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Fake heiress Anna Sorokin sued by disbarred former lawyer

1 hour ago from UPI

Anna Sorokin, whose life posing as a wealthy heiress inspired the popular Netflix miniseries "Inventing Anna," is facing a lawsuit from her former lawyer over claims the convicted con artist...

Conservationists tackle decline of Scottish coastal species

A £6.5m scheme to help prevent the extinction of priority species in Scotland has been launched.

Pope Francis to visit Mongolia later this year

7 hours ago from UPI

Pope Francis will visit the remote nation of Mongolia later this year, the Vatican confirmed in a statement Saturday.

On This Day, June 3: London Bridge attack kills 8

11 hours ago from UPI

On June 3, 2017, a van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and the drivers stabbed people at nearby bars and restaurants, killing eight victims.

Climate change is fuelling a spike in Lyme disease cases across Canada

17 hours ago from CBC: Health

Canadians need to be more vigilant against the rapid growth in the number of Lyme disease cases across the country, as climate change fuels an explosion of tick populations and...

150-year-old mystery of strange half-circles from Paleolithic site in France finally solved

1 day ago from Live Science

Hurling spear-thrower projectiles at pig and deer carcasses revealed that these loops may have been finger grips.

Michigan man wins his second big lottery prize in 10 years

1 day ago from UPI

A Michigan man won a lottery jackpot worth $25,000 a year for life less than 10 years after collecting a $250,000 lottery jackpot.

Watch: Mystery creature caught on camera in South Carolina waters

1 day ago from UPI

A visitor to a South Carolina bridge captured video of a mystery creature in the water that wildlife experts have yet to identify.

Arab leaders shifting to strategy of reconciliation, solving own problems

1 day ago from UPI

After years of wars, proxy conflicts, disputes and inaction, Arab leaders are moving to play a bigger role in solving their region's problems with a surprise wave of reconciliation, analysts...

Suspect in custody after 3 people killed in California stabbings, carjackings

1 day ago from UPI

A suspect was in custody Friday after three people were killed and three more injured in three stabbings and two carjackings in two California cities.

New grasshopper species from central Texas named in honor of two iconic musicians

1 day ago from Physorg

The central region of Texas is a known hotspot of biological wonders. For the last five years, Dr. JoVonn Hill, an Assistant Professor and Director of the Mississippi Entomological Museum...

Are fairy tales fair? AI helps find gender bias in children's storybooks

1 day ago from Physorg

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have more in common than their origins as classic fairy tale figures and, now, part of Disney's famous roster of characters. Their fairy tales...

Young researchers win grants to work in labs in North America

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

ASBMB travel awards support biomedical research projects and career development for trainees from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Spain to work in labs in North America

Fort Bragg officially re-named Fort Liberty

1 day ago from UPI

Fort Bragg in North Carolina is now officially known as Fort Liberty, after a "re-designation" ceremony Friday, part of the army's move to rebrand several of its facilities named after...

Researchers uncover reasons to rethink how mountains are built

1 day ago from Physorg

A study led by Colorado State University suggests that the answers to how and why mountains form are buried deeper than once thought.

Elephants once roamed Florida—and scientists just stumbled on a graveyard full of them

1 day ago from PopSci

The adult gomphothere skull (foreground, tusk capped in white plaster) was separated from the main body (background, covered in plaster) prior to its preservation. Kristen Grace/Florida Museum Today, elephants roam the savannas of...

Mystery of the desert: The lost cities of the Nigerien Sahara

1 day ago from Physorg

A long trek across the desert of northeastern Niger brings the visitor to one of the most astonishing and rewarding sights in the Sahel: fortified villages of salt and clay...

2,300-year-old Egyptian mummification workshops found at Saqqara

1 day ago from Live Science

Archaeologists in Egypt found ancient mummification workshops — one for humans and one for animals — at Saqqara.

Taiwan tribe despairs as drought shrinks bamboo crop

1 day ago from Physorg

Hacking at a bamboo plant with a machete, Avayi Vayayana peels back the shoot's stiff bark as he scans southern Taiwan's mountains, anxious for more of the money-making crop his...

Newly discovered stone tools drag dawn of Greek archaeology back by a quarter-million years

1 day ago from Physorg

Deep in an open coal mine in southern Greece, researchers have discovered the antiquities-rich country's oldest archaeological site, which dates to 700,000 years ago and is associated with modern humans'...

Woman walking on California beach finds ancient mastodon tooth

1 day ago from Physorg

A woman taking a Memorial Day weekend stroll on a California beach found something unusual sticking out of the sand: a tooth from an ancient mastodon.

Restoration lags for Syria's famed Roman ruins at Palmyra and other war-battered historic sites

1 day ago from Physorg

At the height of the Islamic State group's rampage across Syria, the world watched in horror as the militants blew up an iconic arch and temple in the country's famed...

On This Day, June 2: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II crowned

1 day ago from UPI

On June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in London's Westminster Abbey by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Oath Keeper who guarded Roger Stone sentenced for role in Jan. 6 riot

2 days ago from UPI

A member of the extremist Oath Keepers militia who guarded Roger Stone, a friend of former President Donald Trump, before the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021,...

Ancient mastodon tooth washes ashore near Santa Cruz, is almost lost to unwitting jogger

2 days ago from LA Times - Science

After a Santa Cruz paleontologist was alerted of the find, he raced to the beach only to find the tooth gone. Days later, a jogger turned it in after seeing...

Researchers show mobile elements monkeying around the genome

2 days ago from Physorg

Baboons (Papio) are found across the continent of Africa, from the west to the east and all the way south. They have doglike noses, impressive teeth and thick fur that...

Ancient Egyptian queen's bracelets contain 1st evidence of long-distance trade between Egypt and Greece

2 days ago from Live Science

The silver used to make an ancient Egyptian queen's bracelets came from Greece, a new analysis finds, offering insight into the Old Kingdom's trade networks.

Archaeologists discover 4,300-year-old copper ingots in Oman

2 days ago from Physorg

A tip from the local population had led the archaeologists from Frankfurt to the area near the city of Ibra in Oman, where they found several settlements. Irini Biezeveld and...