Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 1st of May 2008

Fulbright Academy of Science & Technology Adds New Board Members - 11:28

Iowa State-ConocoPhillips Collaboration Advances 26 Research Projects in First Year - 11:28

Oceanography Research Pegs ID of Red Tide Killer - 11:28

The Sweet World of Soil Microbiology - 10:21

Officers Elected to Fill Scientific Society Boards - 10:21

Researcher Develops Model to Track E. coli in Charles River - 10:21

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2008 - 10:21

Supercomputer to Simulate Extreme Stellar Physics - 10:21

Geochemist Challenges Key Theory Regarding Earth's Formation - 09:35

Raymond Laflamme Receives Prestigious "Premier's Discovery Award" - 08:28

Appelbaum Wins DEPSCoR Grant for Spintronics Research - 08:28

Chemical Engineer Honored for Exexcellence in Catalysis - 08:28

Chemicals From Teflon, Scotchgard Found in Human Breast Milk - 04:21

Wednesday th 30th of April 2008

Early Humans from East Africa Were Equipped to Dine on Hard Foods but Preferred a Softer Fare - 19:28

Heat Transfer Between Materials Is Focus of New Research Grant - 16:42

Scientists Find Rings of Jupiter Are Shaped in Shadow - 15:35

Simulations May Explain Nanoparticles 'Pinned' to Graphene - 13:52

STScI and JHU Astronomer Adam Riess Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - 13:52

Compact Galaxies in Early Universe Pack a Big Punch - 13:52

UT Southwestern's Mangelsdorf Elected to National Academy of Sciences - 13:52

The American Bison Can Thrive Again - 13:52

Argonne's Crabtree Elected to National Academy of Sciences - 13:52

Atmospheric Scientist to Lead Climate Change Impacts Research for White House - 13:52

The Hunt for the Kill Switch - 13:52

Plugging Away in a Prius - 13:52

The New Economics of Semiconductor Manufacturing - 13:52

AFM Shows Liquids Alter Viscosity When Confined, Shaken - 13:52

Free Public Lecture at Scripps Explores an Evolutionary Experiment with Bacteria - 13:52

You Are What You Eat? Maybe Not for Ancient Man - 13:52

Findings Challenge Conventional Ideas on Evolution of Human Diet, Natural Selection - 13:52

Study of Bacteria Levels in Aircraft Shows Low Risk to Travelers - 13:52

2 Faculty Elected to National Academy of Sciences - 13:52

Less Geek More Citizen: Computer Scientists Push Social Relevance - 13:52

Researchers Grow Heart and Blood Cells from Reprogrammed Skin Cells - 13:52

Decoding the Dictionary: Study Suggests Lexicon Evolved To Fit in the Brain - 13:52

MicroCT of Skeleton Can ID Even the Subtlest Birth Defects - 13:52

Paleontologist to Appear on PBS 'First Flower' Documentary - 13:52

Study Links Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease - 13:52

Tiger Teams Reach Out with Solar - 13:52

NASA Tests HYTHIRM at Sandia's Solar Tower - 13:52

Scientists Discover New Ocean Current - 13:52