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Wednesday th 24th of October 2018

Physicist Takes Cues from Artificial Intelligence - 06:50

In 5-10 Years, Gravitational Waves Could Accurately Measure Universe's Expansion - 06:50

Memory-Steel - a New Material for the Strengthening of Buildings - 06:50

New PMLD Technique Improves Tools to Form Organic Multilayers - 06:50

Avoiding and Leveraging Defects in Thin Films for Next-Generation Technologies - 06:50

Genomic Analysis Helps in Discovery of Unusual New Bird Species From Indonesia - 06:50

Do Mussels Reveal the Fate of the Oceans? - 06:50

Image Release: ALMA Maps Europa's Temperature - 06:50

Motley Crews of Bacteria Cleanse Water at Huge Oceanic Georgia Aquarium Exhibit - 06:50

Is every neuron a unique snowflake? - 06:50

Invasive Species in an Ecosystem Harm Native Organisms but Aid Other Invasive Species - 06:50

Climate change, rising sea levels a threat to farmers in Bangladesh - 06:50

Biodiversity for the Birds - 06:50

NYC-based mobile lab brings studies to under-represented groups - 06:50

Nova Southeastern University Using Mako Sharks to Predict Winner of Florida Governor's Race and Race for U.S. Senate - 06:50

Winners of 2018 AIP Science Writing Awards Announced - 06:50

Sockeye carcasses tossed on shore over two decades spur tree growth - 06:50

Scientists present ideas for next-gen accelerator experiments - 06:50

Engineering team seeks patent for low-cost, 3D-printed lab equipment - 06:50

Scientists Capture Images of Antibodies Working Together Against Malaria - 06:50

Statistics Experts Available to Comment on Winning the Lottery - 06:50

Sutherland, Calogero and Gaudin Win 2019 Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics - 06:50

African Fires Wipe Out Endangered Rhino's Favorite Foods - 06:50

Seeing a Salt Solution's Structure Supports One Hypothesis About How Minerals Form - 06:50

Researchers design "smart" surfaces, creating promise of safer implants and more accurate diagnostic tests - 06:50

Tuesday th 9th of October 2018

Researchers Sew Atomic Lattices Seamlessly Together - 09:30

Fiber-Fermenting Bacteria Improve Health of Type 2 Diabetes Patients - 09:30

Global Fisheries to Be, on Average, 20 Percent Less Productive in 2300, UCI Study Finds - 09:30

Women Driving North Texas Research Seek Sustainable Solutions for Urban Living - 09:30

Researchers Rescue Embryos From Brain Defects by Re-Engineering Cellular Voltage Patterns - 09:30

Social Stress Leads to Changes in Gut Bacteria, Study Finds - 09:30

Water Conservation: Artificial Turfgrass Versus Real Grass - 09:30

Thirdhand Smoke Found to Increase Lung Cancer Risk in Mice - 09:30

Study Reports on the Positive Effects of Nutrient and Stormwater Reduction in the Chesapeake Bay - 09:30

Study Predicts Unique Animals and Plants of Africa's Albertine Rift Will be Threatened by Climate Change - 09:30

Articles on Mitochondrial Toxicity, Metabolic Syndrome, AOPs, and More Featured in March 2018 Toxicological Sciences - 09:30

The Shapes of Water - 09:30

Increasing tree mortality in a warming world - 09:30

3-D Mapping Babies' Brains - 09:30

Missouri S&T Expert Available to Discuss Impact of Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on the U.S. Manufacturing Industry - 09:30

NASA's Webb Telescope to Make a Splash in Search for Interstellar Water - 09:30

Locked in a Forest - 09:30

Trees Cope with Harsh Conditions, Surprising Researchers - 09:30

Researchers Develop Label-Free, Non-Destructive Tools to Detect Metabolic Changes Linked to Disease - 09:30

DHS S&T Keeps the Super Bowl Safe - 09:30

Yishi Jin Named to Junior Seau Endowed Faculty Chair in Traumatic Brain Injury - 09:30

Combat the effects of Daylight Saving Time - 09:30

(Daylight Saving) Time is not on your side - 09:30

Unique Diamond Impurities Indicate Water Deep in Earth's Mantle - 09:30

Citizen Science Birding Data Passes Scientific Muster - 09:30