Tuesday th 23rd of May 2023

Social media did not help in preventing anxiety and depression during the pandemic, says research - 18:02

Establishing a wildflower meadow bolstered biodiversity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, study finds - 18:02

Extinct offshore volcano could store gigatons of carbon dioxide - 16:13

Using nuclear spins neighboring a lanthanide atom to create Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger quantum states - 16:13

Swift, deadly epidemic kills all the black sea urchins in Gulf of Eilat, posing threat to Eilat's coral reef - 16:13

Engineers create bacteria that can synthesize an unnatural amino acid - 15:45

Investors overvalue companies that align with presidential policies; their mistakes 'leave money on the table' - 15:45

Organizations must go beyond medical views on menopause to support women's professional aspirations, says study - 15:23

How did COVID-19 lockdown impact employment of individuals with visual disabilities? - 15:23

How the February 2023 Türkiye earthquakes ruptured and produced damaging shaking - 15:23

Strategic city planning can help reduce urban heat island effect - 15:22

A novel high-throughput method for screening protein-secreting microbial strains - 14:22

Long-term study shows tree species diversity increases likelihood of planting success - 14:22

The laws of physics have not always been symmetric, which may explain why you exist - 14:22

World's most sensitive model-independent experiment starts searching for dark matter - 14:22

Newly described species of dome-headed dinosaur may have sported bristly headgear - 14:22

Evaluating the ecological impacts of mountain biking - 14:22

Precipitation variations indicate the northern boundary and climate regimes of the Asian summer monsoon - 13:55

Multifunctional interface enables manipulation of light waves in free space - 13:55

Firefighting foam contaminates public water for about 9,000 in Maine - 13:33

Video: Annual global ice loss simulated over Oslo - 13:33

Brazil declares animal health emergency over bird flu - 13:33

How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted social cohesion - 13:33

Researchers want to use 'biochar' to combat climate change - 13:33

Scientists make first observation of a polar cyclone on Uranus - 13:33

A troubling reaction to school violence compounds the crisis - 13:33

How do you recognize the atmosphere of extraterrestrial lava worlds? - 13:33

Risk of 'catastrophic flooding' has diminished in Tulare Lake Basin, officials say - 13:33

Racecar drivers found to blink during safest parts of track - 13:03

First simultaneous atmospheric and marine observations directly beneath Category 5 typhoon in NW Pacific - 13:03

New study challenges age-old conjecture that bilaterally symmetrical flowers increase pollination accuracy by animals - 13:03

How can we break the racial bias in the labour market? - 13:03

Wildfires where homes meet forest are costly. Now Idaho will pay for more of them - 13:03

The researchers tackling the world's climate-driven water crisis - 13:03

New report highlights need for carpet industry to roll out microplastic guidance - 13:02

Recent shark bites scary, but serious injuries remain vanishingly rare - 13:02

Strategic habitat restoration can generate a win-win for forests and farmers - 13:02

New orchid species found in Tibet - 13:02

'Imprisonment is more than being behind bars,' argues researcher - 12:37

Calculating the amount companies owe for causing global warming - 12:37

Researchers clarify neuronal function that prevents insects from producing eggs in winter - 12:37

Capturing transporter structure paves the way for drug development - 12:13

Two billion people will struggle to survive in a warming world, and these parts of Australia are most vulnerable - 12:13

Nitrogen addition and experimental drought simplify arthropod network in temperate grassland - 12:13

Opinion: Victoria's rapid exit from native forest logging is welcome—and long overdue - 12:13

Government mistrust by mixed-immigration status families during pandemic led to fear and confusion, finds study - 12:13

Life on Earth quickly became independent from lightning as a nitrogen source, says new study - 12:13

New research finds cultural creative hubs key to supporting local communities during crises - 12:13

Study proposes an acoustic approach for cheap and effective monitoring of glacier discharge - 11:47

Elephants particularly enjoy presence of zoo visitors, study shows - 11:47