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Livestock, Pets Left Behind As Chile Volcano Fears Loom

15 years ago from National Geographic

Tens of thousands of animals are trapped in an ash-covered region of southern Chile after their owners have been forced to flee the still-active volcano.

Feature: Is Western Australia heading for longer summers?

15 years ago from Science Alert

Researchers believe that warmer seas off Western Australia could result in longer summers and milder winters. Peter Terry investigates the quest to predict the future of water temperatures and seasonal...

Opinion: Make a stand for good science

15 years ago from Science Alert

Scientists must work harder at making the public aware of the stark difference between good science and denialist spin, believes Barry Brook.

Hungry fungus could unlock better biofuel production

15 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

A fungus responsible for the rapid deterioration of military clothing and canvas tents during the Second World War could significantly improve the production of biofuels, say U.S. scientists.

Beetle-ravaged forests prompt campground closures in Rockies

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Vacationers will have fewer places to pitch their tents this summer in Colorado and Wyoming, and they can place the blame on bugs. The U.S. Forest Service...

Opinion: The challenge of the 21st century - setting the real bottom line (part 2)

15 years ago from Science Alert

We have fallen into the trap of believing that economic growth forever is possible and necessary, according to David Suzuki.

Opinion: Algal farming - a new Agricultural Revolution?

15 years ago from Science Alert

Farming algae could provide a solution to the recent food riots and biofuel debates, says Damir Ibrisimovic.

Feature: China - the rise of the green city

15 years ago from Science Alert

China’s rapid urbanisation is cause for concern, but remarkable initiatives in cities such as Rizhao, Wuhan and Beijing are leading to a broader endorsement of sustainability principles, write Matthew Levinson...

Opinion: 'You shall not murder'

15 years ago from Science Alert

Each year in Alaska fur bearing animals are killed in a 'glorious hunt' by people like the Mighty Trapper, writes Walt Brasch.

Opinion: Much needed due diligence on climate change

15 years ago from Science Alert

An 'Archimedean' Royal Commission might help us focus on real problems rather than global warming, according to Don Aitkin.

Diatoms Discovered To Remove Phosphorus From Oceans

15 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have discovered a new way that phosphorus is naturally removed from the oceans -- its stored in diatoms. The discovery opens up a new realm of research into an...

Two Discoveries Add To Giant Earthworm Science In Northwest

15 years ago from Science Daily

Native, possibly giant, earthworm science in the Pacific Northwest is advancing with the discovery of two new specimens from opposite sides of the interior Columbia River basin. University of Idaho...

Golden Wheat 'Greens' Kenya's Drylands

15 years ago from Science Daily

Hot and barren, Kenya's dry lands have long been unfit for agriculture, at best merely a grazing area for wild animals and livestock. Today, the landscape is more picturesque and...

Ross McManus on handling his hay fever

15 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Ross McManus: I assumed it was just a cold and would pass. But I realised I had hay fever and began taking antihistamine tablets

Outrage at European moves to feed animal remains to chickens

15 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Practice, which was banned in Europe after the BSE crisis, would save farmers millions of pounds, say officials

Baltic sea ice cover hits an all-time low: meteorologists

15 years ago from Physorg

The extent of ice covering the Baltic sea this winter reached an all-time low, since measurements began more than a century ago, Swedish meteorologists said.

Amazon sues NY over Internet sales tax collection

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- is suing New York over a new law that requires out-of-state online companies to collect sales tax from shoppers in New York.

California may face long-term drought

15 years ago from UPI

SACRAMENTO, May 3 (UPI) -- California officials said the state could be forced to ration water after the driest spring in at least 150 years.

Beijing working to clear the air

15 years ago from UPI

BEIJING, May 2 (UPI) -- Chinese officials said anti-pollution efforts are helping clear the air in Beijing, with 86 days of fairly good air quality reported so far...

End to Peanut Allergies?

15 years ago from Science Blog

A food allergy expert is predicting an end to peanut allergy in five years' time. read more

New Tests Make Antibiotic Monitoring Easier

15 years ago from Science Daily

Detecting antibiotics in the environment could become easier to do, thanks to portable field kits developed and validated by a team of scientists. The team conducted studies showing that the...

News Bytes of the Week--Was the Red Baron Just Lucky? [News]

15 years ago from Scientific American

Was the Red Baron just lucky?Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron, was the most feared German flying ace of World War I. He racked up...

Climate troubles brewing for beer makers

15 years ago from News @ Nature

Rising temperatures are affecting European hop harvests.

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer

15 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The Arctic will remain on thinning ice, and climate warming is expected to begin affecting the Antarctic also, scientists said Friday. "The long-term prognosis is not very...

Temporary cooling trend may offset warming

15 years ago from UPI

NEW YORK, May 2 (UPI) -- German scientists said temporary climate variations may temporarily offset the long-term global warming trend.

Will Global Warming Take A Short Break? Improved Climate Predictions Suggest A Reduced Warming Trend During The Next 10 Years

15 years ago from Science Daily

To date climate change projections, as published in the last IPCC report, only considered changes in future atmospheric composition. This strategy is appropriate for long-term changes in climate such as...

Inner Earth filled with 'peanut butter'?

15 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Like the gooey center of a chocolate morsel harboring peanut butter and honey, inner Earth is far more nuanced than outward appearances would suggest.

Blobs Inside Earth Like Peanut Butter

15 years ago from Live Science

Core, mantle, crust, right? Sorry, not so simple.