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Thursday th 8th of May 2008

Get Your Motor Running: Rowan U, Virginia Tech Team with NJDOT, MVC on Motorcycle Safety Research - 15:21

Magnet Lab Researchers Make Observing Cell Functions Easier - 14:35

Science Diplomacy Initiative - US-Libya - 14:35

Technique Measures Ultrashort Laser Pulse at Focus - 14:35

New Evidence About Earliest Americans Supports Coastal Migration Theory - 13:28

Computer Game's High Score Could Earn the Nobel Prize in Medicine - 12:21

Grants Help Researchers Clean Up, Understand Iraq Nuclear Program - 11:35

Biologist Names 'Young' Spider - 11:35

NCAR Installs 76-Teraflop Supercomputer for Critical Research on Climate Change, Severe Weather - 11:35

Researchers Discover New Link to Schizophrenia - 11:35

Model Successfully Predicts Large River System Fish Diversity - 10:22

Newest GREET Model Updates Environmental Impacts of Latest Transportation Fuels, Vehicle Technologies - 10:21

Keeping Yields, Profits, and Water Quality High - 09:35

Genetics Confirm Oral Traditions of Druze in Israel - 08:28

Research May Improve Tornado Predictions - 07:21

Wednesday th 7th of May 2008

Undergrad Has Sweet Success With Invention of Artificial Golgi - 15:35

Global Climate Models Both Agree and Disagree With Antarctic Data - 13:21

Climate Models Overheat Antarctica - 13:21

Platypus Genome Explains Animal's Peculiar Features; Holds Clues to Evolution of Mammals - 12:35

Researchers Target Tumors with Tiny 'Nanoworms' - 08:28

Space Is Current Frontier for First Recipient of Ericsson Endowed Chair in Wireless Access Networks - 08:28

Powering Cars of the Future Fuels Students' Success - 08:28

Tuesday th 6th of May 2008

Killer Competition: Neurons Duke It Out for Survival - 16:21

Leading Scientist to be New Executive Director of Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics - 16:21

New Cell-Based Sensors Sniff Out Danger Like Bloodhounds - 15:36

Finding the Real Potential of No-Till Farming for Sequestering Carbon - 12:35

When Bears Steal Human Food, Mom's Not to Blame - 12:35

Life without TORC Is One Big Struggle - 11:28

Shpyrko receives APS organization's Young Investigator Award - 11:28

Unmanned Aircraft to Study Southern California Smog and its Consequences - 08:28

Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft at Canada's Perimeter Institute - 08:28

Anita Borg Institute Auctions Lunch Meeting with SDSC Director Fran Berman - 08:28

Monday th 5th of May 2008

Dinosaur Bones Reveal Ancient Bug Bites - 16:21

RFID Testbed Rapidly Assesses New Antenna Designs - 16:21

Trouble in Paradise: Warming a Greater Danger to Tropical Species - 16:21

There's a Hole in My -- and in the Data as Well! - 13:22

65-Million-Year-Old Asteroid Impact Triggered a Global Hail of Carbon Beads - 11:28

Record-etting Laser May Aid Searches for Earthlike Planets - 08:28

Apples, Apple Juice Shown to Prevent Early Atherosclerosis - 08:28

Sunday th 4th of May 2008

Earthwatch and HSBC Fight Climate Change--One 'Branch' at a Time - 23:28

Saturday th 3rd of May 2008

Rice Plants That Resist Uptake of Arsenic Could Ease Shortage - 04:21

Friday th 2nd of May 2008

Diatoms Discovered to Remove Phosphorus from Oceans - 14:28

Full Spectrum of Chemistry to be Served by State-of-the-Art Building - 10:21

Biologists Are from Mars, Chemists Are from Venus? - 08:28

Fate of Nanoparticles Depends on Water Carrying Them - 08:28

Thursday th 1st of May 2008

Managing Risk in an Increasingly Hazardous World - 15:35

Riccardo Giacconi to Receive National Inventors Hall of Fame's Lifetime Achievement Award - 14:28

Birdsongs Give Insights Into Learning New Behaviors - 13:21

Spiraling Nanotrees Offer New Twist on Growth of Nanowires - 13:21

Oxygen Depletion: A New Form of Ocean Habitat Loss - 13:21