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Wednesday th 11th of December 2019

Vietnamese Investors Back Novel Point-of-Care Technology for Rapid Detection of Pathogens - 12:50

Social Media Contributes to Increased Perception of Food Technology as Risky Business - 11:50

Water common -- yet scarce -- in exoplanets - 11:50

High School Student Publishes Scientific Paper with Assistance from Texas Tech Professor - 11:50

London air to be kept clean thanks to Warwick researchers - 10:30

Digging into diets: Researchers analyze artifacts to better understand ancient practices - 10:30

Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow Awarded Prestigious Fleming Medal - 10:30

Why polar bears at sea have higher pollution levels than those staying on land - 09:40

Scientists Link Decline of Baltic Cod to Hypoxia - and Climate Change - 09:40

Helping plant nurseries reduce runoff - 08:40

Glaucoma Research Foundation to Honor Leaders in Glaucoma Innovation at 2020 Annual Gala in San Francisco - 07:40

The secret to a long life? For worms, a cellular recycling protein is key - 05:40

Sorghum study illuminates relationship between humans, crops and the environment in domestication - 03:40

Cosmic Ray Tool Repaired in Space - 02:40

Department of Energy to Provide $24 Million in EPSCoR Grants for Energy-Related Research - 02:40

Tuesday th 10th of December 2019

Reducing Wildfire Risks for Better Management and Resource Allocation - 18:40

Why It Matters: Space Jam - 16:40

Veho Institute launches, establishes center at Cornell Tech - 16:40

Lily and Yuh-Nung Jan Named 20th Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize Recipients - 16:40

WashU Expert: U.S. faces looming 'future drought' in helium - 16:40

A fragile crust protects from dust - 16:40

Society for Risk Analysis Announces Its New 2020 Council - 15:50

Twelve Honored by Society for Risk Analysis - 15:50

UNH Sails into the Next Generation of Ocean Mapping With NOAA Grant - 15:50

Tweaking the approach to save the desert tortoise - 15:50

Technologies and scientific advances needed to track methane levels in atmosphere - 14:30

Could dark carbon be hiding the true scale of ocean 'dead zones'? - 14:30

Rapid DNA Identifies Conception Boat Fire Victims - 14:30

Society for Risk Analysis Announces 2019 Winners for Best Journal Papers and Best Research Posters - 14:30

Natural ecosystems protect against climate change - 13:40

Communications Device Offers Huge Bandwidth Potential - 12:40

Insects' Drag-Based Flight Mechanism Could Improve Tiny Flying Robots - 12:40

Danforth Center Launches Ag Tech NEXT Conference - 12:40

Last remaining glaciers in the Pacific will soon melt away - 12:40

Tiny Magnetic Particles Enable New Material to Bend, Twist, and Grab - 11:40

Refueling Satellites in Space, With the Help of a Robot - 10:40

Could we cool the Earth with an ice-free Arctic? - 09:40

Research explores how grape pests sniff out berries - 09:40

Investors inject $45 million into health and biotech industry - 08:40

Connecting agriculture, public gardens and science - 08:40

How to induce magnetism in graphene - 07:40

Monday th 9th of December 2019

Cornell certificate program develops understanding of beer selection - 17:30

Mone Zaidi, MD, PhD, Named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science - 17:30

New England fishermen losing jobs due to climate - 16:30

Natural Toxins in the Global Food Supply Continue to Threaten the Health of Underprivileged Communities - 16:30

Battery collaboration meeting discusses new pathways to recycle lithium-ion batteries - 16:30

Argonne's debt to 2019 Nobel Prize for lithium-ion battery - 16:30

Research at Argonne's Advanced Photo Source Leads to New Ebola Drug - 15:30

Acoustic focusing to amass microplastics in water - 14:30

A geologist demystifies the deadly New Zealand eruption and cautions against tourism development near active volcanoes - 14:30