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Friday th 14th of February 2020

Satellite image data reveals rapid decline of China's intertidal wetlands - 11:50

New department head named to lead industrial engineering - 10:40

The Chemistry of Chocolate - 10:40

Iconic 'pale blue dot' photo - Carl Sagan's idea - turns 30 - 09:40

New research suggests climate change could reduce lifespan among hundreds of species - 09:40

Thursday th 13th of February 2020

Argonne leads award-winning collaboration with Kairos Power that unveils new simulation of nuclear power plants - 19:00

Hydropower dams cool rivers in the Mekong River basin, satellites show - 18:00

Buffalo State College's Kevin Williams available to speak about the Mars 2020 rover. - 18:00

Researchers explore role of antibiotic resistance in pandemic risk - 14:40

University of Notre Dame-developed home lead screening kits shown to be highly accurate - 13:44

How to mend a broken heart? VR helps cardiologist discern patient's injury, plan repair - 12:50

Crystal with a Twist: Researchers Grow Spiraling New Material - 12:50

New study shows Deepwater Horizon oil spill larger than previously thought - 11:50

Extinct giant turtle had horned shell of up to three meters - 11:50

Reconnecting with nature key for the health of people and the planet - 11:50

Harnessing the sun to bring fresh water to remote or disaster-struck communities - 11:50

Nurse Invents App for Patients with a Left Ventricular Assist Device - 11:50

New Process For Preserving Lumber Could Offer Advantages Over Pressure Treating - 09:23

I spy with my digital eye ... a tiger's breathing, a lion's pulse - 09:23

Wearable Trackers Estimate Fitness Levels without High-intensity Exercise - 08:00

Wednesday th 12th of February 2020

Researchers show how electric fields affect a molecular twist within light-sensitive proteins - 19:50

Consumers May Be Wasting More Than Twice as Much Food as Commonly Believed - 15:40

Climate-Driven Farming "Frontiers" Pose Major Environmental Risks - 15:40

New variety challenges 'Jaded' attitudes to green tomatoes - 15:40

ORNL researchers develop 'multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time - 15:40

Study measures consumers' demands for cassava - 15:40

New Argonne etching technique could advance the way semiconductor devices are made - 15:40

Aerospace engineering department head named AIAA fellow - 15:40

Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly? - 15:40

Atom or noise? New method helps cryo-EM researchers tell the difference - 14:40

CDI Lab Explores Pathway to Open up Blood Cancer Treatments - 14:40

New air-pressure sensor could improve everyday devices - 14:40

Second GPU Cloudburst Experiment Yields New Findings - 14:40

Study: Diet Makes a Difference in Fight Against Hospital-Acquired Infection - 13:40

Toxicological Research on E-cigarettes, PFAS, Cannabinoids, Wildfires, and More to Be Presented during the SOT 59th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo - 13:40

Small marsupials in Australia may struggle to adjust to a warming climate - 12:40

Fighting climate change at the sink: A guide to greener dishwashing - 12:40

Investigating the trigger for an explosive process that occurs throughout the universe - 12:40

Channeling Electrons for Ultrafast Spin Conductivity - 12:40

Ancient Antarctic ice melt increased sea levels by 3+ meters -- and it could happen again - 12:40

Dancing Matter: New form of movement of cyclic macromolecules discovered - 10:40

Telehealth Interventions Associated with Improved Obstetric Outcomes - 10:40

Simulations Show Effects of Buoyancy on Drift in Florida Current - 10:40

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis Improved by Simple Accelerometers - 10:40

Moving Precision Communication, Metrology, Quantum Applications from Lab to Chip - 10:40

Penn State Receives Five-year $3.7 Million Grant to Study Virus Evolution - 10:40

A New Class of Materials Shows Strange Electron Properties - 10:40

No Strain, No Gain! Breakthrough in 2D Material that Produces Single Photons - 10:40

SLAS Discovery and SLAS Technology Announce Annual Achievement Awards - 10:40

Hot climates to see more variability in tree leafing as temperatures rise - 10:40