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Friday th 27th of June 2008

Finding Protein Biomarkers of Cancer Risk in Patients with Benign Breast Disease - 11:35

Thursday th 26th of June 2008

Global Warming Causing Significant Shift in Composition of Coastal Fish Communities - 23:35

In 'Novel Playground,' Metals Are Formed Into Porous Nanostructures - 17:21

Airless Tire Project May Prove a Lifesaver in Military Combat - 17:21

On the Boil: New Nano Technique Significantly Boosts Boiling Efficiency - 14:21

Team Designs Customized "Wimpy" Polioviruses -- A New Path to Vaccines? - 13:35

ICSI Scientist Richard Karp Wins Prestigious Kyoto Prize - 12:28

Algae from the Ocean May Offer a Sustainable Energy Source of the Future - 11:21

Oak Ridge Pegged for National Ecological Network - 11:21

Unique Pheromone Detection System Uncovered by Researchers - 11:21

OP-ED: K-State's Focus On Safe And Secure Food Is Long-Standing - 11:21

Dr. E. Daniel Hirleman to Receive 2008 George Brown Award - 09:28

Obituary Notice: Climate Forecast Innovator John Roads - 08:21

Study Examines Sensation Seeking Behavior, Addiction and Smoking Cessation - 07:35

Wednesday th 25th of June 2008

Researchers Test Canine Tooth Strength for Clues to Behavior of Early Human Ancestors - 23:21

Killer Whales, Blind Bats, Discriminating Dolphins, Mating Birds - 16:35

Standards Set for Energy-Conserving LED Lighting - 16:35

Oxygen Ions for Fuel Cells Get Loose at Low(er) Temperatures - 16:35

ORNL Demonstrates Super-sensitive Explosives Detector - 16:35

Avalanche Photodiodes Target Bioterrorism Agents - 16:35

Grad Students Set to Meet Nobel Laureates - 16:35

Geologists Discover Signs of Volcanoes Blowing their Tops in the Deep Ocean - 12:28

Solar Reactor Heads to Europe for Testing - 10:35

Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions Debuts with Focus on Drinking Water - 10:35

Looming Tropical Disaster Needs Urgent Action - 08:21

Two Academic Collaborators Join SAEC to Help Further Drug Induced Liver Injury Research Effort - 08:21

Tuesday th 24th of June 2008

Climate Modeling Shows California's Native Plant Species in Peril from Global Warming - 19:35

Nerve Cells Derived from Stem Cells May Lead to Brain Treatment - 16:35

Washington Congressman Calls for Return to American "Science Diplomacy" in the Middle East - 15:28

Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Provides New Capability to Study Nanoscale Materials - 13:35

Scientists Identify New Role for 'Power Plants' in Human Cells - 11:21

Studies of Cell Traits Nets Big Award for Researcher - 11:21

Engineering Students' Airplane Research Is Crystal Clear - 08:14

Monday th 23rd of June 2008

To Find Out What's Eating Bats, Biologist Takes to Barn Rooftops - 18:20

Database Shows Effects of Acid Rain on Microorganisms in Adirondack Lakes - 18:20

New Process Brings Nanoparticles Into Focus - 18:20

Gene Silencer and Quantum Dots Reduce Protein Production to a Whisper - 18:20

"No Simple Answer" to Role of Science in U.S.-Middle East Relations, Expert Says - 18:20

U.S., Arab Journalists Have Much to Learn From Each Other - 18:20

Celestial Clues Hint at Eclipse in Homer's Odyssey - 18:20

Machinima's Movie Moguls - 18:20

Three Engineers, Hundreds of Robots, One Warehouse - 18:20

Physicists Recognized for Research Accomplishments - 12:14

Star of Arkansas Makes Prestigious List of World's Fastest Supercomputers - 12:14

Students Join Science Team to Chase and Capture Tornado Data - 11:28

Automated Microchip Reduces Genetic Screening Time - 09:14

Project to Advance Radar, Communications Systems - 08:28

Professor Awarded $5.6 Million NIH Grant to Develop Therapeutics Against Deadly Viruses - 08:28

Saturday th 21st of June 2008

Chronic Grief Activates Pleasure Areas of the Brain - 19:14

Friday th 20th of June 2008

When It Comes to Female Red Squirrels, It Seems Any Male Will Do - 11:21