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Monday th 12th of June 2023

Samurai wasp has minimal impact on native stink bugs, new CABI-led study confirms - 20:03

In "Science": Plant ecology study shows dominant influence of climate on vegetation - 20:03

Climate Change: Rising Rainfall, not Temperatures, Threaten Giraffe Survival - 19:04

South Africa, India and Australia shared similar volcanic activity 3.5 billion years ago - 19:03

Structural engineering expert, Dr. John J. Myers, available to comment on bridge collapse - 18:23

A Baking Soda Solution for Clean Hydrogen Storage - 16:53

INHS researchers reveal "virgin birth" in a crocodile - 15:57

Human-caused climate change to blame for increase in California's wildfires - 15:57

Treadmill for microswimmers allows closer look at behavior - 15:57

Researchers Demonstrate First Precision Gene Editing in Miscanthus - 15:57

GW Expert Available: I-95 Highway Collapse in Philadelphia After Tanker Truck Fire - 15:57

Google announces $12m research program with local universities to bolster NYC's cybersecurity leadership - 15:57

Google, Cornell to partner in online security initiative - 14:58

Cornell Reddit expert on blackout, API protest - 14:58

Farm stressors affect mental health of adults and adolescent children - 14:58

Human-caused climate change at the center of recent California wildfires - 14:58

Jefferson Lab Virtual Series Serves Up Science Brain Teasers - 14:58

Enhancing carbon dioxide reduction - 14:58

Researchers investigate sargassum's impact on air quality - 13:42

FASEB Launches New Advocacy Training Program - 13:13

Visionary report unveils ambitious roadmap to harness the power of AI in scientific discovery - 13:13

Balancing renewable energy systems in Saudi buildings - 13:13

Railways Could Be a Key 'Utility Player' for Backup Power - 11:53

Planet orbiting 2 stars discovered using new technique - 11:53

Twenty species of sea lettuce found along the Baltic and Scandinavian coasts - 11:53

Press registration open for hybrid ACS Fall 2023 meeting - 11:03

Research Integrity at your fingertips with new world-leading Dimensions app - 11:03

AI unlikely to gain human-like cognition, unless connected to real world through robots - 11:03

Finally, An Industrial-Scale Facility For Testing New, Clean Hydrogen Technologies - 11:03

NASA's Webb Proves Galaxies Transformed the Early Universe - 11:03

Gentle cleansers kill viruses as effectively as harsh soaps, study finds - 11:03

Kevin Wilson: Then and Now / 2012 Early Career Award Winner - 11:03

Which came first: the reptile or the egg? - 11:03

How much microplastics is there in Swiss rivers and lakes? - 09:33

An AI tool that could help prevent wildfires - 09:33

Good vibrations - 09:33

Revolutionizing Cardiology: AI-Based Technology Offers Accurate Analysis of Cardiac Disease - 09:33

Chula's Department of Nuclear Engineering Offers In-depth Radiation Measurement and Explains the Dangers Associated with Caesium-137 - 09:33

The American Association of Immunologists Appoints Gail A. Bishop as Incoming Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Immunology - 09:33

U.S. Immigrants Particularly Vulnerable to Food Insecurity, Study Shows - 06:53

Friday th 9th of June 2023

Local newspaper coverage improves information about public companies - 20:43

Revolutionary Sensor Enables Real-Time Spoilage Alerts on Food - 19:53

Eddies: Circular Currents and Their Influence on the World's Hottest Ocean - 19:53

Jiu Jitsu club stage physical assaults to help advance forensic research - 19:53

When all details matter -- Heat transport in energy materials - 18:43

Price vs. health: Food shoppers choose price - 18:13

Using photosynthesis for Martian occupation - while making space travel more sustainable - 18:13

The first prehistoric wind instruments discovered in the Levant - 18:13

Researchers demonstrate noise-free communication with structured light - 16:53

Advances in eco-friendly gas insulating medium for next-generation SF6-free equipment - 15:28