Newswise - Scinews

Monday th 21st of July 2008

Soaring High to Research the "Rainforests of the Atlantic Coast" - 08:35

Nutrition Agenda 2008 Focus of Tufts Friedman School Symposium - 08:35

Sunday th 20th of July 2008

University of Haifa Opens Unique School of Marine Sciences - 14:35

Stem Cell Chicken and Egg Debate Moves to Unlikely Arena: the Testes - 12:21

Friday th 18th of July 2008

Anthropologist Helps Unravel Mummy Mystery - 13:28

Sandia Sends Sensors Into Space to Detect Nuclear Blasts Globally - 13:28

Thursday th 17th of July 2008

Researchers Author Textbook on Biological and Chemical Terrorism Countermeasures - 15:21

Shaping the Nation's Renewable Energy Future - 14:35

"Nanosculpture" Could Enable New Types of Heat Pumps and Energy Converters - 14:35

Team Creates Touch-based Illusion - 13:28

New TNFR Signaling Mechanism Discovered - 13:28

From Humming Fish to Puccini: Vocal Communication Evolved with Ancient Species - 13:28

Argonne Scientist to Become ATLAS Physics Coordinator for CERN - 12:21

New Kind of MRI Enables Study of Magnets for Computer Memory - 08:28

Three Red Spots Mix It Up on Jupiter - 08:28

Wednesday th 16th of July 2008

Third Green500 List Released; Ranks Energy Efficient Supercomputers - 23:28

New Technology Will Enhance Coal Mine Safety - 14:28

A New Way to Weigh Giant Black Holes - 12:35

$2 Million Computer Will Help Unravel Major Medical Ailments - 12:35

New Quaker Oats Funding for U of S Oat Research - 11:28

With $2M NIH Grant, FSU Becomes One of World's Top Imaging Centers - 11:28

New Findings Show Diverse, Wet Environments on Ancient Mars - 11:28

New Approach Sheds Light on Ways Circadian Disruption Affects Human Health - 10:21

Using Magenetic Nanoparticles to Combat Cancer - 08:28

Tuesday th 15th of July 2008

Associate Dean Advises NASA on Human Challenges in Space Programs - 15:35

For Your Eyes Only: Custom Interfaces Make Computer Clicking Faster, Easier - 14:28

Scattered Nature of Wisconsin's Woodlands Could Complicate Forests' Response to Climate Change - 14:28

GeoEarthScope NorCal LiDAR Topography Data Available - 13:21

Pollination Habits of Endangered Rice Revealed to Help Preservation - 12:35

Kids: Book Features Inside Scoop on Soil - 12:35

UCSD's Extraordinary Commitment to Climate Solutions - 12:35

Public Policy, Cooperation to be Focus of Physics Service Organization Under New Vice-President - 11:28

Crop Residue May Be Too Valuable to Harvest for Biofuels - 08:28

Monday th 14th of July 2008

Special Preview of "Dig It! The Secrets of Soil" Exhibition - 16:35

More Kidney Stone Disease Projected Due to Global Warming, Predicts Researchers - 16:35

Researchers Find Link Between DNA Palindromes and Disease - 16:35

Ambitious U Chicago Scientific Agenda Triggers $20 Million Gift - 15:28

Icelandic Volcanoes Help Researchers Understand Effects of Eruptions - 15:28

K-State's Konza Prairie A Candidate Site for Scientists to Study Effects of Global Change - 15:28

Multithreaded Supercomputer Seeks Software for Data-intensive Computing - 13:35

Large Dead Zones Predicted for Gulf, Chesapeake Bay - 12:28

Ecology, Economics and Soil Societies Brief Congress on Post-Wildfire Resource Management - 11:21

Dioxin Risk in Soil and Plant Tissues after Long-Term Biosolids Application - 11:21

Study Reveals Principles of Gold Nanocluster Stability - 09:26

Friday th 11th of July 2008

A Protein's Path to the "Chamber of Doom" - 14:21

Arizona State University Creates Solar Power Laboratory - 12:28

Thursday th 10th of July 2008

Genetic Variations Put Youth at Risk for Tobacco Addiction - 19:21

Wasps & Bumble Bees Heat Up, Fly Faster With Protein-Rich Food - 16:21

Researchers Design Model for Automated, Wearable Artificial Kidney - 15:14

Waves, Particles, and Medicine in Houston: 50th AAPM Meeting, July 27 to July 31 - 15:14