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Monday th 4th of August 2008

America Still on Top of R&D Despite "Healthy Competition" - 10:21

University Collaboration Has Big Payoffs in Global Marketplace, Expert Says - 10:21

Sunday th 3rd of August 2008

Saving Our Bees: Ecologists Assess the Impact of People on Pollinators - 23:28

Thursday th 31st of July 2008

Researchers Show How Advances in High-resolution Modeling Will Help Improve Storm Surge Forecasts - 16:21

Cancer Research Institute Names Sixteen New Postdoctoral Fellows - 15:35

Researchers Analyze Material with 'Colossal Ionic Conductivity' - 15:35

Lack of a Comprehensive Global Energy Security Roadmap Putting the U.S. at Risk - 14:28

Contract Supports Development of UAV Test Procedures - 14:28

Keeping Hands Where You Can See 'Em Alters Perception - 14:28

Ivory Poaching at Critical Levels: Elephants on Path to Extinction by 2020? - 12:35

Exercise in a Pill - 11:28

Flies Depend on Sense of Smell to Survive Lean Times - 11:28

Magnet Lab Researchers License Critical Petroleum Data - 10:21

Soy Compounds Affect Brain, Reproductive Development - 08:28

Like Eavesdropping at a Party: Scientists Discover How a Tiny Protein Senses All the Communications in a Cell - 07:21

Wednesday th 30th of July 2008

Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research Names New President - 16:21

California Quake Should Serve as Reminder - 14:28

Physics Professor Uses Technology to Increase Students' Knowledge - 14:28

New Insights on the Evolution of Snake Fangs - 12:35

Students Have A Unique Way To Lower Energy Costs - 12:35

Researchers Employ New Tool to Assess Potential for Ecosystem Damage - 12:35

Researchers Race to Make Desalination Eco-Friendly While There's Still Time - 12:35

Replacing Roofing, Siding, an Opportunity to Lower Energy Bills - 12:35

Olfactory Fine-Tuning Helps Fruit Flies Find Mates - 11:28

Expert Can Can Discuss Disasters Involving Earthquakes and Levee Breaks - 11:28

Researchers Discover New DNA Binding Activity of E. coli Protein - 09:35

Geophysics and Earthquakes Expert Available for Comment - 08:28

Experts Available to Discuss Earthquakes, Disaster Preparedness - 08:28

Tuesday th 29th of July 2008

New Book Explores Rare Wildflowers - 23:21

New Research Challenges Notion That Dinosaur Soft Tissues Still Survive - 19:35

Californians Should Expect Aftershocks, Expert Says - 17:21

Earthquake and Natural Disaster Tip Sheet - 17:21

Summer Heat Too Hot for You? What Is Comfortable? - 16:35

Polluted Gowanus Canal May Be Source of New Antibiotics - 16:35

Searching for Shut Eye: Study Identifies Possible Sleep Gene - 16:35

SDSC Urges Academia to Make Cyberinfrastructure "Real" - 12:28

'Chicken and Chips' Theory of Pacific Migration - 08:21

Obesity Predisposition Traced to the Brain's Reward System - 08:21

Barred Spiral Galaxies are Latecomers to the Universe - 08:21

Newly Discovered Proteins in Seminal Fluid May Affect Reproductive Success - 00:28

Monday th 28th of July 2008

Being a Control Freak Aids Dividing Cells - 16:35

Researchers Worldwide Use CT Technology to Virtually Reconstruct Skull of a Large Extinct Lemur - 16:35

Environmental Journalists' Event Offers Professional Development - 15:28

Scientists Discover New Class of Glassy Material - 15:28

Statins May Protect Against Memory Loss - 15:28

No-Tillage Plus: Cover Crops Offer a Model for Sustainability in Tropical Soils - 14:21

Soil's Carbon Storage Capacity Investigated - 14:21

Revolutionary Green Technology Bus Has DOE Roots - 14:21

Green Roofs Differ in Building Cooling, Water Handling Capabilities - 11:21

Newly Discovered Monkey Is Threatened with Extinction - 11:21