:23

Researchers harness phosphorus fluoride exchange to 'click' together new molecules - 10:23

Parker Solar Probe flies into the fast solar wind and finds its source - 10:23

Scientists discover that water molecules define the materials around us - 10:23

How an earthquake becomes a tsunami - 10:23