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Another Olympic contest -- weather forecasting

15 years ago from Physorg

Meteorologists may not always feel appreciated, but at the Beijing Olympics at least they will have their own contest.

Killer storms of the world

15 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Myanmar cyclone ranks among the deadliest Asian storms in modern times. Here are nine more of the deadliest storms since 1970, plus the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history.

Mercury levels: Lower, yet still hazardous

15 years ago from UPI

CHICAGO, May 8 (UPI) -- A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study shows mercury releases from products declined between 1990 and 2005, but remained at dangerous levels.

Scientists propose super-supercomputer

15 years ago from UPI

BERKELEY, Calif., May 8 (UPI) -- Three U.S. government scientists are proposing to improve climate change predictions by creating a kind of super-supercomputer.

Stressed seaweed might make cloudy skies

15 years ago from UPI

OBAN, Scotland, May 8 (UPI) -- British-led scientists say they've discovered the presence of large amounts of seaweed along coastal areas can influence the Earth's climate.

Echinoderms Wasted by Acid

15 years ago from Science NOW

Brittlestars pay a high price to keep from being dissolved by rising ocean acidity

Ponds Found To Take Up Carbon Like World's Oceans

15 years ago from Science Daily

Research led by Iowa State University limnologist John Downing finds that ponds around the globe could absorb as much carbon as the world's oceans.

Expert Predicts 'Monsoon Britain'

15 years ago from Science Daily

Prepare for more floods -- in ways we are not used to. That's the message from experts at Durham University who have studied rainfall and river flow patterns over 250...

EPA may decide not to limit the amount of a toxin in water supplies

15 years ago from LA Times - Science

An agency official tells a Senate committee that it's possible there will be no standard set for the amount of perchlorate allowed in drinking water. ...

Finding The Real Potential Of No-till Farming For Sequestering Carbon

15 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers investigated the potential of no-tillage agricultural soils for increasing the soil organic carbon pool. The results of the study revealed that no till farming impacts on soil carbon sequestration...

Airline carbon emissions on the rise

15 years ago from UPI

LONDON, May 6 (UPI) -- U.S. and European Union researchers say airline emissions of carbon dioxide are 20 percent higher than previously estimated.

"Green" Banana Farming Gains Industry Appeal

15 years ago from National Geographic

Pioneering measures developed at a Costa Rican agricultural school are helping growers across the world lessen the environmental impact of the popular fruit.

Balloons 'bombard' North Alabama landfill to collect data, improve tornado warnings

15 years ago from Physorg

Three hot-air balloons dropped asphalt shingles, lumber, sticks, leaves and pine needles onto the Morgan County Landfill near here on Sunday so scientists at The University of Alabama in Huntsville...

Agencies issue plan to run Columbia dams, preserve salmon

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The Bush administration Monday issued its final court-ordered plans for making Columbia Basin hydroelectric dams and irrigation projects safe for endangered salmon. The proposed changes in operations...

Toasted Bugs? Tropical Insects May Not Thrive in Warming World [News]

15 years ago from Scientific American

Global warming may prove worse for insects--and other cold-blooded critters--living in the steamy tropics than for their counterparts living closer to the frigid polar regions, according to a new study...

The Worst Natural Disasters Ever

15 years ago from Live Science

Cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Unpiloted planes sample California air

15 years ago from UPI

SAN DIEGO, May 6 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say they will use sophisticated unpiloted aircraft to assess Southern California's potential for climate change and sources of air pollution.

Sounding out Congo Red

15 years ago from Physorg

Brightly colored dyes such as the shimmering Congo Red commonly used in silk clothing manufacture are notoriously difficult to dispose of in an environmentally benign way.

Climate link with killer cyclones spurs fierce scientific debate

15 years ago from Physorg

Climate scientists have begun to debate whether global warming is producing more powerful storms, after Nargis smashed into Myanmar -- brutally changing gear from a Category One to a Category...

Opinion: Would you like yours filtered?

15 years ago from Science Alert

The federal government is looking at filtering content at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) level, but it doesn't work, according to Chris Abood.

Nunavut centres prepare for busy season of Arctic research

15 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

This year is set to become one of the busiest years for Arctic research, as more than 1,000 researchers plan to converge upon Canada's North for International Polar Year research.

Importance Of Retrofitting Existing Housing To Make It More Environmentally Friendly

15 years ago from Science Daily

It is a great shame that the most creative professional group in the building trade, the architects, rarely apply themselves to existing housing, researchers assert. A large proportion of the...

Farmland Dust Cloud From Ukraine Impact Air Quality As Far As Germany

15 years ago from Science Daily

Fallow agricultural land and steppe-formation processes are evidently capable of having a much greater effect on global air quality than was previously assumed. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers...

Sustainability will drive tourism

15 years ago from Science Alert

Global tourism will be shaped by changing consumer trends, technology and a focus on sustainability by 2020, according to new Australian research.

Cyclones help spread weeds

15 years ago from Science Alert

Strong winds and rough seas caused by cyclones can disperse weed seeds more than 40 times further than normal weather conditions, found the results of a new study.

Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft at Canada's Perimeter Institute

15 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Eminent scientist and Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft to present a Perimeter Institute Public Lecture.

Stinging jellyfish back at Italy's beaches

15 years ago from UPI

ROME, May 5 (UPI) -- Hordes of stinging jellyfish are back on Italian beaches this spring, and experts warned Monday it could be a sign of global warming.