Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 29th of May 2008

New Report Explores Different Production Methods for Rice Fortification in Developing Nations - 17:35

Northeastern Awards the 2008 Roger H. Grace Fellowship in Nanomanufacturing - 15:21

Esearchers Developing New Technologies to Store, Recycle Nuclear Waste - 14:35

UChicago Argonne, LLC bids for Rare Isotope Facility - 14:35

How to Make Microwaves on a Chip to Replace X-rays for Medical Imaging and Security - 14:35

NIH Awards $20 Million CTSA Grant to Scripps Translational Science Institute - 13:28

Scientists Reveal Invasion Strategy of World's Largest Virus - 11:21

Scientists Identify Genetic Cause for a Type of Childhood Epilepsy - 11:21

Two for One: NIST Design Enables More Cost-Effective Quantum Key Distribution - 08:21

A Molecular 'Salve' to Sooth Surface Stresses - 08:21

University Helps NASA Study Cosmic Explosions - 08:21

Fruits, Vegetables and Teas May Protect Smokers from Lung Cancer - 08:21

The First "Molecular Snapshot" of a Virulence Factor on Bacterial Surface - 08:21

Five US Students Selected to International Physics Competition - 08:21

Scientist Awarded NIAID Grant to Further Study of Preventive HIV Vaccine - 08:21

Fish Scales From Norway Show Ocean Fate of Atlantic Salmon - 04:35

Wednesday th 28th of May 2008

Fireflies' Glow Helps Researchers Track Cancer Drug's Effectiveness - 23:21

Students' Device Allows ICU Patients to Get Back on Their Feet - 23:21

Statement of Kathy Hudson, Director, Genetics and Public Policy Center, Regarding Resignation of NHGRI's Francis Collins - 16:35

"Barren" Seafloor Teeming with Microbial Life - 15:28

CSI: Milky Way Team Works Scene of Dead Star - 15:28

Last Call for Entries: ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award - 15:28

Powerful Superconductor in a Class All Its Own - 15:28

Homing in on Halifax - First Annual Ocean Tracking Network Conference - 15:28

Sullivan Wins NSF Career Award for Research on Therapeutic Drug Carriers - 12:28

Prof to Participate in G8 Summit in Japan - 12:28

New Insights Into Cellular Reprogramming Revealed by Genomic Analysis - 12:28

New Iron-based and Copper-Oxide High Temperature Superconductors Share Key Magnetic Properties - 12:28

Organic Corn: Increasing Rotation Complexity Increases Yields - 09:28

Oregon Physicists Don't Flip Spin but Find Possible Electron Switch - 08:21

Tuesday th 27th of May 2008

Robots Go Where Scientists Fear to Tread - 16:35

Green Highways: Environmentally Friendly Asphalts Target of New Research Program - 15:28

"Indiana Jones and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage" - 14:21

Team Receives Federal Grants to Create Fabrics to Render Toxic Chemicals Harmless - 14:21

Researchers Use Fungus to Improve Corn-to-ethanol Process - 13:35

Some Biofuels Might Do More Harm than Good to the Environment - 12:28

Diversity of Life at Tropics Related to Heat, Not Sunlight - 12:28

Particle Physics Receives Boost from $5 Million Gift - 11:21

Lead Authors Available To Discuss New U.S. Climate Report - 11:21

NYU Langone Medical Center Researcher Named as Howard Hughes Investigator - 11:21

Sipping Beauty: Tranquilitea, a Steeping Makeover from the Inside Out, Vies for National Title - 11:21

Monday th 26th of May 2008

Researcher Examines the Physics of Carbon Nanotubes - 23:35

Courtship Pattern Shaped by Emergence of a New Gene in Fruit Flies - 16:28

Sunday th 25th of May 2008

Wind Farm May be on the Way for Sandia, Kirtland Air Force Base - 23:28

Big Quakes Trigger Jolts Worldwide - 12:35

Scientists Image Single HIV Particle Being Born - 12:35

Friday th 23rd of May 2008

Glowing Films Developed by Chemists Reveal Traces of Explosives - 14:21

Origin of Cells for Connective Tissues of Skull & Face Challenged - 13:35

Researchers Aim to Mitigate Impact of Unintended Hydrogen Leaks by Examining 'Embrittlement' Issues - 11:21

Scientists Announce Top 10 New Species; Issue SOS - 10:35