LA Times - Health

Thursday th 27th of August 2020

Column: Drugmakers offer price plan 'allowing Trump to say he did something' - 08:31

India's toughest exams get even more stressful during the pandemic - 07:30

Coronavirus has turned once-bustling downtown L.A. into a ghost town. Can it recover? - 07:30

COVID-19 makes medical students feel they're falling behind - 07:30

Workers and customers are catching COVID-19. Should businesses escape blame? - 07:30

Instead of starting seventh grade this month, this 12-year-old is working in Mexico's fields - 05:40

Newsom proves he's no deer in headlights while managing several crises 'of biblical proportions' - 02:10

Wednesday th 26th of August 2020

A second L.A. Metro bus driver has died of complications from COVID-19 - 19:40

What's open and closed for Labor Day at local beaches, parks, zoos and trails - 19:10

L.A. County reports cases of newborns with COVID-19 for first time - 18:40

California could see a quarter-million COVID-19 tests a day under new state plan - 17:40

L.A. County daily COVID-19 case count dips below 1,000 for first time since early June - 15:50

How L.A. doctors plan to include more people of color in COVID-19 vaccine trial - 09:30

California has a housing crisis. A bill would allow a duplex on most single-family parcels - 08:30

L.A. school officials have 3 weeks to devise emergency child-care plan, board orders - 08:00

UC Berkeley chancellor calls reopening amid crises 'hardest situation I've ever encountered' - 07:30

Letters to the Editor: Kicking homeless people out of their tents will only help spread COVID-19 - 05:30

Tuesday th 25th of August 2020

Judge denies L.A. County's request to stop Grace Community Church from gathering - 18:50

L.A. County COVID-19 cases continue to drop, setting up potential for some school reopenings - 18:21

Watch Brit Bennett discuss her bestselling novel, 'The Vanishing Half' - 18:00

Feeling anxious and depressed? In California, you're right at home - 16:40

Kevin Hart roasts NBC for mistaking him for Olympic athlete Usain Bolt - 15:10

Border lines stretch for miles, waits grow to 10 hours in coronavirus crackdown - 15:10

What's open and closed at Southern California beaches, parks, trails amid fire and COVID-19 - 12:40

The coronavirus gave them jobs — and a new lease on life - 09:41

Column: Billboards that follow you? It's not sci-fi. They're already here - 08:40

Hope takes flight: L.A.'s Natural History Museum will reopen its Butterfly Pavilion & gardens - 08:40

Column: The false, lethal promise of 'warp speed' science - 08:10

Commentary: Why Grand Avenue and Frank Gehry are L.A.'s path out of the pandemic - 07:40

California counties stuck in limbo as they wait for Newsom's reopening rules - 07:40

Op-Ed: Why college students have a hard time living by pandemic rules (and how we can support them) - 06:50

Editorial: Sorry, Mr. President. There's no miracle cure for COVID-19 - 05:30

Letters to the Editor: What would it take to feel safe at the doctor? Testing and more testing - 05:30

Monday th 24th of August 2020

Op-Ed: Pandemics spread like wildfire, and fire is a contagion too - 16:00

More counties removed from California's COVID-19 watchlist - 15:30

USC reports 'alarming increase' in COVID-19 cases - 15:30

Column: Thanks to Trump, the FDA just had the worst day in its history - 12:40

Yes, your houseplants can thrive. An expert shares how in her new book - 09:43

Hawaii never reopened this summer. What about Thanksgiving and Christmas? - 09:20

Death of an Indigenous essential worker sparks debate over gender identity - 07:21

In a rural California town, schools try something extraordinary and risky: Classrooms with children - 07:21

Orange County removed from California's coronavirus watch list - 00:00

Sunday th 23rd of August 2020

San Diego looking to convert hotels to house homeless now in Convention Center - 21:30

Have L.A.'s homeless people dodged a COVID-19 catastrophe? - 21:00

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris respond to Trump's attacks before the Republican convention - 15:50

Ahead of Trump's touting of new coronavirus treatment, White House accuses FDA of foot-dragging - 15:50

Public officials move to muzzle violent outbursts by anti-maskers - 10:30

Another coronavirus inequity: Those who can afford to stay in place and those who must move - 08:30

Before coronavirus failures, Trump struggled to slow drug overdoses - 07:10

Saturday th 22nd of August 2020

Lawyers for Los Angeles' poor try to ease pandemic burdens - 11:40