Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

Level of support for gender-neutral option on state IDs found to be affected by political orientation, social context - 12:53

Variable deficit irrigation in cotton can help improve yields, save water - 12:53

How a mysterious protein plays a crucial role in plant growth - 12:23

Crossing the ring: New method enables C-H activation across saturated carbocycles - 12:23

Study identifies pro-viral human protein critical for embryo development - 12:23

Modeling study: Linking carbon markets with an allowance exchange rate yields environmental, economic dividends - 12:23

New research analyzes socioecological influences on carbon in agroecosystems - 12:23

Baby boys more chatty than girls, according to large study - 11:53

NASA talks UFOs with public ahead of final report on unidentified flying objects - 11:53

Examining morality and competition in science - 11:53

1.5C of warming is too hot for a just world: study - 11:53

Overfishing linked to rapid evolution of codfish - 11:53

Examining a nanocrystal that shines on and off indefinitely - 11:53

You can make carbon dioxide filters with a 3D printer - 11:53

Study shows alligators are the engineers of the wetlands - 11:53

Scientists' report world's first X-ray of a single atom - 11:53

Study shows evictions happen most in predominantly Black neighborhoods, homes with children - 11:53

Geneticists discover hidden 'whole genome duplication' that may explain why some species survived mass extinctions - 11:53

White, high-income people more likely to move farther from family, study finds - 11:53

Fairy tales offer accessible ways to communicate energy research in the social sciences to help tackle climate change - 11:53

New scheme for qubit control in a multilevel system - 11:28

New catalyst design for electrocatalytic acetylene semihydrogenation - 11:28

Spinosaur Britain: Multiple species likely roamed Cretaceous Britain - 11:28

Study: Where to place discounted products relative to regularly priced products to maximize sales - 11:28

Paleontologists discover elephant graveyard in North Florida - 11:28

NIRISS instrument on Webb maps an ultra-hot Jupiter-like exoplanet's atmosphere - 11:28

Researchers highlight emerging climate change risk to seafood industry - 11:28

Exploring how the climate is impacted by the seas in Indonesia - 11:27

Increasing heat is already a factor in human migration—new study - 11:03

Reusable packaging revolution is close, experts say - 11:02

Counterintuitive lithium compounds suggest route toward high-temperature superconductivity - 11:02

Detailed structure of understudied cell division 'nanomachine' revealed - 11:02

Plastic recycling is failing—here's how the world must respond - 11:02

How much damage will lunar landings do to lunar orbiters? - 11:02

Systematic racism embedded in Aboriginal women's deaths, study concludes - 11:02

Examining the latest developments of spatiotemporal vortices of light - 11:02

Majority of consumers care what kind of data they share with retailers and service providers, new study finds - 10:42

The role of global DNA methylation in rat limb bud development in vitro - 10:42

How do sea level and monsoons influence the development of coral islands? - 10:42

New theoretical model claims to solve mystery of early massive galaxies - 10:42

Earth's energy budget is not in balance. Should we be concerned? - 10:42

High-resolution roadmap charted for regeneration of pancreatic β cells - 10:42

Team develops nanoparticles to deliver brain cancer treatment - 10:42

A sustainable Australia depends on what happens in our cities—that's why we need a national urban policy - 10:42

Assumptions about gender roles in past humans ignore an icky but potentially crucial part of original 'paleo diet' - 10:42

Researchers reveal drug resistance mechanism of pathogen Staphylococcus aureus - 10:13

What it takes to become a spelling bee champ - 10:13

Why more cities are hiring 'night mayors' and establishing forms of nighttime governance - 10:13

Technology is far from a silver bullet for solving homelessness or child welfare issues - 10:13

Desert ants increase the visibility of their nest entrances in the absence of landmarks - 10:13