CBC: Health

Wednesday th 19th of August 2020

Nova Scotia woman goes to court to stop husband from medically-assisted death - 06:20

Tuesday th 18th of August 2020

Ministers and public health officials provide COVID-19 update - 09:01

Why experts worry about students returning to university residences amid COVID-19 - 07:30

Biotech coalition hopes llama nanobodies hold the key to a COVID-19 treatment - 06:40

B.C. hits highest ever count for active COVID-19 cases after confirming 236 new infections - 06:40

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Tuesday - 06:40

Monday th 17th of August 2020

Half-brother of accused in Red Deer doctor's killing points to history of mental illness in family - 11:20

N.W.T. embarks on 2-year project to reduce wait times, improve options for mental health services - 11:20

Pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for working mothers - 08:31

N.B. doctor accused in COVID-19 outbreak to face charge under Emergency Measures Act - 08:30

Supply teachers say bouncing between schools amid COVID-19 pandemic could put staff, students at risk - 08:00

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Monday - 06:30

Sunday th 16th of August 2020

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Sunday - 13:30

'Neglected' school ventilation systems worry parents, experts during COVID-19 pandemic - 03:01

Saturday th 15th of August 2020

Seth Rogen tells B.C.'s young people to 'smoke weed and watch movies' instead of partying - 17:10

Seth Rogen tells B.C.'s young people to 'smoke weed and watch movies' instead of partying during pandemic - 15:40

Number of people in Canada who became ill from salmonella linked to onions rises: health agency - 15:40

Ventilator supply starts to increase as chief public health officer warns of possible surge of COVID-19 - 12:00

India striving for large-scale production of vaccine as cases hit 2.5 million - 08:10

Can kids still see their grandparents? That and other back-to-school COVID-19 questions answered - 03:10

How do you detect the young silent spreaders of coronavirus as Canadian schools reopen? - 03:10

Friday th 14th of August 2020

'Minor' problems still lingering in some Ontario long-term care homes, military says - 21:30

Police chiefs embrace health-led response to dealing with people in mental crisis - 21:30

B.C. records more than 70 new daily COVID-19 cases 3 days in a row for 1st time since the pandemic began - 21:30

Ryan Reynolds helps B.C. premier out, pleads with province's young people to stop partying during pandemic - 17:40

Health officials warn of potential 'fall peak' in COVID-19 cases in Canada - 11:40

550 people possibly exposed to COVID-19 at strip club, City of Toronto warns - 11:10

Health officials to provide projections for COVID-19 in Canada - 10:10

Some asylum seekers who cared for patients in pandemic to get permanent residency - 09:40

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Friday - 08:20

Ottawa slow to respond to PPE shortages flagged in February: documents - 08:20

Thursday th 13th of August 2020

'Back to school, but doing it in a safe way': 2 Sask. First Nations detail plans for fall - 22:50

B.C. could see 2nd wave of COVID-19 in September bigger than the first, provincial modelling shows - 20:00

Ontario education minister 'unlocks' $500M to improve distancing, ventilation for back-to-school - 16:30

Education minister to make announcement amid back-to-school plan criticism - 15:00

School starts in a month, but Canada's most populous province still doesn't know what that will look like - 09:00

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Thursday - 09:00

Details emerge of lawsuit over government's coronavirus response - 03:11

For those experiencing homelessness, lives already hanging by a thread 'snapped' by COVID-19, say advocates - 03:11

Wednesday th 12th of August 2020

Vaping injuries cause lingering problems for some youth, Canadian data suggests - 23:10

NDP asks auditor general to investigate procurement process for private surgical facilities - 14:30

Ottawa to provide additional $305M to Indigenous communities for COVID-19 support - 14:30

'I'm sick, I need a doctor,' man charged in murder of Red Deer doctor tells court - 14:30

Paramedics fired after Downtown Eastside patient forced to crawl - 12:10

What's behind the changes in Quebec's new back-to-school plan? - 12:10

Alberta Wheel Girls: Support group helps connect women in wheelchairs - 11:40

Race-based data must be collected to help fight COVID-19, advocates say - 11:40

Ontario sees 95 new COVID-19 cases as Windsor-Essex moves into Stage 3 of reopening - 10:40

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Wednesday - 07:11

School outbreaks of COVID-19 will happen. Doctors offer tips to keep them in check - 03:10