Newswise - Scinews

Thursday th 12th of June 2008

Pfizer's Work on Penicillin for World War II Becomes a National Historic Chemical Landmark - 12:35

Highlights of Upcoming Acoustics Meeting -- June 30 to July 4 in Paris, France - 11:28

Field Project Seeks Clues to Climate Change in Remote Atmospheric Region - 11:28

Students Explore the Physics of Fizz - 08:35

Guidelines for Translating Stem Cell Therapies from the Lab to the Bedside - 08:35

Wednesday th 11th of June 2008

Microwave Synthesis Connects with the (Quantum) Dots - 16:28

Rising Costs Renew Interest in Fuel-Saving Techniques - 16:07

Chemists Get Scoop on Crude 'Oil' from Pig Manure - 16:07

'Nanoglassblowing' Seen as Boon to Study of Individual Molecules - 16:07

Tests Check Out Rescue Robots' Life-Saving Vision - 16:07

50th Anniversary Celebration for Physical Review Letters - 13:21

Need MicroRNA Processing? Get Smad - 12:35

'Saucy' Software Update Finds Symmetries Dramatically Faster - 11:28

Life Sciences Institute Bridges "Valley of Death" with New Fund - 10:21

Michael L. Norman Appointed Chief Scientific Officer of SDSC - 08:28

Has Global Warming Research Misinterpreted Cloud Behavior? - 07:21

Tuesday th 10th of June 2008

Perfect Vision but Blind to Light - 19:21

Scientists Fit Guanacos with Radio Collars in Chile - 15:28

Arecibo Joins Global Network to Create 6,000-Mile Telescope - 15:28

Technology Enrolled in Hunt for Life on Mars - 14:21

Permafrost Threatened by Rapid Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice - 11:21

Taking a Cue from Breath Fresheners, a New Method for Taste Testing - 10:35

Author-Physicist Has Passion for Storytelling - 10:35

HOK Selected as Architect for New Science Tower - 10:35

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Hosts 1500 Scientists in Warsaw - 08:21

Global Temperature Report - May 2008 - 08:21

Hubble's Sweeping View of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies - 08:21

Monday th 9th of June 2008

Argonne-university of Chicago Joint Venture Bolsters Genomic Sequencing Capabilities - 10:35

Latest Science and Technology Developments to Headline Capitol Hill Exhibition - 10:35

Corporate Volunteers to Fight Climate Change in the Bronx - 09:28

Corporate Volunteers Lend a Helping Hand in the Olmsted Parks - 09:28

Sunday th 8th of June 2008

Beta Cell Defect Linked to Type 2 Diabetes - 19:35

Saturday th 7th of June 2008

Scientists Find 245 Million-year-old Burrows of Land Vertebrates in Antarctica - 20:21

Animal Burrows in Antarctic Tell of a Much Warmer Past - 19:35

Friday th 6th of June 2008

Circadian Math: One Plus One Doesn't Always Equal Two - 15:35

Human Mobility Study Meets Ethics Approval - 15:35

U.S. and U.K. Research Centers Launch Major Collaboration on Atmospheric Research, Technology - 12:28

Forum to Focus on Math and Mechanics Behind Life Processes - 12:28

Scientific Information Largely Ignored When Forming Opinions About Stem Cell Research - 10:14

Creating a Safe Zone for Right Whales - 10:14

School of Robofish Provides Basis for Teams of Underwater Robots - 08:21

Where Mathematics and Astrophysics Meet - 08:21

University Alliance Design Competition Announces This Year's MEMS Winners - 08:21

Thursday th 5th of June 2008

Faculty Expert Available to Discuss Oyster Population and Introduction of Non-Native Species - 14:21

ORNL, General Electric Collaborate on Super Efficient Electric Water Heater - 14:21

Research Unveiling the Secrets of Nanoparticle Haloing - 14:21

Researchers Invited to Johns Hopkins Autoimmunity Day Via Web - 12:28

Teenage Scientists from Around the World to Meet at Landmark Conference - 12:28

Ecological Society of America Announces Its 93Rd Annual Meeting - 10:14

Unique Acoustic System Protects Manatees from Injuries and Death - 07:14