Saturday th 3rd of June 2023

New York sinking under its own weight: study - 08:37

Friday th 2nd of June 2023

Discovery challenges 30-year-old dogma in associative polymers research - 14:33

Thousands ordered to flee advancing wildfires in Quebec - 14:33

First-of-its-kind Mars livestream by ESA spacecraft interrupted at times by rain on Earth - 14:33

AI software can provide 'roadmap' for biological discoveries - 14:03

School closings during pandemic affected parents' work schedules, finds German study - 13:08

Examining domain walls in magnetic nanowires - 13:08

Better understanding the bonds between carbon group elements - 13:08

Predicting the composition of a steel alloy - 13:07

Improving fluid simulations with embedded neural networks - 13:07

New study finds strengthening protection of existing parks is crucial for biodiversity conservation - 13:07

New grasshopper species from central Texas named in honor of two iconic musicians - 12:45

Buckle up: A new class of materials is here - 12:45

The planning and design of environmental education sites from the perspective of pro-environmental behavior - 12:45

Study shows more mutations likely with genetically engineered synthetic DNA - 12:23

Banning multibuy discounts shown to drive sales rather than curb appetites - 12:23

Speaking up for the annoying fruit fly - 12:23

Examining the propagation of ultrasonic waves through liquids containing encapsulated bubbles - 12:23

New species of frog discovered in NSW already feared endangered - 11:53

Researchers offer new guide to the future of plastics - 11:53

Aquatic plants are essential to the ecosystem, but need good management, say researchers - 11:53

Researchers develop new tool to identify nematode pest in beech leaf disease - 11:53

Recombinant and tunable spidroin hydrogels for drug release and cell culture - 11:53

Unveiling the nanoscale frontier: Innovating with nanoporous model electrodes - 11:53

Pathogenic fungus found to infect dung beetles in Australia - 11:53

Are fairy tales fair? AI helps find gender bias in children's storybooks - 11:53

Protecting dogs against outbreaks of respiratory disease - 11:53

Invasive lionfish have spread south from the Caribbean to Brazil, threatening ecosystems and livelihoods - 11:33

Why does my dog eat grass? And when is it not safe for them? - 11:33

Europe has lost over a half-billion birds in 40 years. The single biggest cause? Pesticides and fertilizers - 11:33

Cycling could be a boon for Lagos—but people fear for their safety on bikes - 11:33

Exactly how massive is the Milky Way? - 11:33

Are rich people more intelligent? Here's what the science says - 11:03

Viewpoint: Migrants traveling through Mexico to the US follow news of dangers—but are not deterred - 11:03

New research reveals harrowing stories of murdered Indigenous women and the failure of police to act - 10:03

NASA looks back at 50 years of gamma-ray burst science - 10:03

Using AI to push the boundaries of wildlife survey technologies - 09:38

Analysis of lightweight nuclei from gold ion collisions offers insight into primordial matter phase changes - 09:38

Looking at the development and use of human body-based measurements across cultures - 09:38

Researchers unveil long-sought noncanonical cleavage mechanism in miRNA biogenesis - 09:38

Insect wings could inspire new self-cleaning technologies - 09:13

Tiny magnetic tracking and sensing device uses magneto-mechanical resonators - 09:13

Close relative of aperiodic tile 'the hat' found to be a true chiral aperiodic monotile - 09:13

Study reveals understanding of a basic physical property of charged particles in microgravity - 09:13

Missing link explains mRNA delivery in brain cells - 09:13

A fire brigade against mosquitoes: New technology can protect against the spread of tropical diseases - 09:13

AI-based technique capable of determining the monomeric sequence of a polymer, for plastic recycling - 09:13

Two-year voyage finds Pacific coral reef biodiversity is far greater than we know - 09:13

An optical method to polarize free electrons in a laboratory setting - 09:13

Researchers uncover reasons to rethink how mountains are built - 08:52