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Thursday th 2nd of October 2008

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2008 - 14:28

This Is Your Power Grid on Brains - 14:28

One Year after California's Devastating 2007 Wildfires, Environmental and Health Effects of Smoke Better Understood - 14:28

Study on Properties of Carbon Nanotubes, Water Could Have Wide-ranging Implications - 14:28

Cross Kingdom Conflicts on a Beetle's Back - 13:21

Wielding Microbe Against Microbe, Beetle Defends Its Food Source - 13:21

Science-Based Policy for Sustainable Biofuels - 13:21

Pterodactyl-inspired Robot to Master Air, Ground, and Sea - 13:21

Solving the Puzzle of Stem Cell Division - 11:28

From Cloudy to Clear: Professor's New Book Explores the Modern History of Meteorology - 10:21

Celebration of Planet Earth Gets Underway In Houston Next Week - 08:28

A Celestial Landscape in Celebration of 10 Years of Stunning Hubble Heritage Images - 08:28

Sea Turtles FeeBee and Milton to be Released with Satellite Tracking Device - 07:21

Northern Ice Sheets Younger Than Believed - 04:21

Wednesday th 1st of October 2008

Scientists Agree: Biofuel Crops Need Environmental Standards - 23:28

Computer Hardware 'Guardians' Protect Users from Undiscovered Bugs - 19:21

Researchers and Students to Develop Small CubeSat Satellites - 19:21

Earth Scientists Keep an Eye on Texas - 19:21

Jumbo Microscopes, High-powered Nanotubes, Glowing Corals, Biomolecules: Highlights of AVS 55th International Symposium - 16:21

War from the Ground Up - 13:21

Research About Plant Viruses Could Lead to New Ways to Improve Crop Yields - 13:21

Paleontologist Contributes to Flying Drone Design Based on Prehistoric Flying Reptile - 12:35

Nitrogen Applied - 10:21

Tuesday th 30th of September 2008

Green Coffee-Growing Practices Buffer Climate-Change Impacts - 23:28

Cells that Avoid Suicide May Become Cancerous - 22:21

Study of Antioxidants Sends Cautionary Signal for Consumers - 15:35

Brain Signal Persists Even in Dreamless Sleep - 14:07

From Mothballs to Mobilization: Taking the Salt Out of Sea Water - 14:07

Penn State Receives $13.2M for Nanoscale Science Center - 14:07

Urban Black Bears "Live Fast, Die Young - 12:21

When It Comes to Galaxies, Diversity is Everywhere - 09:21

Broad Institute Awarded Major Grant to Bolster Epigenomics Research - 09:21

New Atlas to Reveal Landscape and Undiscovered Archeological Sites in 3-D - 08:35

Study Suggests Season and Sociodemographic Factors Modify Health Effects of Air Pollution in Shanghai - 07:28

Findings Released from Study of World Trade Center Rescue Workers - 07:28

Monday th 29th of September 2008

Meat-Eating Dinosaur from Argentina Had Bird-Like Breathing System - 18:21

New Argentine Dinosaur Had Bird-like Breathing System - 18:21

New Formula Predicts How People Will Migrate in Coming Decades - 16:28

Before the Big Bang? - 15:21

Theory Explains Mysterious Nature of Glass - 15:21

Engineers Aim to Solve 'Burning' Computer Problem - 14:35

100 Years of Ammonia Synthesis: How a Single Patent Changed the World - 14:35

New Micro Honeycomb Materials Reduce Aircraft Noise - 14:35

Experiment Demonstrates 110 Years of Sustainable Agriculture - 11:35

Fungi Self-Training Gene Prediction Program Developed - 08:35

Friday th 26th of September 2008

The Steampunk Contraptors - 16:28

Bomb Squad Diary - 16:28

Researchers Show How GPS Navigation Devices Can be Duped - 10:28

Powerful Nearby Supernova Caught By Web - 10:28

Scientists Unmask Key HIV Protein, Open Door for New AIDS Drugs - 08:35