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Monday th 10th of August 2020

An all-star economic task force is advising Newsom during the pandemic. Little is known about its work - 07:40

Latino workers bear brunt of second wave of COVID-19 in ritzy Marin County - 07:40

California's public health director resigns amid questions about coronavirus test data - 01:30

Sunday th 9th of August 2020

L.A. County reports more than 1,700 new coronavirus cases, many among younger people - 17:50

Trump aides struggle to defend his pandemic relief orders as U.S. cases reach 5 million - 15:20

California is releasing some murderers due to COVID-19. Some say it should free more - 12:30

Column: Sobbing over the back-to-school display in the grocery store? It's the coronavirus blues - 10:30

As COVID-19 cases surge, patients are dying at a lower rate. Here's why - 07:40

Op-Ed: If states don't coordinate lockdown procedures immediately, our future is grim - 07:40

Letters to the Editor: The 'greatest generation' during WWII, the 'party generation' during COVID-19 - 05:40

Saturday th 8th of August 2020

L.A. County coronavirus hospitalizations continue to decline - 18:30

'Disappointed and deeply concerned,' Pac-12 players relay anger toward Larry Scott - 17:30

Hermosa Beach adds contract officers from private firm to help enforce mask order - 17:30

Trump signs executive orders aimed at bypassing Congress on coronavirus relief - 16:00

Coronavirus data failures add to California's struggle to deal with pandemic - 14:40

Can in-person theater return, safely, now? This 'Godspell' is the test case - 09:00

We're answering your urgent questions about life during the pandemic - 08:30

Strict mask rules? Empty middle seats? We compare airlines' COVID-19 policies - 07:30

California to towns defying the COVID-19 shutdown: No cash for you - 07:30

Opinion: 'Trump's supporters live in denial' — readers pile on a pro-Trump letter to the editor - 05:31

Letters to the Editor: L.A. County contract tracing has saved lives, but employers need to do more - 05:31

Friday th 7th of August 2020

California colleges can reopen with a ton of restrictions, limited dorms, online classes - 23:20

Judge issues order shutting down Ventura County church's crowded, unmasked indoor services - 21:20

A judge commandeers L.A.'s City Hall in his campaign to curb homelessness - 20:30

How safe is it for young adults to be at college during a pandemic? - 20:30

Orange County's coronavirus death toll passes 700 - 20:00

Here's how colleges are trying to limit the spread of COVID-19 - 19:32

How to find COVID-19 statistics about your child's college - 19:10

My mother died in April of cancer. Coronavirus robbed us of closure - 18:40

What resources are available for special ed students in the middle of the pandemic? - 18:40

Here's what K-12 schools may look like when it's safe for kids to return - 17:40

California vows to fix coronavirus reporting system amid huge backlog of unreported cases - 17:10

San Diego Catholic high school files lawsuit against Newsom to reopen in the fall - 16:40

With 10,000 COVID-19 deaths, California increasingly in the dark about spread - 14:40

I'm afraid of COVID-19. Is it safe to pick up my 1-year-old granddaughter? - 14:40

Front-line workers are forced to become COVID mask police. It's stressing them out - 14:40

Opinion: New jobs report shows that the U.S. economy is in for a long slog - 14:13

Help! How can I take care of someone with coronavirus without getting sick myself? - 14:13

'Can you bless our quarantine room?' In a city scarred by the coronavirus, a priest revives a nervous parish - 14:13

Is the bike path from the South Bay to Santa Monica open during coronavirus? - 13:50

L.A. County nears 5,000 COVID deaths - 13:50

They escaped the worst of COVID-19. Now Cambodians face a debt crisis - 13:20

Prepared food vendors at farmers markets try to battle coronavirus ban - 12:52

'Broken' coronavirus tracking system leaves California in the dark: 'We have no idea' - 11:31

To slow coronavirus, a California county might pay the sick to stay home - 11:00

¿Un crucero durante la pandemia? Estos barcos en Baja California, México, navegan con menos de 100 pasajeros - 09:33

California colleges in last-minute scramble to open without state guidance - 09:11

What's open and closed this weekend: Southern California beaches, parks, trails - 09:11

After first being spared, rural California now being ravaged by the coronavirus - 07:20

Children with disabilities are regressing. How much is distance learning to blame? - 07:20