Newswise - Scinews

Friday th 17th of October 2008

When Under Attack, Plants Can Signal Microbial Friends for Help - 12:21

Online "LabSpaces" Connects Researchers, Students, Public - 10:28

Thursday th 16th of October 2008

Study Finds Value in "Junk" DNA - 19:28

New Program Will Train Nurses in Forensics - 16:22

New Solar Energy Material Captures Every Color of the Rainbow - 14:28

Volcanoes May Have Provided Sparks of First Life - 14:28

Sandia Aids Cleanup of Iraqi Nuclear Facilities, Rad Waste - 13:21

"Lost" Miller-Urey Experiment Created More of Life's Building Blocks - 13:21

Obesity, Abnormal 'Reward Circuitry' in Brain Linked by Imaging Studies - 13:21

Novel Genetic Screens Provide Panoramic Views of Cellular Systems - 13:21

Research on Clothing Temperature Ratings to Make It Easier to Pick the Right Winter Coat - 10:21

Textiles Professor Says Layering, Hats Key to Staying Warm - 10:21

'Waterless' Concrete Seen as Building Block on Moon - 07:21

Wednesday th 15th of October 2008

Genetic "Fingerprint" Shown to Predict Liver Cancer's Return - 16:21

University of Maryland Launches Online Media Toolkit Focused on Climate Change - 14:28

Einstein's Relativity Survives Neutrino Test - 13:21

Mathematician Solves Problem After 30 Years - 12:36

Salk Scientist Fred H. Gage to Receive the Keio Medical Science Prize - 12:36

"Fishapod" Reveals Origins of Head and Neck Structures of First Land Animals - 12:36

Estimate Soil Texture-by-Feel - 09:21

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance to expand in 2009 - 08:35

Green Invention Wins "IP-to-market" Competition - 07:28

Tuesday th 14th of October 2008

Model Predicts System Remaining Life, Links to Inventory - 14:35

Univ. of Utah Takes Big Step in Small Science - 14:35

New Standard at NSCL Provides Assurance of Quality to Users - 12:21

Researchers Discover Oldest Fossil Impression of a Flying Insect - 08:35

Monday th 13th of October 2008

Resveratrol Prevents Fat Accumulation in Livers of 'Alcoholic' Mice - 23:35

Why Do Women Get More Cavities than Men? - 23:35

2008 Horwitz Prize Awarded for Protein Folding, DNA Structure - 23:35

Modern Genetics Vs. Ancient Frog-killing Fungus: Round One - 20:35

Sejnowksi Elected to Institute of Medicine - 20:35

Florida's "Worm Grunters" Collect Bait Worms by Inadvertently Imitating Mole Sounds - 20:35

Georgia Tech Awarded New Center to Study Potential Silicon Successor - 13:28

UNC's Pisano, Rimer Elected to Institute of Medicine - 10:28

Sunday th 12th of October 2008

'The Superorganism" National Book Launch Features Authors and Adventures - 20:35

Scientists Discover Cause of Weakness in Marine Animal Hybrids - 19:28

Workshop on Environmental Nanoparticles at UD, Nov. 10-11 - 19:28

Classrooms Worldwide Invited to 'Dive In' to Deep-sea Expedition - 19:28

Chemist Svilen Bobev Receives ACA Early Career Award - 19:28

Friday th 10th of October 2008

Landmark Study Unlocks Stem Cell, DNA Secrets to Speed Therapies - 14:28

Colleges, Aquarium Team for a Wave of Engineering Education - 10:21

Latest IUCN Report: Results Paint a "Bleak Picture" of Mammals, but There Is Reason to Hope - 09:35

Thursday th 9th of October 2008

Scientists Confirm Second-Ever Case of Virgin Birth by Shark - 23:28

Economics Theory Helps Trace Brain's Information Flow - 17:28

Clue to Genetic Cause of Fatal Birth Defect - 15:35

Spallation Neutron Source Sends First Neutrons to 'Big Bang' Beam Line - 13:21

Multiple Magma Reservoirs Affect Volcanic Eruption Cycles - 13:21

Gecko Foot Adhesive Gets Stronger, Directional Gripping - 13:21

Study Reveals Impact of Global Warming on Tropical Regions - 13:21

Where Optics Meets Medicine: Medical Highlights of Frontiers in Optics Meeting in Rochester, Oct. 19-23 - 13:21