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Thursday th 6th of August 2020

Shane Gross: Capturing humanity’s impact on ocean life - 06:30

Not-so-wily coyote found with head stuck in glass jar - 06:30

Shark sighting a surprise for St. Martins kayakers - 06:30

Hiroshima survivors mark 75th anniversary of world's first nuclear attack - 06:30

What you need to know about B.C.'s so-called murder hornets - 06:30

How microbes could help clean up Nova Scotia's abandoned mines - 06:30

Wednesday th 5th of August 2020

Facebook deletes a Trump post for the 1st time, citing misinformation - 20:00

What is ammonium nitrate, and how did it cause such a devastating explosion in Beirut? - 18:30

Instagram launches TikTok copycat, which it is calling Reels - 14:41

TikTok takes steps to curb misinformation ahead of U.S. election - 11:57

Indigenous leaders 'losing faith' in environmental protection amid budget cuts - 09:40

Hurricane Isaias spawns tornadoes along U.S. East Coast, at least 4 dead - 06:30

Spectre of atomic bomb still looms over N.W.T. community 75 years after Hiroshima - 06:00

COVID Alert app could result in some people being ID'd - 06:00

How scientists aim to make a safe COVID-19 vaccine in record time - 03:20

Tuesday th 4th of August 2020

Surface of Mars shows scars of glaciers just like Canada's High Arctic: study - 15:50

U.S. astronauts who made first splashdown landing in 45 years to talk about their experience - 14:30

Teen accused in Twitter hack targeting Obama, Bill Gates, others pleads not guilty - 13:31

EU regulators investigate Google's plan to buy Fitbit - 09:50

TikTok owner faces criticism in China for bowing to Trump pressure to sell or face U.S. ban - 09:20

Man reports being mauled by bear in Kodiak, Alaska - 07:30

Artist aims to blur real and digital worlds in new, immersive exhibition - 07:30

Advocates say nature can be powerful tool in adapting to coastal climate change - 07:30

'Breakthrough' Atlantic project aims to track fish movement, health - 07:00

Ontarian who found ancient spearhead thrilled to hold 'a piece of history' in his hands - 07:00

Fresh water is pouring into the Arctic Ocean. Climate change is to blame, new study says - 06:30

Rollout of COVID Alert app faces criticism over accessibility - 06:30

How these weird round rocks came to be on Canada's Arctic shoreline - 06:30

Conservation groups raise concerns about Ontario hunt of cormorants this fall - 06:00

How the pandemic pushed puffin research back years - 06:00

Quebec shipyard is setting up an Arctic icebreaking research centre - 06:00

Montreal-born NASA engineer excited to steer rover seeking signs of ancient life on Mars - 04:30

Monday th 3rd of August 2020

First cancer diagnosed in dinosaur fossil hints at communal life - 22:30

Trump gives Microsoft 45 days to land TikTok deal after threatening to ban Chinese-owned video app - 14:31

New study detects thousands of earthquakes in B.C. Peace region, most linked to fracking - 12:00

Sunday th 2nd of August 2020

Microsoft vows to continue efforts to buy TikTok from ByteDance - 19:00

Scientists study coronavirus outbreaks among minks at breeding farms in Europe - 10:10

Yukon man captures 'first record' of ghost moth in territory - 09:40

Saturday th 1st of August 2020

SpaceX capsule leaves ISS as U.S. astronauts aim for splashdown off Florida coast - 23:30

What would a U.S. ban on Chinese-owned app TikTok mean? - 16:30

Friday th 31st of July 2020

New COVID-19 notification app rolls out in Ontario - 22:31

Trump vows to ban TikTok app from U.S. - 22:00

King penguin chick gets hands-on treatment after egg rolls and cracks on rocks - 18:00

U.S. astronauts ready for capsule splashdown, the first in 45 years - 15:40

Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy TikTok as Trump mulls ban on video sharing app - 15:10

By scooping up refundable bottles and cans, 'binners' are helping the environment - 10:20

A group of international researchers has mapped more of the Arctic Ocean floor than ever before - 09:30

Twitter says hackers used phone to fool staff, gain access - 08:00

Thursday th 30th of July 2020

Sask. vaccine developer locks in Canadian manufacturers for human clinical trials - 12:30

Shaw launches mobile service for existing internet customers in Alberta and B.C. - 09:40