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Sunday th 30th of August 2020

Zimbabwe investigating mysterious deaths of 11 elephants - 17:10

Friday th 28th of August 2020

Mammal relative learned to hibernate before Age of Dinosaurs - 07:00

The pandemic has slowed human consumption of Earth's resources — for now - 06:00

Thursday th 27th of August 2020

Edmonton software engineer says Iranian regime attempted to make him their spy - 08:30

How low did it go? Scientists calculate Earth's Ice Age temperatures - 07:30

Fox's Tucker Carlson rationalizes Kenosha suspect's actions, Facebook takes down militia pages - 07:00

TikTok CEO resigns after 3 months amid geopolitical turmoil over app - 07:00

U.S. navy exercises will put further pressure on West Coast's endangered killer whales, experts say - 06:30

Hurricane Laura makes landfall in Louisiana, one of most powerful storms to hit state - 06:30

B.C. hotelier sues Facebook for $50M over 'imposter account' - 06:30

Wednesday th 26th of August 2020

Canadian Hurricane Centre predicts rough season ahead for Atlantic Canada - 06:30

Humpback ballet: Fishing duo captures breaching performance on camera - 06:04

Could life have started on Mars before coming to Earth? Possibly, new study suggests - 06:04

Tuesday th 25th of August 2020

Judge won't force Apple to restore Fortnite game but can't block Unreal Engine from powering apps - 09:41

As school year nears, some warn Canada lagging behind on approving COVID-19 saliva tests - 08:10

Smaller, younger salmon due to climate change and competition, new study says - 08:10

Worries grow following 'dramatic' drop in monarch butterfly population - 06:50

Parachutist makes world's 1st solar skydive - 06:50

Youth volunteers uncover hundreds of ancient gold coins in Israel - 06:50

Edam, Sask., woman killed by black bear while on the phone with her father - 06:20

Gwich'in, 12 other groups suing U.S. over leasing program for Arctic wildlife refuge - 06:20

Calgary's air quality briefly dips below China's ratings as smoke blows in from California wildfires - 06:20

Alberta government to support feasibility study for Edmonton-Calgary hyperloop under new agreement - 06:20

Lockdown makes us even more vulnerable when the machine stops: Don Pittis - 03:01

Monday th 24th of August 2020

TikTok says it has 'no choice' but to sue Trump administration over threatened U.S. ban - 11:10

Centralized virtual schools and synchronous delivery: How remote learning is shaping up for fall - 09:40

TikTok to launch lawsuit against Trump administration Monday - 06:20

'What in the heck was that?': Fisherman shocked to haul in long-nosed chimaera - 06:20

This barren N.S. ecosystem is a rare biodiversity hotspot. Scientists want to preserve it - 06:20

Net-zero emissions by 2050 is the goal. So how do we get there? - 06:20

New podcast holds up Indigenous voices on climate change - 06:20

Woman swims across reservoir that supplies her city's water to protest coal mines that could put it at risk - 06:20

Canadian oil giants emphasize climate change and diversity as they compete for investment - 06:20

Environmental groups lay out concerns with Ontario's Blue Box overhaul - 06:20

Green energy retrofits coming to public buildings in Nunavut - 06:20

Sunday th 23rd of August 2020

Trudeau government's lack of action on broadband access will be its pandemic legacy - 03:30

Saturday th 22nd of August 2020

Panda cub birth at Washington zoo sparks intense online interest amid pandemic - 13:10

What's that orange hue in Mackenzie Delta waterways? - 06:30

Friday th 21st of August 2020

They 'don't wannna live' with a cinnamon bear: Colour morph black bear with cubs sparks curiosity, concern - 09:04

At least 5 people killed in Northern California wildfires - 06:00

Thursday th 20th of August 2020

Monster swallows monster: Fossil reveals doubly fatal Triassic encounter - 13:30

Greenland lost 532 billion tonnes of ice in a record melt last year, new study suggests - 12:03

Internet provider discontinues service in Haida Gwaii — and some people have no alternatives - 10:40

Alberta company looks at the science of award-winning beer - 09:20

Hunting industry hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic gets relief via new Alberta wildlife regulations - 07:30

Car-sized asteroid makes closest pass to Earth ever recorded without collision - 07:30

Northern California wildfires spur evacuations, state of emergency declaration - 06:00

Wednesday th 19th of August 2020

Apple's value tops $2T US after 60% rise in stock price this year - 13:30

New BlackBerry-branded 5G smartphones to be released next year - 12:30

Scientists on Arctic mission make unplanned detour to pole - 12:30