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Monday th 12th of June 2023

Yellow-headed blackbird has great Northern adventure, winds up in Ulukhaktok - 12:32

New exoplanet discovery sparks hope of hidden 'Tatooines' - 10:13

How CBC News will manage the challenge of AI - 08:33

Efforts to heal hole in ozone layer also helped Arctic sea ice, study suggests - 07:03

How 'bizarre' behaviours made this scientist appreciate what the brain can do - 06:43

Sask. First Nation man builds Dene computer keyboard to help others to learn the language - 06:13

Do you idle your car? Hamilton students in air quality program want you to stop - 06:13

Teen who began high school math in Grade 7 to compete in world's most prestigious youth math competition - 06:13

How hard is it to get EV charging stations into residential buildings? - 03:22

Sunday th 11th of June 2023

How climate change is making wildfires worse in normally mild and wet Atlantic Canada - 03:23

Friday th 9th of June 2023

New cat contraception method using gene therapy could help manage feral populations - 16:53

Octopuses could help us conceptualize a different form of extraterrestrial intelligence - 16:53

Ah, here's your problem — there's a marmot stuck in your engine - 06:13

Scientists map medieval town that's been buried beneath the sea for 661 years - 06:13

Ancient Indigenous 'clam gardens' could be modern-day climate solution - 06:13

Thursday th 8th of June 2023

'Dark design' can nudge you into tipping more, says expert - 06:33

Is virtual reality the future? Apple's betting on it, but VR experts say we may not be there yet - 06:33

Wednesday th 7th of June 2023

Northern goshawk attacks biker on popular Whitehorse trail - 07:23

New research shows Arctic could see ice-free summers by 2030 - 07:23

Humpback whale rescued after being entangled in rope in B.C. waters - 07:23

Distillery develops dairy-to-fuel process - 07:23

Forest fires could destabilize Quebec wildlife for years to come, say experts - 07:23

This 3D-printed fish fillet may not be the reel deal, but it could be a necessary step in sustainable cuisine - 06:53

Monday th 5th of June 2023

How do you track biodiversity loss? Check air filters, say scientists - 12:33

Sunday th 4th of June 2023

Scared of heights? How virtual reality can help people overcome their phobias - 03:13

Friday th 2nd of June 2023

Self-driving cars know the rules of the road — but not rules of humanity - 15:13

Thursday th 1st of June 2023

Industry knew about risks of PFAS 'forever chemicals' for decades before push to restrict them, study says - 22:03

NASA UFO panel says stigma, lack of data are problems when studying 'unidentified aerial phenomena' - 06:33

If a forest has a variety of tree species, is it better at fighting climate change? A U of A study says yes - 06:32

Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

North Korean spy satellite plunges into sea after rocket failure - 07:02

Tuesday th 30th of May 2023

In Turkey's earthquake-ravaged Antakya, residents wonder why city wasn't better prepared - 06:32

After leading the world on cutting methane, Canada faces stringent new standards in U.S. and Europe - 06:32

Monday th 29th of May 2023

What can we expect from clean hydrogen in Canada? - 06:42

Saturday th 27th of May 2023

A new DNA tool helped crack a Montreal cold case. It could help solve others - 14:12

Friday th 26th of May 2023

Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain implant company, says it's received FDA approval for human trials - 16:02

Bug off! Your scent signature could be key to keeping mosquitoes away - 15:32

A Ugandan vet's amazing story of her work to save mountain gorillas - 15:02

A new robot bee flies like its natural counterpart, but it can't land on the ceiling - 14:33

NASA's Juno spacecraft captures Earth-like lightning on Jupiter - 11:42

Archaeological sites are plentiful at Lakehead's Thunder Bay campus. Here's what students are finding - 06:33

What El Niño and a warming Atlantic Ocean could mean for the 2023 hurricane season - 06:03

Virgin Galactic completes final test flight ahead of taking paying customers to space - 06:03

This Dubai lab clones prized camels - 06:03

What microplastics are doing to seabirds could tell us about their effect on humans - 06:03

El Niño is on our doorstep, but not all are created equal. So what does it mean for Canada? - 03:32

Thursday th 25th of May 2023

Here's where they get that data for the air quality health index - 12:52

The outlook for animal populations on this planet is dire - 10:32

Here's where they get that data for the air quality health index - 09:02

How experts use modelling and satellites to predict and tackle wildfires - 07:32

Some carmakers are removing AM radios from dashboards. How big of a loss will it be? - 06:12