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No luck in search for new reserves near Troll oil and gas field in North Sea

8 weeks ago from UPI

Norwegian energy company Equinor came up empty handed in its search for new reserves in an untested area near the Troll oil and gas field in the North Sea, the...

Watch: 'Oppenheimer' featurette: Christopher Nolan says IMAX 'fully immerses' viewers in the story

8 weeks ago from UPI

Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" will be out in theaters on July 22.

Look: Chihuahua chases rabbit into storm drain, becomes trapped

8 weeks ago from UPI

Animal services officers in Colorado came to the rescue of a chihuahua that chased a rabbit into a storm drain and became stuck.

Recycling: what you can and can't recycle and why it's so confusing

8 weeks ago from Physorg

When it comes to recycling are you a wishcycler? No, I didn't know what this term meant until recently either—apparently it's when people try to recycle items that should be...

First soil map of terrestrial and blue carbon highlights need for conservation

8 weeks ago from Physorg

New Curtin University research has identified the most carbon-rich soils in Australia are in areas that are most threatened by human activities and climate change, including Eucalypt and mangrove forests,...

The Expanse: A Telltale Series preview — Trust your gut before your head gets in the way

8 weeks ago from

Telltale Games is reviving The Expanse with a prequel game series, and we’ve played the first episode.

Quantifying mangroves' value as a climate solution and economic engine

8 weeks ago from Physorg

A small Central American country is charting a path to slowing climate change, while boosting the economy and making communities safer. A new Stanford-led study quantifies the value of Belize's...

What to watch: 10 TV shows premiering in June

8 weeks ago from UPI

June marks the official start of summer -- and summer movie and TV series premieres. Here are 10 highly anticipated shows coming out this month.

Coast Guard suspends search for man who fell overboard on Carnival cruise

8 weeks ago from UPI

The Coast Guard said on Wednesday it has suspended its search for a man who fell off the Carnival Magic cruise ship about 186 miles east of Jacksonville in the...

Droughts increasingly reduce carbon dioxide uptake in the tropics, finds study

8 weeks ago from Physorg

Plants take in CO2 to grow. They extract it from the atmosphere and use it to build organic compounds by means of photosynthesis and water. Terrestrial ecosystems have absorbed an...

Japan reports warmest spring on record

8 weeks ago from Physorg

Japan experienced its warmest spring on record this year, the national weather agency said Thursday, as greenhouse gasses and El Nino send temperatures soaring worldwide.

New study explains interaction between quantized vortices and normal fluids

8 weeks ago from Physorg

Osaka Metropolitan University scientists investigated numerically the interaction between a quantized vortex and a normal fluid. Based on the experimental results, researchers decided the most consistent of several theoretical models....

PG&E to contribute $45M in Zogg Fire settlement with Shasta County

8 weeks ago from UPI

West Coast utility giant PG&E announced on Wednesday that it reached a settlement with the Shasta County, Calif., attorney general's office concerning the deadly 2020 Zogg Fire.

Daniel Radcliffe's 'Miracle Workers' to return to TBS July 10

8 weeks ago from UPI

TBS has announced its Daniel Radcliffe-Steve Buscemi anthology comedy series "Miracle Workers: End Times" is set to premiere on July 10.

Ban Ki-moon: U.S., China need to work together to solve 'unprecedented' global problems

8 weeks ago from UPI

The United States and China need to find ways to work together to solve the "unprecedented" challenges the world faces, former U.N. head Ban Ki-Moon said Thursday, while suggesting that...

NOAA predicts a ‘near-normal’ Atlantic hurricane season for 2023

8 weeks ago from PopSci

A satellite view of Hurricane Florence in 2018. Atlantic hurricane seasons runs from June 1 to November 30. Deposit Photos Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1—and a disturbance in the Gulf...

New Hurricane Forecasts Could Predict Terrifying Explosive Intensification

8 weeks ago from Scientific American

Hurricane forecasters are debuting a new model they hope will better predict when some storms will suddenly and explosively intensify

NASA UFO panel says stigma, lack of data are problems when studying 'unidentified aerial phenomena'

8 weeks ago from CBC: Technology & Science

The first public meeting of a NASA panel studying what the government calls "unidentified aerial phenomena," commonly known as UFOs, kicked off on Wednesday to discuss its findings since it...

If a forest has a variety of tree species, is it better at fighting climate change? A U of A study says yes

8 weeks ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Tree diversity is declining in forests around the world, but advocates are urging better management practices in the wake of new research that shows diverse species can increase a forest's...

The world must respond to the failure of plastic recycling

8 weeks ago from UPI

Recycling was once considered the obvious solution to the excessive amount of new (or virgin) plastic produced each year. This is no longer realistic.

Accelerating the Green Transition

8 weeks ago from European Space Agency

Earth observation has been essential in identifying and monitoring climate change. Satellite data form the baseline for effective European mitigation and adaptation strategies to support the Green Transition, the European...

Petit-spot volcanoes involve deepest known submarine hydrothermal activity, may release methane

8 weeks ago from Physorg

Underwater volcanoes on the Earth's crust are active contributors of many different elements to the oceanic environment. Hence, they play an important role in biogeochemical and chemosynthetic cycles of the...

It's time to prepare for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season

8 weeks ago from Physorg

It's time for residents along the southeastern U.S. coastlines to make sure their storm plans are in place as the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season gets underway on Thursday.

WMO: tracking the world's weather and climate

8 weeks ago from Physorg

The World Meteorological Organization, which chooses its next leader on Thursday, is today at the forefront in monitoring climate change.

Biodegradable plastic from sugar cane also threatens the environment, finds new research

8 weeks ago from Physorg

Traditional plastic, based on fossil oil, has flooded the Earth and there is microplastic in all living things. This has led to intensive research for alternatives that decompose faster in...

Warming climate could turn ocean plankton microbes into carbon emitters

8 weeks ago from Physorg

New research finds that a warming climate could flip globally abundant microbial communities from carbon sinks to carbon emitters, potentially triggering climate change tipping points. The findings are published in...

This fake beach is a magnet for tourists—and peaceful endangered sharks

8 weeks ago from PopSci

Angelsharks are masters of disguise, so spotting them is a challenge. Photo by Mike Sealey This article was originally featured on Hakai Magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems. Read more...

Timothy Olyphant returns as Raylan Givens in 'Justified: City Primeval' trailer

8 weeks ago from UPI

FX released the first full-length trailer for "Justified: City Primeval" starring Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens on Wednesday.