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Thursday th 10th of September 2020

Column: If California wants to know how to cope with the apocalypse, ask Butte County - 14:31

Op-Ed: Pseudo-expertise should not guide America's response to COVID-19 - 14:00

Senate Democrats block GOP coronavirus plan that lacked stimulus checks as hopes fade for relief deal - 14:00

Trevor Noah condemns Trump's move to downplay COVID-19: 'He's a con man' - 12:31

California Supreme Court rejects lawsuits seeking to reopen schools during pandemic - 12:00

Most Halloween events are canceled. But some pumpkin patches are open for business - 10:11

The coronavirus may have reached Los Angeles even before China announced its outbreak - 10:11

To cruise or not to cruise. Loyalists face a dilemma - 09:40

The El Dorado fire still burns, but the pandemic has made 'gender reveals' hotter than ever - 09:40

COVID-stricken pastor could barely breathe. He kept fighting for the right of Black people to vote - 06:30

Letters to the Editor: If the FDA rushes a COVID-19 vaccine, Trump should be the first to take it - 05:30

Wednesday th 9th of September 2020

'No going back' to racist past, L.A. civic leaders say of post-COVID future - 21:30

State continues to see a decline in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, but will it last? - 16:10

California small businesses will get COVID-19 relief with quickly drafted tax cuts - 15:10

I tried looking for love online — with a blindfold on - 14:11

Coronavirus cases hit 400 at San Diego State; county remains in second tier - 12:40

No trick-or-treating: L.A. County cancels Halloween events amid COVID-19 - 11:20

Column: Drugmaker AstraZeneca teaches Trump why the virus hunt can't be rushed - 10:51

Most L.A. households face serious financial problems amid coronavirus pandemic, poll finds - 09:20

Letters to the Editor: We call them 'essential workers,' but businesses call them 'expendable' - 05:30

Op-Ed: My patients can 'feel well' yet test positive for the coronavirus. They're shocked, but I'm not - 05:30

Tuesday th 8th of September 2020

Limits on large gatherings in Sacramento were not applied to prayer event at state Capitol - 21:01

600 UC San Diego students, faculty ask university to drop plans to reopen campus - 19:31

Tribal lawsuit reveals San Diego County sheriff threatened to block access to reservations - 18:32

More California counties can loosen COVID-19 rules as statewide numbers improve - 17:10

As COVID-19 risk dips, Orange County gets OK to reopen indoor restaurants, theaters - 16:20

Companies working on coronavirus vaccines pledge to put science above politics - 13:32

Column: Trump attacks Biden and Harris as anti-vaccine, but he's the one with the anti-vaxx record - 11:20

The Autry Museum's CEO is retiring. A UCLA historian will take over - 08:20

Column: 'It's the principle of the thing!' Couple fights for 44-year-old phone number - 08:20

Immigrants, hit hard by the pandemic, are sending even more money back to Mexico - 07:30

Editorial: What's happening with COVID in schools? We don't know - 05:30

Editorial: Homeless people were largely spared coronavirus' first wave. But they need help to stay alive - 05:30

Monday th 7th of September 2020

Boaters push to lift COVID-19 restriction on who can come aboard - 19:30

It took decades to build Mexico's middle class. The coronavirus could demolish it - 17:10

Column: Pam Shriver couldn't make it to the U.S. Open this year, so ESPN brought it to her - 16:40

Do fall's big film festivals still matter? - 12:40

Struck is a new dating app based on astrology. The creator says skeptics are welcome - 10:11

Shrinking piñatas and revenues: Party supply stores show how life goes on amid a pandemic - 08:40

California begins sending extra $900 to those unemployed due to COVID-19 - 07:20

Op-Ed: Why the state court system is experiencing a pandemic meltdown - 05:31

Op-Ed: School custodians like me are considered essential workers. We're not treated like it - 05:30

In bringing her baby to vote, Buffy Wicks spotlights the mistreatment of working moms - 03:00

Sunday th 6th of September 2020

Review: Andrew Scott triumphs in the streaming one-man play 'Three Kings' - 15:00

Saturday th 5th of September 2020

COVID-19 deaths reach 6,000 in L.A. County - 19:00

Their company got a PPP loan. So why are they still unemployed? - 17:00

As second heat wave sears California, experts say health impacts will worsen with climate change - 11:31

L.A. teachers union opposes opening campuses for students with disabilities, English learners - 09:31

L.A. Affairs: I was looking for a partner. He was looking for a fight. - 09:31

Op-Ed: Reading "The Plague" while living through a pandemic - 09:00