Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

Photos from the field: Spying on Antarctic moss using drones, MossCam, smart sensors and AI - 10:12

A just world on a safe planet: First study quantifying Earth system boundaries - 10:12

A protein mines, sorts rare earths better than humans, paving way for green tech - 10:12

Archaeologists identify Moluccan boats that may have visited Australia from Indonesia in rock art drawings - 10:12

From whiteboard work to random groups, these simple fixes could get students thinking more in maths lessons - 10:12

Automation risks creating a two-tier workforce of haves and have-nots - 10:12

Engineering designer materials with bird-inspired structural colors using nanoparticle-based supraballs - 09:43

Lattice built with negative thermal expansion properties reveals unique relaxation mechanism - 09:43

Decoding Darwin's abominable mystery: The diverse origin of flowering plants - 09:43

How the flu virus hacks our cells - 09:43

First experimental confirmation that some microbes are powered by electricity - 09:43

Reduced emissions during the pandemic led to increased climate warming, reveals study - 09:12

Study investigates the behavior of X-ray binary GX 349+2 - 08:22

Color-changing material indicates when medications get too warm - 08:22

Engineering the bacteriophage T4 to serve as a vector for molecular repair - 08:22

A breakthrough in the electrooxidation of propylene - 08:22

Mosquito zappers get a boost from static-electricity harvester redesign - 08:22

EU looks to boost boat tracking to fight overfishing - 06:42

Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops - 05:22

The clams that fell behind, and what they can tell us about evolution and extinction - 03:53

Saved from extinction, Southern California's Channel Island Foxes now face new threat to survival - 03:53

Biological cleanup discovered for certain 'forever chemicals' - 03:53

Private flight with 2 Saudi astronauts returns from space station with Gulf of Mexico splashdown - 03:53

Heatwave prompts Hanoi to reduce street lights as power cuts loom - 03:52

What's in wine? Campaigners want ingredients on the bottle - 03:52

Examining the developmental regulatory mechanism of limb loss in squamates - 03:52

High winds halt Spanish rocket launch - 03:52

Four ways to advance equity and justice goals in climate action planning - 03:22

Tuesday th 30th of May 2023

1 in 5 US teachers feel carrying gun to class would make schools safer. More than half disagree, finds survey - 23:23

Can phrases like 'isn't it?' or 'right?' compromise classroom learning? New study answers - 23:23

Unique 'bawdy bard' act discovered, revealing 15th-century roots of British comedy - 18:06

Marine fish are responding to ocean warming by relocating towards the poles - 18:06

Quarter-ton marsupial roamed long distances across Australia's arid interior, reveals 3D-scanning study - 17:45

Extreme precipitation in the Northeast to increase 52% by the end of the century, study predicts - 16:32

Nevada fight over leaky irrigation canal and groundwater more complicated than appears on surface - 15:32

New study highlights importance of democratic norms and learning about the other party - 15:32

Study shows light conveyed by signal-transmitting sucrose controls growth of plant roots - 15:32

How the humble neutron can help solve some of the universe's deepest mysteries - 15:32

Silent zoo tours can generate new perspectives on animals, study suggests - 15:03

Shell beads discovery sheds light on Stone Age seafaring - 15:03

Could the rush for lithium near California's Salton Sea trigger earthquakes? - 15:02

Dual-wavelength lasing: A new tool for steering high-harmonic generation - 14:32

New high resolution X-ray imaging technique can image biological specimens without causing damage - 14:32

Software offers new way to listen for signals from the stars - 14:32

Judge orders halt to Ballona Wetlands restoration project - 14:32

Can California's coastline be saved? Study shows up to 70% could be wiped out by 2100 - 14:32

Evolution driving improvements in racehorse speed, study shows - 14:32

Symmetry breaking by ultrashort light pulses opens new quantum pathways for coherent phonons - 14:32

Researchers propose a deep neural network-based 4-quadrant analog sun sensor calibration - 14:32

Rocks beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet reveal surprising past - 14:02