LA Times - Health

Thursday th 9th of July 2020

COVID-19 death tolls now rising in key states after weeks of decline nationwide - 11:50

As COVID-19 testing soars, Americans are forced to wait longer for results - 11:20

L.A. could reimpose stay-at-home order if coronavirus spike continues, mayor warns - 11:20

Want to see Alaska this summer? Try a small-ship cruise - 10:50

Coronavirus outbreak tied to fraternity parties imperils fall semester at UC Berkeley - 10:21

COVID-19 and blood type: What's the link? - 09:28

As COVID-19 patients fill beds, many hospitals choose not to cancel nonemergency surgeries - 07:30

With coronavirus surging, bars and indoor dining could remain closed for the foreseeable future - 07:30

Coronavirus clobbers Marshall Island communities in U.S.: Infections have 'skyrocketed' - 07:30

Column: Black and Latino borrowers may suffer most as Trump tosses out payday-loan rule - 07:30

Activists bring demonstrations to L.A. officials' doorsteps - 07:30

City attorney accuses L.A. nursing home of dumping patients to profit from coronavirus - 06:30

Record day of coronavirus deaths in California raises new alarms - 06:30

Op-Ed: People ask me if I've recovered from COVID-19. That's not an easy question to answer - 06:00

Letters to the Editor: Citizen, heal thyself — wear a mask to save the lives of healthcare workers - 05:30

California records highest single-day coronavirus toll: 149 deaths - 00:30

Wednesday th 8th of July 2020

S.F. mayor is awaiting coronavirus test result after she was exposed at an event - 23:30

San Francisco wrestles with reopening schools as it offers guidelines on doing so safely - 21:30

Ventura County says ICUs and ERs are full with COVID-19 patients, surge plan on - 21:00

John Swing, a driving force in L.A.'s Historic Filipinotown, dies of COVID-19 at 48 - 20:00

L.A. County records highest daily coronavirus death toll in at least a month - 20:00

California legislators delay return to Capitol due to coronavirus outbreak - 19:30

Coronavirus, unemployment, uncertainty imperil Texas workers: 'It trickles down' - 17:40

Newsom says reopening of California schools to be based on safety, not pressure from Trump - 17:40

Coronavirus cases surge at Lake Tahoe amid summer tourist season - 16:40

Op-Ed: COVID-19 has invaded San Quentin prison. To save lives, people must be released - 16:10

Orange County leaves it up to restaurants to alert customers about coronavirus cases - 15:40

Editorial: Trump has zero understanding of what it will take to safely reopen U.S. schools - 15:40

California sets record for most coronavirus cases in a single day - 13:40

Coronavirus surge puts reopening of K-12 campuses at risk, says county's top health official - 11:10

Passport offices start to reopen amid backlog of 1.5 million applications - 09:30

She asked her neighbors to wear masks. Then the swastikas and racial slurs appeared - 08:30

A nurse's plea: 'Please tell me my life is worth a LITTLE of your discomfort?' - 08:30

Many in Orange County resist masks even as coronavirus cases soar - 07:30

Column: This is the only California county that's coronavirus-free. Masks are optional - 07:30

As decision looms on reopening schools, LAUSD sticks with four-time board president - 07:30

Syringes are key to coronavirus vaccine delivery. Trump is relying on two untested suppliers - 07:30

Editorial: We need a national face mask mandate - 05:30

Tuesday th 7th of July 2020

L.A. County announces plan to fine restaurants that don't comply with COVID-19 health orders - 21:00

Riverside County surpasses 20,000 coronavirus cases. That wasn't supposed to happen yet - 20:30

Coronavirus testing shortages worsen across L.A. - 20:00

L.A. County coronavirus surge worsens with 4,000 new cases, higher infection rate - 18:30

Opinion: As colleges try to navigate coronavirus, Trump already has a cruel plan for foreign students - 14:10

He called the coronavirus "a little flu." Now Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro says he has COVID-19 - 13:10

A California sheriff mocked the state's stay-at-home order. He changed his tune when COVID-19 cases surged - 12:40

Younger people hit hard as Orange County sets coronavirus record - 10:40

High school sports teams are running into major obstacles in trying to work out - 09:41

Reopening L.A. economy improved mental health, but coronavirus fears persist, survey finds - 08:40

California braces for a spike in coronavirus deaths as infections soar. But how bad will it be? - 07:43

Column: No, a chiropractor can't cure COVID-19 (or diabetes, for that matter) - 07:43