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The First Two Botanists Who Surveyed, and Survived, the Colorado River

4 weeks ago from Scientific American

In an interview with Scientific American, author Melissa Sevigny discusses her book Brave the Wild River: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon

Luke Combs adds four shows to world tour

4 weeks ago from UPI

Luke Combs announced a series of second shows for his world tour that began in March.

Divers fish deadly 'ghost nets' from Santorini's depths

4 weeks ago from Physorg

Off the spectacular Greek tourist island of Santorini, divers drag deadly "ghost nets" from the depths of the Aegean Sea which have claimed the lives of thousands of fish.

Team creates low-cost, 3D-printed water pollution sensor

4 weeks ago from Physorg

A new form of low-cost, 3D-printed water pollution sensor could make a splash in the world of environmental monitoring, its developers say.

Watch: 'Fatal Seduction' teaser introduces South African series at Netflix

4 weeks ago from UPI

"Fatal Seduction," a new thriller series starring Kgomotso Christopher and Thapelo Mokoena, is coming to Netflix.

Scientists advocate for the inclusion of soil microbiomes in the One Health holistic approach

4 weeks ago from Physorg

The One Health approach considers a close link between the health of all living organisms and aims to bring them into a sustainable balance. However, the smallest organisms living in...

Photocatalytic Concrete for Clean Air in Underground Tunnels

4 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

Researchers at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) have developed photocatalytic concrete that can effectively remove fine particulate matter on roads.

'Cruel Summer' cast explores drastic Season 2 changes

4 weeks ago from UPI

Sadie Stanley, Lexi Underwood and Griffin Gluck discuss their new characters in "Cruel Summer" Season 2, premiering Monday on Freeform.

Saudi Arabia slashes oil production as OPEC+ stays pat

4 weeks ago from UPI

Saudi Arabia announced that it will be cutting oil production by a million barrels a day as a group of oil-producing countries agreed to maintain their current reduced production levels...

Unresponsive plane that flew over D.C. prompting F-16s to be scrambled crashes in Virginia

4 weeks ago from UPI

An aircraft that prompted U.S. fighter jets to be scrambled as it flew unresponsive over Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia has crashed, officials said.

15 killed, 8 missing after heavy rains cause widespread flooding in Haiti

4 weeks ago from UPI

At least 15 people were killed and eight others remain missing after heavy rains caused mass flooding and landslides over the weekend, authorities said.

Hundreds of thousands join protest against Poland’s conservative Law and Justice Party

4 weeks ago from UPI

Opposition party leaders are heading one of Poland's largest protests in Warsaw on Sunday, marching against the conservative Law and Justice party.

Hong Kong police detain artists and activists on Tiananmen Square massacre 34th anniversary

4 weeks ago from UPI

Hong Kong police have arrested or detained more than a dozen protesters at the park that once hosted annual memorial ceremonies for the Tiananmen Square crackdown anniversary.

Oil tanker breaks down in Suez Canal, briefly delaying traffic through critical waterway

4 weeks ago from UPI

A tanker ship transporting crude oil from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea broke down in the Suez Canal, briefly delaying traffic through the critical waterway on Sunday.

Suspect arrested after alleged ‘ambush’ killing of West Virginia officer

4 weeks ago from UPI

Timmothy Kennedy, 29, is accused of killing Sgt. Cory Maynard in an "ambush" style killing on Friday afternoon.

River Plate ends soccer match after fan falls to his death in Argentina

4 weeks ago from UPI

A fan of the Argentinian soccer club River Plate fell from the stands to his death Saturday during a match against Defensa y Justicia at the club's Estadio Monumental in...

Solar panels - an eco-disaster waiting to happen?

A French factory is pioneering recycling of solar units as experts warn of a waste mountain by 2050.

Massive New Jersey wildfire completely contained, officials say

4 weeks ago from UPI

New Jersey said Saturday that a massive wildfire that has been burning since Wednesday is now completely contained.

UN aims to deliver draft plastics treaty by year's end

4 weeks ago from Physorg

The world should see the first draft of a highly anticipated and much needed international treaty to combat plastic pollution by the end of November, 175 nations gathered in Paris...

Rain gives firefighters in Atlantic Canada chance to gain ground on wildfires

4 weeks ago from UPI

Crews in Atlantic Canada are using a brief period of rain on Saturday to gain ground on massive wildfires in Nova Scotia that have caused a widespread and extensive damage.

Indian train disaster death toll rises to 288 as rescuers continue search

4 weeks ago from UPI

The death toll from Friday's train accident in India's Odisha state rose to 288 on Saturday as rescuers looking for survivors used cranes and bulldozers in an attempt to raise mangled...

Does the giant blob of seaweed headed to Florida really contain 'flesh-eating' bacteria?

4 weeks ago from Live Science

A gargantuan seaweed blob on its way to Florida beaches is filled with plastic and some potentially harmful bacteria, but no "flesh-eating" microbes, as some news reports have suggested.

Underwater forest's recovery offers hope for marine restoration across the globe

4 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

Human activity has degraded ecosystems and damaged biodiversity around the world, but ecosystem restoration offers hope for the future.

Connecticut building collapse injures 8, forces rescue operations

4 weeks ago from UPI

A building in New Haven, Conn., collapsed partially Friday, injuring eight people.

Marvel's new 'Micronauts' comic collection dives into inner space

4 weeks ago from

Marvel Comics will release their massive new "Micronauts" comics omnibus edition this fall

Little threat expected from Arlene, first named storm of 2023 hurricane season

4 weeks ago from UPI

The hurricane centers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday Tropical Storm Arlene formed from a depression about 265 miles west of Ft. Myers, Florida.

Padma Lakshmi to depart 'Top Chef' after 17 years

4 weeks ago from UPI

After a 17-year-run, Padma Lakshmi of "Top Chef" says she's leaving the show for other ventures.

Look: 'This Fool' releases Season 2 pics, release date

4 weeks ago from UPI

Hulu released pictures and announced the release date for Season 2 of "This Fool."