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Thursday th 1st of June 2023

Critical Decision-3A Clears Way Toward Standard Model Test - 16:03

Observatorio Rubin acerca el universo al publico - 16:03

Bringing the Universe to You - 16:03

Rubin Observatory Brings a Universe of Discovery to the Public - 16:03

ESF Launches Indigenous Writer Residency Program at Cranberry Lake - 14:23

Enterprise Risk Consortium Forthcoming from UMD Smith - 14:23

New study shows how adaptations to living in a cold climate promoted social evolution - 14:23

Early career scientist wins prestigious Hungarian physics award - 12:53

Researchers find ways to make low-quality hardwoods useful for structural applications - 12:53

The 'breath' between atoms -- a new building block for quantum technology - 12:53

How Fiber-Optic Sensing and New Materials Could Reduce the Cost of Floating Offshore Wind - 12:23

Producing large, clean 2D materials made easy: just KISS - 12:23

Finally solved! The great mystery of quantized vortex motion - 12:22

Transforming plants into allies in the fight against climate change - 12:22

Wayne State to develop application to conduct automated motivational interviewing counseling focused on weight loss - 12:22

Ticks prove resilient to extreme temperatures - 11:23

Integrating robotics into wildlife conservation: enhancing predator deterrents through innovative movement strategies - 11:23

Rethink, Rewrite, Redefine--How Biodegradable Plastics Are Reshaping Sustainability - 11:23

Petit-spot volcanoes involve the deepest known submarine hydrothermal activity, possibly release CO2 and methane - 11:23

Supercomputer simulations provide a better picture of the Sun's magnetic field - 09:33

Machine Learning-Based Protein Annotation Tool Predicts Protein Function - 09:33

Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

Berkeley Haas launches Sustainable Business Research Prize - 23:33

A Green Path to Net Zero Carbon Building - 23:33

Looking for a range of - Ali Withers, Reuters - 19:04

New App Uses AI to Enable Anyone to Make Musical Mashups - 17:33

UC Irvine-led interdisciplinary team delves into a heated debate about humidity - 17:33

Cats can play a role in transmitting COVID-19 - 17:33

Researchers improved the catastrophic failure assessment of sealed cabin for ultra large manned spacecraft in M/OD environment - 17:33

DOE Announces $46 Million for Commercial Fusion Energy Development - 17:33

Danforth Center Scientist, Malia Gehan Named to Inaugural Class of TGI Fellows - 15:23

Overfishing Linked to Rapid Evolution of Codfish - 15:23

Spinosaur Britain: Multiple different species likely roamed Cretaceous Britain - 15:23

Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops - 15:23

ND Expert Sarah Edmands Martin: Can AI expand our understanding of creativity? - 15:23

Computational biologist Tal Einav joins LJI faculty - 15:23

ND Expert Christine Becker: AI's impact on the Hollywood labor market - 15:23

ND Expert Lisa Schirch: AI has ability to undermine or potential to unite - 15:23

ND Expert Nicholas Berente: Investing in research of AI's use, impacts and required guardrails is key - 15:23

ND Expert Tim Weninger: How will AI affect public trust? - 15:23

ND Expert John Behrens: First step in addressing AI concerns is education - 15:23

ND Expert Ahmed Abbasi: AI's major challenge is striking balance between innovation, precaution - 15:23

ND Expert Yong Suk Lee: AI can stunt or complement the labor market - 15:23

ND Expert Panos Antsaklis: AI and unintended consequences of inaccuracies, limitations - 15:23

The psychological challenges of rural living - 15:23

How much nitrogen does corn get from fertilizer? Less than farmers think - 15:23

Argonne's Jordi Roglans-Ribas claims second Secretary's Honor Award - 15:23

GW Expert Available: UN Committee Meets This Week on Treaty to End Global Plastic Pollution - 15:23

When the media believe that a firm is really green - 15:23

Engineering team receives $3.6M to combat plastic waste - 10:13

Tunable Bonds: A Step Towards Targeted At-211 Cancer Therapy - 10:13