Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 3rd of July 2008

'Mind's Eye' Influences Visual Perception - 14:21

Instrument Shows What Planet Mercury Is Made Of - 13:35

Ice Creamier: 'Edible Antifreeze' Puts the Smooth in Smoothie - 11:21

"Immune Buildings" Designed to Combat Chemical Warfare and Diseases - 11:21

What Gets People Hooked on Healthy Food Messages? - 08:21

"Will Everyone Who Had a Good Time Please Raise Your Hands?" Materials Make STEM Fun for High School Teachers - 07:35

Wednesday th 2nd of July 2008

New Antibiotic Beats Superbugs at Their Own Game - 21:28

Novel Sources of Dietary Fiber - 13:35

Worms Do Calculus to Find Meals Or Avoid Unpleasantness - 12:28

Synthetic Molecules Emulate Enzyme Behavior For the First Time - 11:21

Scripps Climate Researcher Awarded Major Environmental Prize - 08:21

Sandia Wins Three R&D 100 Awards - 08:21

Listeria Control in Consumer Protein Products - 08:21

Fortified Military Foods: Probiotics Aim to Promote a Healthy Gut - 08:21

Milwaukee Conference to Cover Extending Quenchant Life and Improving Heat Treat Quality - 07:35

Tuesday th 1st of July 2008

Nanotubes Could Aid Understanding of Retrovirus Transmission Between Human Cells - 23:21

EERC Celebrates Record Financials for Fifth Consecutive Year: Contract Awards More than Double in 5 Years - 16:35

Researchers Find Administration Center for Early Egyptian City - 13:35

High Hormone Levels in Seabird Chicks Prepare Them to Kill Their Siblings - 13:35

Mushrooms the Hidden Superfood - 11:21

Consumers' Refrigerators: a Danger Zone - 11:21

Solution to High Energy Costs Could Lie Underground - 11:21

Research Casts New Light on History of North America - 10:29

Pesticides Persist in Ground Water - 10:29

Where Is Your Soil Water? Crop Yield Has the Answer - 10:29

Goats Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing for Pastures - 10:29

Hubble Sees Stars and a Stripe in Celestial Fireworks - 08:35

Spiritual Effects of Hallucinogens Persist - 00:21

Post-exercise Caffeine Helps Muscles Refuel - 00:21

Monday th 30th of June 2008

Penguins Setting Off Sirens Over Health of World's Oceans - 23:35

New Map IDs the Core of the Human Brain - 19:28

Nutrition Intervention as the Fountain of Youth - 18:21

Carbon Hoofprint: Cows Supplemented with rbST Reduce Agriculture's Environmental Impact - 16:28

Researchers Link Early Stem Cell Mutation to Autism - 16:28

Popularity of Ethnic Foods: a Cause for Concern? - 15:21

Dividing Cells Find Their Middle by Following Protein Contour Map - 15:21

Nitrogen: Nutrient of Life - 14:35

Statistical Relationships Simplified - 14:35

Is There a Definition for Natural Foods? - 14:35

RAISE Project Catalogues More than 1,000 Awards in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine - 13:28

Dispatches from Mars: Interpreting the News from the Red Planet - 12:21

New Technology May Help Olympic Sailing: Doppler Lidar More Accurately Shows Which Way the Wind Blows - 11:35

Acoustics World Wide Press Room Now Open: Scores of Lay Language Papers Available Online - 11:35

Fortified Cassava Could Provide A Day's Nutrition in A Single Meal - 09:21

Researchers Reprogram Adult Stem Cells in Their Natural Environment - 08:35

Nanotechnology Used as a Weapon to Fight Cancer - 08:35

Scientists to Develop Morphing "Chemical Robots" - 08:35

Friday th 27th of June 2008

Growth Hormone's Link to Starvation May be Clue to Increasing Life Span - 16:28

Acoustics '08 Paris Press Conferences -- June 30 - July 4 in Paris, France - 15:21

Students Prep $400,000 Solar Car for Cross-continental Race - 13:28