Sunday th 11th of June 2023

Small-brained ancient human cousins may have buried their dead, according to a surprising study - 08:53

Crocodile's 'virgin birth' is a first for science's history books - 08:23

Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all-time high and Earth is warming faster than ever, says researcher - 08:23

Thousands evacuated as Philippine volcano spews ash, rocks - 06:13

Syrians turn plastic waste into rugs to make a living - 06:13

White rhinos reintroduced to DR Congo national park - 06:13

Strong earthquake rattles northern Japan; no damage reported - 06:13

Saturday th 10th of June 2023

Brightest cosmic explosion of all time: How we may have solved the mystery of its puzzling persistence - 09:23

Using photosynthesis for Martian occupation—while making space travel more sustainable - 08:53

Hidden carbon: Fungi and their 'necromass' absorb one-third of the carbon emitted by burning fossil fuels every year - 08:53

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in summer by 2030s, with global, damaging and dangerous consequences - 08:53

While humans were in strict lockdown, wild mammals roamed further—new research - 08:53

UK hobbyist stuns math world with 'amazing' new shapes - 05:23

Pirarucu: Amazon's giant air-breathing fish in poachers' sights - 03:52

The future of industrial chemicals: Engineers seek more efficient processes - 02:53

Friday th 9th of June 2023

Marine viruses: Submerged players of climate change - 13:53

Underwater noise shown to disturb feeding behavior of marine organisms - 13:23

Jiu Jitsu club stage physical assaults to help advance forensic research - 13:23

First satnav receiver designed to operate in lunar orbit delivered to satellite maker - 13:23

Unlocking early Earth chemistry: Salt-induced changes in polyester microdroplet structure - 13:23

Which is better—digitalization or digital transformation? - 13:23

Importance of Wolbachia-mediated biocontrol to reduce dengue in Bangladesh and other dengue-endemic developing countries - 13:23

Seismic waves convey lithospheric delamination mechanism in South China - 13:23

Conceptualizing and studying infrastructure junctions and the power geometries of low-carbon place-making - 12:53

New study takes a high-level look at Nazca boobies' breeding - 12:53

Help, bees have colonized the walls of my house! Why are they there and what should I do? - 12:53

Image: Hubble observes jellyfish galaxy JO206 - 12:53

World's first city-wide plastic survey: Harnessing people power to help with plastic pollution in Portsmouth - 12:53

Opinion: An El Niño looms over Australia's stressed electricity system, and the nation must plan for the worst - 12:53

Invasive oak processionary moth caterpillars cause concern for England's trees - 12:53

Push-pull practices 'control pests, increase maize yields' - 12:53

Local newspaper coverage improves information about public companies - 12:53

Enhancing the fluorescence of single silicon carbide spin color centers - 12:24

Toxic smoke dissipates over northeastern US - 12:24

Quantum materials: Electron spin measured for the first time - 12:24

Wireless sensor enables real-time spoilage alerts on food - 12:24

Northern bettong genes reveal low genetic diversity, complicating protection measures - 12:24

More than 50 chemicals discovered in water off Hampshire and West Sussex coasts - 12:24

Researchers discover materials exhibiting huge magnetoresistance - 12:24

Influenced by light, biological rhythms say a lot about animal (and human) health - 12:24

Researchers map the blind spots for achieving a low-carbon transition in the Global South - 12:23

The 'good fire': Prescribed burning can prevent catastrophic wildfires in the future - 12:23

A Russian 'spy' whale? Killer whales biting boats? Here's how to understand these close encounters - 11:54

African plumes bring heat of the Sahara to UK—but climate change could make them less frequent - 11:54

Research takes first steps towards realizing mechanical qubits - 11:54

Scientists make a surprising discovery about magnetic defects in topological insulators - 11:54

Heat transport in energy materials: Study clarifies fundamental microscopic mechanisms - 11:54

Scientists demonstrate 3D 'bio-printing' inside organoids growing in hydrogels - 11:54

Ultrashort light pulses shaped like a spring toy bring a new twist to photonics - 11:54

Researchers discover jet streams in Mars' magnetosheath - 10:33