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Thursday th 2nd of July 2020

Surviving core of ill-fated Jupiter-like planet spotted near distant star - 12:40

Botswana investigating mystery deaths of 275 elephants - 11:40

Canada's 5 big banks join anti-hate advertising boycott of Facebook - 10:10

Record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste dumped globally last year, says UN report - 10:10

P.E.I. fishermen surrounded by 'thousands' of jellyfish - 08:50

Cape Breton researchers looking into plastic that kills COVID-19 - 08:20

Wednesday th 1st of July 2020

Astronauts complete battery work during 2nd spacewalk outside orbiting space station - 12:30

'Catastrophic' Alberta bee population losses blamed on cold winter, pandemic - 07:30

Cliffs of Fundy set to become UNESCO Global Geopark this month - 07:30

Tuesday th 30th of June 2020

Companies are boycotting Facebook. But who does it hurt more? - 09:40

Monday th 29th of June 2020

Tim Hortons mobile ordering app's use of data to be investigated by Canada's privacy commissioner - 14:40

Canadian companies Lululemon, MEC and Arc'teryx join Facebook ad boycott - 14:10

South Pole warmed 3 times the global rate over the past 30 years, new study suggests - 13:40

Quiet Salish Sea gives scientists chance to study endangered killer whales - 10:10

Zoom chats short circuit a brain function essential for trust — and that's bad for business: Don Pittis - 03:20

Saturday th 27th of June 2020

Missions to Mars, meteors and astronauts: A summer of space science - 03:20

Friday th 26th of June 2020

After ad boycotts, Facebook says it will label rule-breaking posts — including Trump's - 18:00

Amazon looks to self-driving future by acquiring tech company Zoox - 17:00

Microsoft to permanently close all 83 physical stores worldwide - 15:30

Facebook to change advertising policy as European giant pulls ads - 15:00

Great Slave Lake reaches record high water levels - 07:10

NASA naming headquarters for 1st Black female engineer - 07:10

U of C engineer invents duffel bag that freshens sports gear and clothes - 06:40

COVID-19 has pushed ahead virtual solutions to improve health care in rural and remote communities - 06:40

What ancient earthquakes along the Denali fault in Yukon can tell us about what could come - 06:40

U of O scientist seeking edible vaccine for COVID-19 - 06:40

4 North Atlantic right whale deaths investigated last year were caused by ship strikes - 06:10

Dead whale likely the same animal stranded in Alaska river - 06:10

Boeing renews its public pitch to replace Canada's CF-18 fleet - 06:10

COVID-19 not yet identified in North American bats, Alberta expert says - 06:10

An unusual visitor: Bearded seal spotted at Laval marina - 06:10

Eating wild plants is a 'world that needs to be rediscovered' - 05:40

Astronomers bolster case for potential of life on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa - 03:30

Thursday th 25th of June 2020

Toronto's Collision tech conference with 30,000 attendees goes online-only on COVID-19 fears - 17:00

LifeLabs failed to protect personal health information of millions, commissioners say - 13:50

Report finds an historic low for numbers of large wild Atlantic salmon - 11:51

U.S. toilet paper production is wiping out Canada's boreal forest, report claims - 11:50

These dogs help keep Alberta free of invasive mussels - 09:20

Google will start paying some news publishers for content - 09:20

Wednesday th 24th of June 2020

Harmful effects of wildfire smoke are immediate and could make COVID-19 symptoms worse, UBC study warns - 13:40

Twitter bans account behind doctored video shared by Trump - 11:50

Whitla Wind aims to become Alberta's largest wind power facility by 2021 - 06:30

Strong quake hits southern Mexico, killing at least 6 and triggering tsunami - 06:30

Twitter again slaps warning on Trump after he threatens 'serious force' against protesters - 06:30

Sinkholes drain lake near Oxford, N.S. - 06:30

N.W.T. adapts wildfire strategy to mitigate COVID-19 risks - 06:30

The way of the dragon: Lost lizard found after 10-day, 4-km hike through Winnipeg - 06:30

Tuesday th 23rd of June 2020

Alberta reinstating environmental monitoring in industry, oilpatch - 16:00

'Nature knows what to do': Renewal at fire-ravaged Waterton Park - 15:30

Amazon's carbon footprint rose 15 per cent despite green initiatives - 15:30