CBC: Health

Monday th 12th of June 2023

Eating healthy is hard. It's even harder for people who can barely afford to eat at all - 14:53

Hamilton public health board moves forward with new opioid action plan - 14:53

Rising number of calls indicate growing mental health crisis, say police on P.E.I. - 14:53

Alberta cancer diagnoses dropped sharply early in pandemic, Calgary study shows - 14:52

Sunday th 11th of June 2023

Survivors promise it gets better as research shows surge in suicide deaths for young girls - 03:22

Saturday th 10th of June 2023

Hair loss can be difficult, cancer patients say — and some want better access to options - 03:27

Deadly drug just 'a click away,' warns grieving Ontario family - 03:27

Common, inexpensive diabetes drug could cut long COVID risk, study finds - 03:27

Friday th 9th of June 2023

Syphilis cases in B.C. youth have nearly doubled, health officials say. But some may not know they have it - 11:03

Supreme Court won't hear case of Alberta patient denied transplant for refusing COVID vaccine - 11:03

Wildfire smoke is in our homes. Here's how to clear out toxic particles - 03:23

Thursday th 8th of June 2023

How we measure air quality and what the numbers mean - 17:43

Outbreak of deadly Marburg virus ends in Equatorial Guinea: WHO - 12:23

Smoky skies bulletins issued, warning of poor air quality across B.C. - 11:03

Poor air quality, high pollution levels persist Thursday in Toronto - 11:03

Wednesday th 7th of June 2023

How 'severe and unusual' smoke from Canadian wildfires is spreading and what it means for your health - 19:23

Reinforcements arriving to fight Quebec fires as premier warns of more evacuation orders - 13:23

Dangerously bad, smoky air persists in Ottawa area - 13:23

Conditions predicted to worsen in Toronto as poor air quality, high levels of pollution confirmed - 13:23

Tuesday th 6th of June 2023

How to better protect yourself from the health effects of wildfire smoke - 17:33

Federal judge blocks Florida ban on transgender medical treatment for minors - 16:09

Provincial health officer, chief coroner condemn 'polarizing' rhetoric over B.C.'s safe drug supply - 10:33

Monday th 5th of June 2023

Halifax firefighters describe risking their lives to save elderly man from wildfire - 15:13

Forest fire forces evacuation west of Ottawa - 15:13

Massive forest fires are coating much of Quebec in haze and smoke - 15:13

Federal data forecasts grim wildfire season this summer - 15:13

Sunday th 4th of June 2023

The FDA says people are confusing poppers with energy shots, and dying. Experts want proof - 13:23

Saturday th 3rd of June 2023

A new Indigenous pharmacy association is forging connections in health care - 03:03

Climate change is fuelling a spike in Lyme disease cases across Canada - 03:03

Thursday th 1st of June 2023

Women fare worse than men after surviving a stroke, new report suggests - 04:13

How does wildfire smoke affect long-term health? Researchers are trying to find out - 03:22

Wednesday th 31st of May 2023

U.S. ruling gives Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, immunity from opioid lawsuits - 11:22

Canada to put health warning labels directly on cigarettes in world first - 10:22

Canadian researchers use AI to find a possible treatment for bacteria superbug - 03:27

Tuesday th 30th of May 2023

Some patients opt to pay for U.S. cancer screening, even as new B.C. program seeks to alleviate backlog - 11:26

Monday th 29th of May 2023

Ontario hospitals prepare and brace for summer ER staffing challenges - 13:42

ER doctors at 2 more B.C. hospitals say staffing crisis leaves patients with 'undignified' care - 11:52

Sunday th 28th of May 2023

B.C. initiative aims to expand genetic screening for Ashkenazi Jewish people at risk of hereditary cancers - 14:32

Saturday th 27th of May 2023

Brain surgeon Henry Marsh on what it felt like to receive his own bad cancer news - 03:22

Friday th 26th of May 2023

More concern, more letters from Alberta ER doctors saying health system in crisis - 16:02

Free medications produce overall health-care savings in Ontario trial, new study suggests - 14:03

Thursday th 25th of May 2023

B.C. concussion researchers propose change to 'wildly inconsistent' way the brain injury is diagnosed - 15:02

How do we solve the family doctor shortage? - 11:32

Wednesday th 24th of May 2023

Biotech company expands antibody research, production facilities in Vancouver with government cash boost - 15:13

Calgary doctors warn emergency rooms 'collapsing' in open letter - 15:13

Senior physician says staffing shortage has Surrey Memorial Hospital ER in 'deep trouble' - 11:32

With Still, Michael J. Fox wanted to get real about sharing his journey with Parkinson's disease - 08:32

Renfrew County's virtual pandemic project might be short-term fix for family doctor shortage - 08:32

Tuesday th 23rd of May 2023

Canadian research raises concerns about increase in ER visits by pregnant people using cannabis - 20:52

How the polio epidemic revolutionized modern medicine - 12:37