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Wednesday th 4th of December 2019

Deployable Human-Scale Immersive Virtual Environments? - 19:00

A Cancer Drug Trial For Dogs Presented At The RSNA Annual Meeting - 18:00

Early-career engineers learn about the wide variety of tasks in PPPL program - 18:00

Brain Health Expert Available to Talk Traumatic Brain Injury - 16:40

Warmer temperatures will increase arsenic levels in rice, study shows - 16:40

Scientists Detail how Chromosomes Reorganize after Cell Division - 16:40

Gaseous disk around white dwarf 'intriguing' find for exoplanet hunters - 15:50

Sea-Level Research Must Change So Communities Can Better Plan for the Future - 15:50

Signs of life: New field guide aids astronomers' search - 15:50

WFIRM Scientists Push Bioprinting Capability Forward - 15:50

Long-Distance Timber Trade Underpinned the Roman Empire's Construction - 14:50

Common Diabetes Medications Tested for Anti-Aging Effects - 14:50

The Big Questions: Jose Rodriguez on Catalysts - 14:50

Rutgers Researchers Teach Lessons on Extraterrestrial Life in Local Elementary Schools - 14:50

First Parker Solar Probe scientificpapers publish in Nature - 13:50

National Park Service Scientists: Does Aircraft Noise Make Birds More Vocal? - 13:50

Solving the Mystery of Carbon on Ocean Floor - 13:50

Better wildfire and smoke predictions with new vegetation database - 12:50

Birds are shrinking as the climate warms - 12:50

ASA, CDC Plan Revamp of Sound-Related Wikipedia Pages for International Year of Sound 2020 - 12:50

S&T and CBP Host the Havre Sector Field Experiment - 12:50

UAB tops $600 million in research funding for first time - 11:51

Freeze Frame: Scientists Capture Atomic-Scale Snapshots of Artificial Proteins - 11:51

Highlights for reporters from the 2019 ASCB|EMBO Meeting - 11:00

Articles on Chronic Hexavalent Chromium Exposure, Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles, and Bisphenol A Featured in December 2019 Toxicological Sciences - 10:00

Top 5 ways we can support soil - 09:00

Water management grows farm profits - 09:00

Differences in replacement level fertility point to inequalities - 08:00

Permanent hair dye and straighteners may increase breast cancer risk - 01:50

Tuesday th 3rd of December 2019

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer Announces Young Innovators Team Award Recipients - 17:50

A common drug could help restore limb function after spinal cord injury - 17:50

How the Nation's Hydrogen Bomb Secrets Disappeared - 16:30

New expert findings seek to protect national parks from invasive animal species - 16:30

Siting Cell Towers Needs Careful Planning - 16:30

For some corals, meals can come with a side of microplastics - 15:31

Characterizing Whale Vocalization Can Help Map Migration - 14:40

UD engineering professor honored by National Academy of Inventors - 14:40

Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.13 C per decade - 13:50

Study Sheds Light on the Really Peculiar 'Normal' Phase of High-Temperature Superconductors - 13:50

'Environmental Disaster': Brazil Oil Spill to Spark Drastic Effects - 13:50

Argonne Collaboration Shows Benefits of Better Corn Residue Management Strategies - 13:50

Ge Wang Named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors - 13:50

Young tree swallows carry environmental stress into adulthood - 13:50

UT Dallas Team Demonstrates Renewable Power of Liquid Metal - 12:30

Scientists devise catalyst that uses light to turn carbon dioxide to fuel - 12:30

Interest in UF/IFAS Hops Experiment Grows - 12:30

NYU's Grier, Creator of Tractor Beam, Named Fellow of National Academy of Inventors - 11:30

Winning Opioid Detection Technologies to be Announced, Demonstrated - 10:30

Bending an Organic Semiconductor Can Boost Electrical Flow - 10:30

Meteorite-Loving Microorganism - 10:30