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Friday th 7th of February 2020

41 Finalists Named for the 2020 Hertz Fellowships - 13:40

Paul K. Kearns named 2020 FLC Laboratory Director of the Year - 13:40

Galaxy formation simulated without dark matter - 13:40

Patients Stick with Smartphone Activity Trackers Longer Than Wearable Devices - 12:40

One small grain of moon dust, one giant leap for lunar studies - 12:40

Kick Off International Year of Sound with U.S. Opening Ceremony at American Center for Physics on Feb. 13 - 12:40

Discovering the Elusive Quantum Spin Liquid State - 12:40

Former advisor to the EPA's Office of Pesticide Program available to talk about recent EPA decisions on pesticides - 10:40

Decline of the mayfly and its impact on ecosystems around the world - 10:40

Great Neck South Wins Long Island Regional Science Bowls - 10:40

Scientists resurrect mammoth's broken genes - 08:40

Thursday th 6th of February 2020

Collaboration lets researchers 'read' proteins for new properties - 20:00

How iron carbenes store energy from sunlight - and why they aren't better at it - 18:40

East African Fish In Need of Recovery - 17:40

Gift will fund solar panel, electrical research - 17:40

Panicky Responses to the Coronavirus are Dangerous--Here's Why - 16:40

Coronavirus - study finds methods for preventingglobal disease spread through airports - 15:41

Water-Conducting Membrane Allows Carbon Dioxide To Transform into Fuel More Efficiently - 15:41

Why It Matters: Voter, You've Been Hacked - 14:40

Secondary forests provide deforestation buffer for old-growth primary forests - 13:40

Story Tips: Fusion squeeze, global image mapping, computing mental health and sodium batteries - 12:40

Experimental fingerprint test can distinguish between those who have taken or handled cocaine - 12:40

Machine Learning Accelerates Metamaterial Design - 12:40

Britain's ambitious shift to electric vehicles poised to have dramatic health, environmental impacts - 12:40

Easter Island society did not collapse prior to European contact, new research shows - 11:41

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinicRapprocher l'IA de la pratique clinique - 11:41

Conflict between ranchers and wildlife intensifies as climate change worsens in Chile - 11:41

We Know AI is Biased; This Design Approach May Help Fix It - 10:20

New Robot Does Superior Job Sampling Blood - 10:20

Could the next generation of particle accelerators come out of the 3D printer? - 09:30

Finding Connections at the Surface - 09:30

DHS S&T to Evaluate Select Wildfire Sensor Technologies - 09:30

S&T and FEMA Social Media Planning Tool Supports Enhanced Emergency Management Operations and Communications Nationwide - 09:30

Sugar ants' preference for pee may reduce greenhouse gas emissions - 09:30

New Tool Monitors Real Time Mutations In Flu - 06:30

Study Uses Powerful Sequencing Technology to Study HIV Epidemic in Washington, DC - 05:30

Wednesday th 5th of February 2020

First-of-its-kind study examines toll of nuclear war on world's oceans - 18:20

Improved Catalyst Branches Out and Out-Performs - 17:50

Crowdsourcing Science: Using Competition to Drive Creativity - 16:30

Energy storage startup SPARKZ licenses ORNL cobalt-free battery tech - 16:30

9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton is morphologically distinct from most of America's earliest known settlers - 15:30

Sun, wind, and hydrogen: New Arctic station will do without diesel fuel - 15:30

What's your brand? - 15:30

Faster than a speeding bullet: Asian hornet invasion spreads to Northern Germany - 15:30

Astronomers discover unusual monster galaxy in the very early universe - 15:30

Astronomers reveal rare double nucleus in nearby 'Cocoon Galaxy' - 15:30

Crystal-stacking process can produce new materials for high-tech devices - 14:40

Research Brief: Ocean Temperatures Impact Central American Climate More than Once Thought - 14:40

Colossal oysters have disappeared from Florida's 'most pristine' coastlines - 14:40

Botanical drug is shown to help patients with head and neck cancers - 13:40