Newswise - Scinews

Monday th 11th of August 2008

Scientists Find Elephant Memories May Hold Key to Survival - 11:35

Hubble Unveils Colorful and Turbulent Star-Birth Region on 100,000th Orbit Milestone - 08:35

Sunday th 10th of August 2008

IIT Student Wins Best Paper in Heat Treating Contest, Sponsored by Bodycote - 23:35

Scientists Identify Another Piece of the Weight-Control Puzzle - 12:21

Friday th 8th of August 2008

Birds Move North with Climate Change - 13:28

Scientist to Receive Honor for Meteorite Studies - 12:21

Distinguishing Between Two Birds of a Feather - 12:21

A Bug's Life ... in a Bubble - 12:21

Geisinger Piloting Innovative Lab Processing Instrument - 12:21

Meteor Shower Expected to Produce Eye-catching Streaks of Light - 11:35

"Top Secret" Technology To Help U.S. Swimmers Trim Times at Beijing Olympics - 10:28

EERC's Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership and Ducks Unlimited Announce Carbon Credit Program - 09:21

Donald Boone Leads Course on Materials for High-Temp Gas Turbine Components - 08:35

Thermal Spray Symposium in Montreal to Cover Reliability and Consistency - 08:35

Prof. Chris Berndt Appointed Director of Industrial Research Institute Swinburne - 08:35

Thursday th 7th of August 2008

Brown Tree Snake Could Mean Guam Will Lose More than Its Birds - 23:35

Scientists Will Assess Beijing Olympics Air Pollution Control Efforts - 20:35

Research Team Advances Knowledge of Antarctica's Climate History - 15:21

Trigger for Brain Plasticity Identified - 11:35

Researchers Halt Spread of HIV with RNAi - 11:35

Multi-tasking Molecule Holds Key to Allergic Reactions - 11:35

Daley and Colleagues Create 20 Disease-specific Stem Cell Lines - 11:35

Putting MicroRNAs on the Stem Cell Map - 11:35

Study Helps Pinpoint Genetic Variations in European Americans - 09:21

"Edible Optics" Could Make Food Safer - 08:36

Recipe for Cell Reprogramming Adds Protein - 08:36

Emerging Leaders Alliance Equips Future Engineering Leaders - 08:36

ITSC 2009 Coming to Las Vegas, Abstracts Due Aug. 15 - 08:36

TSS Aerospace Coatings Symposium Coming to Hartford this October - 08:36

Wednesday th 6th of August 2008

Researchers Develop Next-generation Antivirus System - 14:35

Quantum Chaos? So You Think You Can Dance Chaotically - 13:28

Cracking the Question of Extraterrestrial Life - 12:21

Researchers Use High Performance IBM Computer in Pursuit of Medical Treatments - 11:35

Award-winning Student Investigates Potential Antibiotic - 08:28

ASM Thermal Spray Society Issues Safety Guidelines on Personal Protective Equipment - 08:28

Free SprayTips eNewsletter Covers Metallography of NiCrAl/Bentonite Abradable Coatings - 08:28

Grant Supports Emerging Field of Massive Data Analysis and Visual Analytics - 05:28

Tuesday th 5th of August 2008

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2008 - 16:21

Computer Poker Program Knows When to Hold 'Em - 16:21

When Neurons Fire Up: Study Sheds Light on Rhythms of the Brain - 16:21

Schoolteacher Discovers 'Cosmic Ghost' - 14:28

Bacterial Persistence in Streams - 14:28

Globular Clusters Tell Tale of Star Formation in Nearby Galaxy Metropolis - 08:28

Monday th 4th of August 2008

Ecosystem Services: a New Approach to Conservation - 23:28

Climate Change Alters Species Distributions - 23:28

ESA to Feature Wide Range of Presentations - 23:28

Cancer Research Institute Names Six New Investigator Award Winners - 15:35

Northeastern Plays Key Role in DZero International Physics Research Collaboration - 12:35

Scientists Discover Networks of Metal Nanoparticles Are Culprits in Alloy Corrosion - 12:35

Researchers Introduce Next Generation Tool for Visualizing Genomic Data - 10:21