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Friday th 5th of September 2008

Iowa State Wins $18.5 Million Grant to Create NSF Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals - 14:21

Virginia Tech Research Magazine Features Environmental Research - 14:21

Recovery Efforts Not Enough for Critically Endangered Asian Vulture - 11:21

Michigan Integral to World's Largest Physics Experiment - 10:35

UNC Spin-off Company Receives $2 Million Grant to Market Cancer Treatment Technology - 10:35

Theory of the Sun's Role in Formation of the Solar System Questioned - 08:21

Thursday th 4th of September 2008

LHC Switch-on Fears Are Completely Unfounded - 23:21

Researchers Recognized for Top-Cited Scientific Articles - 17:21

Bottoms Up: Better Organic Semiconductors for Printable Electronics - 14:21

Researchers Study How New Helium Ion Microscope Measures Up - 14:21

NIST Releases WTC 7 Investigation Report for Public Comment - 14:21

Paleontology Society Urges Repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act - 13:29

Parallel "Nano-soldering" Technique Chosen for Year's Top-50 by Nanotech Briefs - 13:29

Cornell Gets $10 Million NSF Grant to Establish New Institute That Applies Computer Power to Sustainability - 11:28

Philanthropists Eli and Edythe L. Broad Make Unprecedented Gift to Endow the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT - 10:21

ASM Member Robert W. Herbert Elected President of NACE International 2008-2009 - 08:28

Major State Grant Accelerates Research and Development of Novel Cancer Therapy - 07:21

Research Could Spur Use of Sustainable Composite Lumber - 04:21

Engineers Without Borders Works with Kenyan Village to Improve Water Supply - 04:21

Wednesday th 3rd of September 2008

Smoke Smudges Mexico City's Air, Chemists Identify Sources - 16:21

New Nano Device Detects Immune System Cell Signaling - 15:35

NYU Cancer Institute Researcher Among First NIH Eureka Grant Recipients for Exceptionally Innovative Research - 14:28

Evolving Designer Ecosystem Sheds Light on Unintended Consequences - 13:21

Biocontrol Insect Exacerbates Invasive Weed - 13:21

Warmer Seas Linked to Strengthening Hurricanes: Study Fuels Global Warming Debate - 12:35

New $1.1M Grant: Restoring Basic Needs After Hurricanes, Disasters - 11:28

C. Erec Stebbins Awarded Prestigious EUREKA Grant - 10:21

Shape Memory Alloys Conference SMST 2008 to be Held in Stresa, Italy - 08:28

Neuroscientist Scans Brain For Clues on Best Time to Multitask - 06:35

Tuesday th 2nd of September 2008

Invisibility Undone: Chinese Scientists Demonstrate How to Uncloak an Invisible Object - 23:28

U.S. and China Tie for Olympic Glory, According to Statistician - 20:28

Broad Institute Awarded Grant to Develop Chemical Probes for Human Biology and Disease - 09:35

University Health Network Becomes World Leader in Medical Imaging - 08:28

Monday th 1st of September 2008

To Find Campylobacter jejuni, Look in the Biofilms - 23:28

Food Safety Education Goes Nationwide Via KSU Distance Learning - 23:28

Online Food Safety Messages Mindful of the Generations - 23:28

Playing, and Even Watching, Sports Improves Brain Function - 16:21

Sunday th 31st of August 2008

New Master Switch Found in the Brain That Regulates Desire for Food and Ability to Reproduce - 12:35

Friday th 29th of August 2008

Diversity Among Parasitic Wasps Is Even Greater than Suspected - 16:21

Engineers Create Bone that Blends into Tendons - 09:35

Media Advisory: Major Announcement Thursday, Sept. 4, 9:15AM - Noon ET - 09:35

Thursday th 28th of August 2008

Gray, Howard, Cerreta, and Henein Join TMS Board of Directors in 2009 - 13:35

Studies Question Health Benefit of Post-Exercise Meals - 11:21

Scientists Find Oil Leak Threatening Chuuk Lagoon - 11:21

Unexpected Large Monkey Population Discovered - 11:21

TMS Prepares for Record-Breaking Annual Meeting - 11:21

Study Says Eyes Evolved for X-Ray Vision - 09:28

Expert Contributors Sought to Expand Database on Materials for Medical Devices - 08:21

Renowned HIV Expert, Laura Ann Guay, MD, Accepts Dual Appointment - 08:21

Wednesday th 27th of August 2008

Antidepressants Need New Nerve Cells to be Effective - 23:21