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Tuesday th 6th of June 2023

New superconducting diode could improve performance of quantum computers and artificial intelligence - 06:53

Monday th 5th of June 2023

"Butterfly chaos effect" discovered in swarms and herds of animals - 20:23

Quantum computers are better at guessing, new study demonstrates - 20:23

Amid volumes of mobile location data, new framework reduces consumers' privacy risk, preserves advertisers' utility - 20:23

Astronomers are Reducing Satellite Interference in Hubble Images - 17:33

Whales not to be counted on as 'climate savers': study - 17:33

Weigh a quasar's galaxy with precision - 17:33

Striking gold with black, brown and red rice - 17:33

Awada leads development of ag, environment research for national defense - 17:33

A Low-Energy 'Off Switch' for Quark-Gluon Plasma - 16:13

Saving moths may be just as important as saving the bees - 16:13

Human factors affect bees' communication, researchers find - 16:13

New Strategy Can Harvest Chemical Information on Rare Isotopes with a Fraction of the Material - 16:13

Ready for risk: FAMU-FSU researcher maps flood hazards in Bay County, Florida - 16:13

Previously unknown antibiotic resistance widespread among bacteria - 13:33

The digital dark matter clouding AI - 13:33

Direct air capture technology licensed to Knoxville-based Holocene - 13:33

Early Universe Crackled With Bursts of Star Formation, Webb Shows - 12:33

Susan and Henry Samueli give $50 million to UC Irvine's engineering school - 12:33

Robot 'chef' learns to recreate recipes from watching food videos - 12:33

Argonne's Autonomous Vehicle Competition returns to the spotlight - 11:43

World first: Researchers create CO2 measurement tool to calculate emissions caused by stored digital data - 11:43

Microbes key to sequestering carbon in soil - 11:43

Scientists Use Machine Learning to 'See' How the Brain Adapts to Different Environments - 11:43

It's your nickel: Small changes in materials could lead to big improvements in fast charging - 11:43

UAH professor helping to revolutionize Big Data astronomy, using statistics in a new way to decipher the universe - 11:43

NRAO and GBO Results Presented at Multiple AAS 242 Press Conferences - 11:43

I'm looking to speak - Jen Miller, Construction Dive - 11:43

A Simple Solution for Nuclear Matter in Two Dimensions - 08:23

ETRI has greatly accelerated the settlement of Korean AI through Exobrain research - 08:23

Photocatalytic Concrete for Clean Air in Underground Tunnels - 07:33

Friday th 2nd of June 2023

MEDSIR's PHERGain Trial Shows Potential for Chemotherapy-free Treatment of HER2-positive Early Breast Cancer - 19:33

Underwater forest's recovery offers hope for marine restoration across the globe - 17:33

Why we need to fall out of love with flaky white fish - study - 17:33

Twitter's plummet in value highlights social network governance challenge; expert explains - 17:33

Ancient viruses discovered in coral symbionts' DNA - 17:33

USDA grant expands data-sharing initiative that reveals swine disease trends - 13:23

FSU program helps faculty bring research to market - 13:23

Synthetic DNA could help scientists modify genes and create new biofuels - 13:23

Mysterious dashes revealed in Milky Way's center - 13:23

The American Association of Immunologists Wins Top Award for Excellence in Association Communications - 13:23

Advincula Receives Netzsch NATAS Fellows Award - 13:23

Eventually everything will evaporate, not only black holes - 13:23

New Insights on the Interplay of Electromagnetism and the Weak Nuclear Force - 13:23

Resolving a Mathematical Puzzle in Quarks and Gluons in Nuclear Matter - 13:23

Subtle Signs of Fluctuations in Critical Point Search - 10:33

Young researchers win grants to work in labs in North America - 10:33

New Research Suggests Wheat Crops May Be Threatened by Unprecedented Heat and Drought - 05:02

Developing technologies to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production - 00:03

Thursday th 1st of June 2023

X-rays visualize how one of nature's strongest bonds breaks - 20:13