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Trouble in paradise: Warming a greater danger to tropical species

15 years ago from Biology News Net

This leaf beetle, which lives in the cloud forest on the east slope of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, is from the family Chrysomelidae. Climate change could have a much...

Reno on edge after odd series of earthquakes

15 years ago from LA Times - Science

The 'Mogul sequence' is especially shallow and is growing over time, defying patterns and predictions. ...

Global Cooling?

15 years ago from Science Blog

The next decade is predicted to be a global cooling phase, with colder Atlantic Ocean temperatures counterbalancing the warming of recent years. read more

Observatory: The Beetle Factor in a Carbon Calculus

15 years ago from NY Times Science

Most forests are considered net sinks of carbon dioxide, meaning they store more carbon than they give up, but natural events can upset the equation.

Tasman Glacier is melting fast

15 years ago from Science Alert

New Zealand's Tasman Glacier is melting at an increasing rate and forming a new lake, which is speeding up the melting process further, according to researchers.

GIOVE-B launch - live video streaming

15 years ago from European Space Agency

GIOVE-B, the second Galileo satellite, is scheduled for launch at 00:16 CEST on Sunday, 27 April (22:16, 26 April UTC/GMT). Live streaming video coverage from the launch site and the...

Two Evils Compete: Global Warming vs. Ozone Hole

15 years ago from Live Science

Continuous sulfur injections would deplete polar ozone, delay ozone hole recovery.

New MIT study validates hurricane prediction

15 years ago from MIT Research

Hurricanes in some areas, including the North Atlantic, are likely to become more intense as a result of global warming even though the number of such storms worldwide may decline,...

PHOTOS: Giant Stingrays Found Near Thai City

15 years ago from National Geographic

After weeks of combing remote rivers for giant freshwater stingrays, biologist Zeb Hogan finally found one—near a busy city. Then the ray gave birth.

Narwhal More at Risk From Warming Than Polar Bear?

15 years ago from National Geographic

A limited range and specialist diet mean that the Arctic porpoise may be slightly more sensitive to habitat changes linked to global warming, a new report says.

1600 Eruption Led to Global Cooling, Social Unrest

15 years ago from National Geographic

The dethroning of a Russian king and a bad year for wine harvests in 1601 can be traced back to a massive volcanic eruption in southern Peru, researchers say.