CBC: Health

Tuesday th 28th of July 2020

Nunavut woman who flew to N.W.T. for surgery turned away due to hospital's equipment issues - 09:50

COVID-19 risks for kids are low, must be balanced against cost of being out of school, doctors say - 08:00

Monday th 27th of July 2020

'We hugged and hugged': Families reunite at N.W.T. seniors' homes after COVID-19 rules loosen - 10:30

Man remains stuck in a forensic mental health system some say is biased against Black people - 10:30

Anti-masking groups draw from anti-vaccination playbook to spread misinformation - 03:30

Sunday th 26th of July 2020

COVID-19 poses big challenges for day camps, programs catering to those with special needs - 03:30

Saturday th 25th of July 2020

Ontario reports 138 new COVID-19 cases after labs complete nearly 30,000 tests - 14:20

The week B.C. slipped: With COVID-19 cases on the rise, officials warn against pandemic fatigue - 13:50

6 months after Canada's 1st COVID-19 case, hospitals 'better prepared' to help sickest patients - 11:30

Everything you need to know about masks and working out: Your COVID-19 questions answered - 03:21

What Canada's top public health officials say about the state of the pandemic and uncertainty ahead - 03:21

Friday th 24th of July 2020

Chief public health officer warns of pandemic 'fatigue' as COVID cases surge among young people - 15:01

Coronavirus surges in southern U.S. could make their way north, Birx warns - 14:31

Why err on the side of caution as COVID-19 looms in workplaces - 03:20

Thursday th 23rd of July 2020

New backyard chicken fad has risks, warns veterinarian - 17:03

COVID-19 tracing app starts beta testing after three-week delay - 17:03

One family's experience with a medical scare when 911 lines went down - 17:03

Manitoba will stop identifying when COVID-19 cases are on colonies after Hutterites say they're being profiled - 17:03

Officer who fatally shot Ejaz Choudry refuses to speak with investigators, police watchdog says - 16:40

B.C. announces restrictions on rental properties, houseboats as COVID-19 cases rise - 16:40

U.S. coronavirus death toll, unemployment figures creep upwards - 15:50

B.C. doctor heads to court to demand mandatory mask rules - 10:20

More COVID-19 deaths at for-profit nursing homes in Ontario, study finds - 09:40

How the N.W.T. is reducing addictions harm during COVID-19 - 09:40

Fatal police encounters in Manitoba jumped in last 2 years; most involved Indigenous people - 09:40

Ontario doctors launch program to help patients connect with loved ones during pandemic - 09:40

B.C. legislation to detain youth who overdose could do more harm than good: doctor - 09:40

Ontario nurse under investigation after anti-vax, COVID conspiracy social media posts - 09:40

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians could get a tax break for working from home during pandemic - 07:21

Alberta was praised for its COVID-19 response. Now it's recording the most new cases per capita in Canada - 03:20

Nurses, truckers in Ontario denied health-care services over COVID-19 risk - 03:20

Wednesday th 22nd of July 2020

B.C. announces new rules for bars and nightclubs as COVID-19 cases continue to climb - 18:32

Scientists struggling to understand how to contain silent spread of coronavirus before it's too late - 15:01

Silent spread of virus keeps scientists grasping for clues - 12:00

Here's why COVID-19 cases have tripled in B.C. but officials aren't panicking - 08:22

Military intelligence unit briefed Sajjan on COVID-19 risk on January 17: documents - 08:22

Pandemic creating potential for drug shortages that Canada isn't equipped to deal with - 03:01

Do religious face coverings count as masks? Your COVID-19 questions answered - 03:01

What's behind the latest rise in coronavirus cases in Quebec? - 03:01

Tuesday th 21st of July 2020

Calgary will make masks mandatory in indoor public spaces as of Aug. 1 - 20:31

1,193 cases and counting: Rising COVID-19 numbers 'very concerning,' Alberta premier says - 19:40

Pandemic will get 'worse before it gets better,' Trump warns - 19:01

Air Canada employee shocked to be laid off after 32 years because he is legally blind - 15:20

Homeless people in tents fight Toronto parks bylaw amid COVID-19 pandemic - 15:20

Man in P.E.I. jailed for allegedly failing to self-isolate after COVID-19 diagnosis - 15:20

Ontario autism services waitlist grew to 27,600 children in 2019-2020: FAO - 14:51

AMA holding 'confidence vote' on Shandro as doctors' battle with health minister escalates - 14:51

Virus antibodies fade fast, but not necessarily protection - 14:10

B.C. premier asks Trudeau to decriminalize drug possession as overdose deaths spike  - 10:39

Ontario reports 203 new COVID-19 cases, most in 3 weeks - 10:39